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Welcome to online registration for SCCA San Diego Region autocross, hosted by DCCSD.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

REGISTRATION & TECH  8:00 - 11:30 A.M.,  FIRST CAR OUT AT 9:00 A.M.

Registration check-in cutoff for Group A & B is 8:40 A.M. and for Group C & D is 11:15 A.M. After that we will allow waiting list drivers to fill in any opening. First car out at 9:00 A.M.


Run / Work Practice Format: Limited to 100 entries; four run groups of 25 each;  90 minutes per group. Jr. karts 8 runs.

Run / Work Order

JR. Karts run before Group A 
Group A: Runs 1st / Works 2nd
Group B: Runs 2nd / Works 1st
     Lunch Break - 30 minutes
Group C: Runs 3rd / Works 4th
Group D Runs 4th / Works 3rd

Entry Fees:
Single Entry: $45.00 (plus a $2.50 MSR online processing charge)
2nd Driver (Same car, same group): $15.00 (plus $1.30 MSR charge)
Jr. Kart Drivers: $20.00 (plus $1.30 MSR charge)

Payment: Your card is charged AFTER the event. You may pay entry fee by mail to avoid the MSR transaction fee (see event flyer for mailing address).

Cancelation Policy: Please cancel by Thursday, September 27, 2018
Your will not be charged provided you adhere to the cancellation policy.

What is a PRACTICE? - For some, autocross practice is our time to show the world, well at least our friends, just how well we're able to negotiate the course in cars we've prepared for competition. For others, it's a time to learn, both about ourselves and our cars. Push yourself and your car to the limit without having to worry about points, potentially messing up, test new driving techniques and lines. Regardless of your reason for coming, it's about having fun and making new friends.

Novices - We welcome new participants to the sport. Our autocrosses are work/run events and our organization is not for profit. We're all volunteers. Everyone pitches in and shares in the work as well as the fun. It is important that you show up to work on time and complete your work assignment. We realize that getting started can be confusing. To help you get acclimated, a Novice Coordinator will be there to answer questions and help familiarize you with the course and procedures. Course walks to help you with learning the course will leave the starting line at 8:15 A.M. and during the lunch break. At the completion of the course walk, you'll get a briefing covering course safety and operating procedures. For more information to help you get started, check out our FAQs @

Event requirements

Held under SCCA National Solo Rules and San Diego Region Solo Supplementary Regulations

Must have SCCA membership to run, must be 18 or have waiver signed and notarized.  Minor waivers must be signed on site by both parents, or parents may have a form notarized if both parents are unable to attend.  Contact registrar if you need more information.

Weekend SCCA membership $15.00

Weekend Solo Cards available for $5.00                                          
We reserve the right to lengthen run/work groups as needed

Safety Requirement: Helmet (2000 SNELL or newer), seat belt, closed toe shoes.

Noise Restriction: A MAXIMUM of 93 dBA at 50 feet.

Consumption of INTOXICANTS by participants & spectators is STRICTLY PROHIBITED

San Diego Region Autocross Information •

All entrants MUST BE SCCA members. Non-members can purchase an SCCA weekend membership at the event for $15.00 BEFORE going to registration. Those purchasing a weekend membership will receive a credit of $15 toward the purchase of a yearly SCCA membership.

NOTE:  If you have a valid SCCA membership but the system indicates it is not valid, be sure your name in this system is exactly as it is on your SCCA card.

Persons aged 12 and older are allowed as passengers. An SCCA membership is required. Passengers may get a free temporary membership at registration.

For more information, please visit our website:

Entries (130)

Mingdong Wang
John Waggener
Hang Cheung
Kahla Picon
Fortunato Picon
Bradford Boyd
Nakprat Anantachaisilp
Shields Hull


San Diego, CA


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - San Diego Region - Solo

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