Sat, Jun 1 - Sun, Jun 2, 2024

Tour de Frank 2-day Autocross & Event #5

Milton Frank Stadium

About this event

TAC Tour de Frank Cinquième Partie 2-day Autocross (Sat and Sun) & Points Event #5 (Sat)
  • Twickenham Auto Club is hosting the fifth annual 2-day autocross on June 1-2, 2024 at Milton Frank Stadium in Huntsville, AL. The event will feature 6-8 runs each day. Your best run from each day will be combined to determine your placing. Each day will have a separate course in the 45-60 second range. The Sunday course will be set up on Saturday evening. On Sunday, we will start 45 minutes early to allow out of town folks to get home.

  • Up to $2000 in CASH PRIZES for class winners, top 10 PAX, and top 10 novices! Must run in the same class both days to qualify for class prizes.

  • Bathrooms are available on site.

  • Security will be provided over night. Camping is permitted but no hookups or showers. 

  • Results from Saturday-Only will be used to score TAC points event #5. If you skip Saturday or the entire weekend, that will count as only one drop in year-end points.

  • Course maps will be posted here 1-3 days prior:

  • This event is fully operated and insured by Twickenham Auto Club (TAC).
  • T-shirts available here:
Cash Prizes
  • Top PAX Time
    1st - $120
    2nd - $110
    3rd - $100
    4th - $90
    5th - $80
    6th - $70
    7th - $60
    8th - $50
    9th - $40
    10th - $30
  • Top Novice (must have less than 6 events experience prior to January 1, 2024 to be eligible)
    1st - $100
    2nd - $90
    3rd - $80
    4th - $70
    5th - $60
    6th - $50
    7th - $40
    8th - $30
    9th - $20
    10th - $10
  • Class Winners
    1st - $30
    *To receive payout, you must beat at least two competitors in class. Must be present to receive payout. Participation in both days is required for payout.
  • Bump Classes
    For Tour de Frank only, any class with less than 3 drivers for either day will go to a bump class for the entire weekend and scored using PAX. This will give every person a chance to win a cash prize. Classes will be temporarily "Un-bumped" to generate Event #5 results. Classes will be bumped/combined as needed by Friday evening and the attendee list will reflect the following 3 classes. No action is required on the part of the driver -- all bumping and unbumping will be handled by event organizers.

    • BUMP1 - All Street classes
      BUMP2 - All Street Touring, SSC, HSC and XS classes
      BUMP3 - Everything else (Street Prepared, Prepared, Modified, SSR, etc) 
      [based on registration numbers on 5/28/2022, each one of these classes will have 6-7 drivers]


