Sat, Jul 16 - Sun, Jul 17, 2022

iTrack Motorsports: ExciteGP Round 2 - CMP

Carolina Motorsports Park

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ExciteGP Round 2 - Carolina Motorsports Park

WHAT: ExciteGP Drift Competition and Open Track
WHERE: Carolina Motorsports Park (Kershaw, SC)
WHEN: July16-17th, 2022 (8am-5pm)

ExciteGP is style focused grassroots competition drift series put on by iTrack Motorsports. These events are designed to give drivers maximum seat time. With open drift sessions and hot lapping qualifying, there is no shortage of driving. For ExciteGP, all cars are required to have all bodywork, painted, and complete.

ExciteGP Round 2 will kick off on Saturday July 16th at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC. We are extremely excited to be back at the beautiful 2.2 mile Carolina Motorsports Park! This will be the biggest and baddest road course ever drifted for ExciteGP! We believe this track will make for extremely close battles! This WILL be the fastest entry at ExciteGP ever hosted.

The event will operate the same way most track days do. Saturday, we will run three (3) separate lines and alternate throughout the morning, starting at 8am. At 11:00am, we will open the track to hot lapping. We will run a chicane on the front and back straight. At 1:00pm, we will start the competition for the Legends class. Drivers will battle in a Top 16 bracket until a winner is decided. After Top 16, we will open the track to FULL Hot Lapping until 5pm.

On Sunday morning, we will open the track at 8am. We will run hot track for an half hour period before going to the Clubsport Top 16 battles. We again will battle for a Top 16 winner and awards will be given. After the comp,we will begin the 2022 Team Battle comp! This year we will open the track to all teams for a 1 hour battle! We will slowly eliminate teams until a winner is decided. After this we will spend the remainder of the weekend hot lapping the full track!

No driver is required to compete in the competition and not running the competition has no effect on seat time! You can just sign up and not compete!

Event requirements


  • D1: Expert - This class is for drivers with many years of experience running tandem and have a fully developed car. Drivers in this class are capable of door-to-door tandems with all cars without issue.
  • D2: Advanced - This class is for drivers with many years of experience. Drivers is this class are capable of door-to-door tandems with little to no issues.
  • D3: Intermediate - This class is for drivers who are comfortable with drifting solo and are working on tandem with other drivers. Drivers in this class are capable of linking a track without spinning and driving a set line.
  • D4: Novice - This class is for beginner and first time drivers. All drivers will be working on the basics of drifting and slowly progress from corner to corner during the weekend.

ExciteGP Series Classes

  • Clubsport - Clubsports class is designed for street based vehicles using the original motor available in that chassis. 300tw tire cap and low power make for close driving.
  • Legends: Legends class is designed for competition based vehicles using high power motors, lightweight modifications and big sticky tires. This class is the for the fastest cars and drivers.

ExciteGP Series & Track Rules

If you have any questions, please contact

ExciteGP comp drivers must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have previous experience with drifting of an intermediate level or higher
  • All drivers must use a ExciteGP series banner. All drivers will also be required to display a class number on the front windshield.
  • All drivers will be required to have all body work on during the competition portion of the event.

A tentative race day schedule
5:00pm Car Drop Off (driver camping allowed)

6:00am Gates Open
7:30am Drivers Meeting
8:00am Warm-Up Sessions (ALL GROUPS/CLASSES)
10:00am D1/D2/D3
10:40am D4
11:00am D1/D2/D3
11:40am D4
12:00pm-1:00pm LUNCH BREAK
1:00pm D1/D2/D3 (ExciteGP Qualifying)
1:40pm D4
2:00pm D1/D2/D3 (ExciteGP Qualifying)
2:40pm D4 (Top 8 & Top 16 annoucements)
3:00pm  Legends Top 8
3:45pm Clubsport Top 16
5:00pm END DAY 1

7:30am Drivers Meeting
8:00am D1/D2/D3
8:40am D4
9:00am D1/D2/D3
9:40am D4
10:00am Team Battle (Open Track. Teams Only)
11:00am - 12:00pm QUIET HOUR
12:00pm D1/D2/D3
12:40pm D4
1:00pm D1/D2/D3 (Drift Race Qualifying)
1:40pm D4
2:00pm D1/D2/D3 
2:20pm  Drift Race (Caged cars ONLY)
2:40pm D4
3:00pm D1/D2/D3
3:40pm D4
4:00pm D1/D2/D3
4:40pm D4
5:00pm END EVENT

Carolina Motorsports Park

Kershaw, SC
Download track map
Download track map


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iTrack Motorsports

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