Sun, Mar 25, 2012

Philly Region Summer Series Event #1

Citizen's Bank Park

About this event

This event will be run in full-day format.

The event will be be capped at 180 drivers.

If this is your first Philly Region event:

Philadelphia Region runs a novice program to help newcomers to the sport get through their first couple of events and have fun doing it.  You can click the link below for more information and a checklist of what to do to get prepared for the event.  If this is your first autocross event, please plan to be on-site for the mandatory Novice Meeting (see the schedule below).

Driving Directions

Click here for a map/directions.

Event Format


This event will be run in full-day format with three heats.  In either case, everyone must register in the morning!  The site is open at 6:30 AM.  We strongly suggest that you plan on arriving by 8:00 AM.

Run order:

  • Group A -  S, A, B, C & D Stock, Street Prepared, Prepared, & KM 
  • Group B -  E, F, G, H & RTF, RTR, RTA
  • Group C - Street Modified, Street Touring, Modified & FSAE

Ladies Class: Any competitor competing in Ladies class will be given the option to run in any heat, based on worker needs.

Formula Junior class: Any competitor competiting in the FJ classes will run between group A and B and than again between group B and C during the worker changeover. All competitors must be suited and in the kart awaiting release onto the course following the completition of run group A and run group B. 

Event Schedule

* 8:00 - Arrive
* 8:00 to 9:15 - Registration
* 8:00 - Course Open for Walking
* 8:30 to 9:30 - Tech Inspection
* 9:00 - Novice Course Walk
* 9:40 - Mandatory Drivers' Meeting
* 10:00 - First car off


SCCA Member Entry Fee: $40 (online only)

Non-SCCA Member Entry Fee: $50 (online only)

Jr. Karts: $25 discount - use discount code JRKART

Event requirements

General Requirements

All competitors must posess a valid driver's license, except competitors driving Formula Junior karts (FJA, FJB, or FJC class).

All competitors under 18 years of age are required to have a Minor Waiver form signed by a legal guardian.  This form must either be signed in the presence of an SCCA member at the event, or signed and notarized prior to the event.  The minor waiver form is available here.

SCCA Membership

All competitors must be SCCA members, or must purchase an SCCA weekend membership.  The cost of this weekend membership is included in the $50 Non-SCCA Member registration fee.

Click here for more information about SCCA Weekend Memberships

If you are an SCCA Member, or you have a valid Weekend Membership from another event, you must present your membership card or weekend membership paperwork at the registration table on the day of the event, or you will be required to purchase a weekend membership for that event.


Passengers age 12 and older are permitted.  Any passengers under 18 must have a completed minor waiver as described above.  All passengers must be SCCA members or weekend members.  The weekend membership fee is waived for passengers.  (It's still free to ride along, you just have to fill out some paperwork at the event.)

To carry passengers, a driver must have at least 2 years of documented autocross experience.  If you would like to carry passengers, we will have a form to fill out, and will give you a helmet sticker indicating that you are approved to carry passengers.  If you do not have a "Passenger Approved" sticker, only region instructors may ride with you.

Entries (110)

Mathew Grubel
James Chong
Renee Trask
William Trask
Mark Labbancz
Jay Johnson
Patrick Weaver

Citizen's Bank Park

Philadelphia, PA
Download track map
Download track map


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Philadelphia Region

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