Payment Process
  • We will collect payment AT THE EVENT during check-in.
  • Please bring your credit card (preferred) or cash to the event. No checks.
  • If you no-show or late-cancel (after Wednesday's), you will be charged the $10 fee by motorsportreg.
    • If you cancel on-time, you will not be charged.
Registration & Cancellation
  • 125 driver entry cap. Please sign up early. 
  • Registration closes WEDNESDAY prior at 11:59 PM. Must register online, no walkups.
  • Cancel before registration closes – full refund.
  • Cancel after registration closes – $10 cancellation fee.
  • Registration changes can be made by attendees until registration is closed. If you have a class change after registration closes, please contact the Event Organizer.
Action Required
  • $55 per day  -  TAC (yearly) member
  • $55 per day + $10  -  Weekend TAC member
    Note: Season Pass Holders will not pay for Saturday (Event #5), but will pay for Sunday.
    6:30 AM   |  Event Setup Begins
    7:45 AM   |  Tech & Check-in Opens (Recommended arrival between 7:15 - 7:45 AM)
    8:15 AM   |  Course Open for Walking
    8:30 AM   |  Tech & Check-in Closes (You must check-in before this time)
    8:45 AM    |  Novice Walk-thru
    9:15 AM    |  Mandatory Driver's Meeting
    9:30 AM    |  Run Group 1 (first car off)
    *11:30 AM |  Run Group 2
    *12:45 PM |  Lunch Break (45 minutes)
    *1:30 PM   |  Run Group 1
    *3:00 PM   |  Run Group 2
    4:30 PM    |   Sunday Course Setup Begins
    5:30 PM    |   Sunday Course Open for Walking
    6:00 PM    |   Security on site until morning
  • SUNDAY (45 min earlier than Saturday)
    6:30 AM   |  Gates re-open & Setup
    7:00 AM   |  Tech & Check-in Opens (Recommended arrival between 6:45 - 7:15 AM)
    7:30 AM   |  Course Open for Walking
    7:45 AM   |  Tech & Check-in Closes (You must check-in before this time)
    8:00 AM    |  Novice Walk-thru
    8:30 AM    |  Mandatory Driver's Meeting
    8:45 AM    |  Run Group 1 (first car off)
    *10:45 AM |  Run Group 2
    *12:00 PM |  Lunch Break (45 minutes)
    *12:45 PM |  Run Group 1
    *2:15 PM   |  Run Group 2
    3:45 PM    |  Cleanup and Trophy Presentation
    5:30 PM    |  Must be off site
Run Groups and Course Working
  • Efficiency is a priority at our events, we typically use a "2 Run Group" format and get 6-8 runs.
  • If you participate in this event, you must also complete a work assignment, both in the morning and in the afternoon. We do not allow half days.
  • Skipping your work assignment is not fair to everyone else and causes hardship to event organizers. 
  • If you have a special situation (e.g. injury or physical limitation) which would prevent you from working, let us know on the registration form, look for "Special Requests". Alabama football does not qualify as a special situation.
Championship Series Points
  • The Autocross Championship Series will determine the most consistently outstanding drivers for the year for each Class, Top 10 PAX, and Top 10 RAW. 
  • To win a class championship you:
  1. Must be a TAC member.
  2. Must compete in more than half of the points events (6 or more for 2024).
  3. Earn the highest number of points per section 6 of the TAC Autocross Rules.
New Drivers (Novices) and the Herb Aderholdt Novice Championship
  • New drivers are welcome! The optional Novice (N) class is intended for first-year autocrossers. If you have participated in 5 or less events prior to January 2024, you're eligible to run Novice Class all year. At each event, we provide a Novice Walk-thru where a veteran autocrosser will go over the basics. Entering the Novice class is not a restriction; however it will allow you to get extra help if desired. To enter, select the "Novice" class during registration.
  • Novice class drivers will be able to qualify for our year-end Novice Championship event. The Novice Championship winner will receive a free Season Pass for the following season. Details about how to win will be posted here: (will be updated for 2024 mid-season)
  • Helpful novice guide from a neighboring club:
Rules and Car Classing
Other Events

Event requirements

  • We have a strict sound policy, due to our residential location and agreement with the Milton Frank Stadium owners. Your car must not be louder than 96 dB without exception. Sound will be monitored approximately 50 feet from the course. The type of exhaust (stock vs aftermarket) is not restricted, but it must not exceed 96 dB. If your car exceeds 96 dB on a run, you will be notified, the run will be scored as a DNF, and not allowed to run again. If you show that a modification has been made to reduce noise (driving at half throttle does not count), then you will be allowed to run again. If your car exceeds the limit a second time, you will not be allowed to run for the rest of the day. We want EVERYONE to have a great day autocrossing, please make this easy by fixing your car before the event!
Classing and "Being Legal"
Scooters (and similar)
  • Scooters can be "Walked" anywhere.
  • Scooters (and similar) should not be "Ridden" on course walks.
  • Scooters should not be "Ridden" anywhere considered to be "Hot areas" (e.g. any place helmeted drivers are driving).
  • Early course setup workers and event organizers may drive scooters on course, but only for purposes outside of course walking.
  • This policy is subject to change.

Entries (95)

Hunter Spivey
John Clarke
Suzette Johnson
Dustin Carroll
Teshawne Prince
Dennis Sparks
Jim Carroll
Shane Connolly

Milton Frank Stadium

Huntsville, AL


Autocross/Solo organized by

Twickenham Auto Club

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Tour de Frank 2-day Autocross & Event #5

Sat, Jun 1 - Sun, Jun 2, 2024