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Philly Region 2020 SOLO Summer Series Rust-Off

Philly Region 2020 SOLO Summer Series Rust-Off

SCCA - Philadelphia Region

Saturday, July 11, 2020
Warminster Community Park, Warminster, PA

Registration closed July 9, 2020 8:00 PM at 2020-07-09T17:00:00-0700 Registration ends July 9, 2020 8:00 PM at 2020-07-09T17:00:00-0700 Registration opens June 29, 2020 7:00 PM at 2020-06-29T16:00:00-0700 Registration runs from June 29, 2020 7:00 PM to July 9, 2020 8:00 PM

The SCCA Philadelphia Region SOLO Summer Series

Annual 'Rust Off' Test & Tune Event!

All entrants must be PHILADELPHIA REGION SCCA MEMBERS age 18 or older for this first event as we sort out our COVID-19 management procedures.  Entries may take a few hours to appear on the registration list pending confirmation.

Attendees must be annual SCCA members.  No on-site weekend/temporary memberships will be processed in 2020.


Philly SCCA COVID-19 Policy:

Philadelphia Region SCCA


Autocross Program – Re-Opening Policies


In anticipation of starting our 2020 autocross season, please read the following information.  Philly Region intends to re-start our program as responsibly and safely as possible.  We need everyone’s cooperation to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We always put safety first when hosting any event, and under these new conditions that hasn’t changed.


The Philly Region SCCA is implementing the following policies in compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines, until further notice:


  • Everyone on-site is required to wear a mask for the safety of others and yourself during registration, drivers meeting, tech, and anytime you are in close proximity to others. If, while working course, you can appropriately distance yourself more than 6 feet away from any other person, the mask may be removed. If you cannot wear a mask, or choose not to, you will be asked to leave the event and not return to future events.


  • Philly Region will have cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and protective items like gloves available for those in work assignments that require some contact with common items.  For example, technical safety inspectors checking cars, timing staff working on computers, and corner workers handling radios.


  • In addition to port-o-potties we have ordered hand washing stations.


  • You must bring your own water or other non-alcoholic refreshments.  Community water coolers and shared coolers of water have been discouraged due to being a potential point of virus spread.


  • For the time being, registration will be pre-registration online only so we can alleviate the contact around walk-up registrations and so that we can maintain entry limits at a size that allow for social distancing compliance.


  • The tech safety inspection process will be self-conducted by each driver on their own car with the supervision of our tech staff so that drivers can feel comfortable that only they will be touching the surfaces of their own car.


  • The drivers meeting will generally be held using the PA and the radio broadcast system.


  • Loaner helmetswillnotbeavailable at events. Please bring your own helmet or you will not be able to participate.


  • We will ask everyone to maintain reasonable social distancing practices in registration lines, during the drivers’ meeting, at worker stations, during course walks, and in grid and paddock.


  • No trophies or trophy presentations after events this year.


  • If you are not feeling well or believe you may be experiencing symptoms of an illness, please do not attend the event.


  • Waiver Process - a hard card is highly recommended, but we will have SpeedWaiver as well. If you don’t fill out a waiver in advance, you are not allowed to attend.


  • We reserve the right to ask anyone not following social distancing guidelines and our policies to leave the event.


  • If you drive in an autocross event, you will be expected to work in some capacity during the event while practicing good social distancing practices.  If the safety measures and policies we have described in this document and in additional communications around the event are not acceptable to you, please do not attend.


  • Our events will be limited to competitors only. Non-competitors are allowed ONLY in the case of being the parent/legal guardian of a competing minor.  If you are a minor, you must register your parent/guardian via MotorSportReg as well, and they must also complete the speedwaiver prior to the event if they do not have an SCCA annual waiver card.


  • Must bring painters tape or printed/magnetic numbers for class and car numbering. We will not be able to provide painters tape as we have done in the past.

Driving Directions

Driving Directions

Rust Off Test & Tune Schedule

  • 6:30            Gates Open
  • 7:00            Check in begins at the truck
  • 7:30            Tech Inspection Opens, Group A cars go directly to grid after Tech.  Course walks/chalking begins once the course is finished and has been safety checked.
  • 9:00            Drivers Meeting – everyone onsite
  • 9:15            Group B  go to their worker stations.
  • 9:30            Group A runs begin, Group B at their worker stations.
  • 10:30         Group A runs end.  Group B cars move into Grid.  Group A  go to their worker stations.
  • 11:00         Group B runs begin, Group A at their worker stations.
  • 12:00         Group B runs end, and cars return to paddock. Group A workers come in. 

*** Lunch break***  

  • 1:00            Group A runs begin, Group B at their worker stations.               
  • 2:00            Group A runs end.  Group B cars move into Grid.  Group A  go to their worker stations.
  • 2:30            Group B runs begin, Group A at their worker stations.
  • 3:30            Group B runs end, and cars return to paddock.  Group A workers come in. 
  • 4:00            Pack up the course and clean up grid/paddock.  Load up the truck.
  • 5:00            Gates close for the day.

Event Run Groups

Based on registration numbers, competitors will be broken down into 2 run groups and run according to the set schedule above.

Work requirements:

Group B works while Group A runs.  Group A works while Group B runs. 

Event Format

This event will be run similar to a regular season event, however, no points will be awarded nor will times be recorded. The timing system will be up and running for competitors to track their progression throughout the day for car setup purposes.

Each session will run (1) hour for a total of (3) sessions per run group. There will be no set number of runs. Each group will have (1) hour per session and can run as many times as liked within that session.

Grid will operate similarly to a normal event.  You will have a specific grid space and will return to it after each run.  Cars will be pulled to the start line IN ORDER by a grid worker, but there will be space to pull around the car in front of you when they elect to skip a run to make setup changes.