Sat, Sep 23 - Sun, Sep 24, 2023

Cone Heads in Helena, MT 09/23-9/24/2023

Rocky Mountain Emergency Services

About this event

JOIN US AT OUR ANNUAL CONE HEADS RACE—Where regions race for cones and fun times are had by all!!

Every region with at least 10 drivers will go home with at least 10 cones!

Top 5 people rated in PAX get 5 SCCA cones each toward their club total.

Top 6 - 10 people rated in PAX get 4 SCCA cones each toward their club total.

Top 11 - 20 people rated in PAX get 3 SCCA cones each toward their club total.

Top 21 - 30 people rated in PAX get 2 SCCA cones each toward their club total.

Top 31 - 100 people rated in PAX get 1 SCCA cones each toward their club total.



Event requirements

Experience Required: None, but you must have a valid driver's license or permit.
Location: Rocky Mountain Emergency Services Training Center, Helena, Montana. Please visit our website under Calendar and Registration for directions (at the bottom of the page).
Set-up and Check-in: Set-up begins at 7:00 a.m. Check-in Saturday ends at 8:30 a.m. No late check-ins. Please bring your Driver's License and SCCA Membership card, if applicable
Competition Fees:

SCCA Members: $40 for one day, $70 for both days.

Non-Members pay an additional $15.00 which includes the mandatory weekend membership. We highly recommend getting a yearly SCCA membership!
Non-Members: $55 for one day, $85 for both days.

First-Time discounts are not applicable for Cone Heads.

To get your annual membership, please visit Region 105 does not charge additional region fees. 

Need: Snell 2010, M2010 or SA2010 helmets or newer. (A limited number of loaner helmets will be available on-site.) Preference for loaner helmuts is given to drivers, not passengers.
Vehicle: They will be tech inspected for safety before the race if they haven't previously been teched by an SCCA region this race season
Passengers: Allowed, must sign a waiver.
Minors: Drivers & Passengers, 12-18, must have signed release form by parents on file. The waiver is valid for 1 year.
Spectators: Allowed, must sign a waiver.
Lunch: We will be taking a break for lunch. Please pack a lunch or be prepared to make a quick lunch run.
Toilets: Porta-potties are available on-site.  Showers & bathrooms in the building will also be available.
Rules: Can be viewed here:

Work Assignments:

All competitors are required to perform work assignments when they're not running. If you have a special circumstance, such as a disability, please make the event staff aware at registration check-in. If anyone is working in your stead, they also need to attend the drivers meeting. 

Planning on staying on-site?

We are fortunate to use this facility for our sport.  Please help us continue to have an excellent relationship with the facility and track management by keeping their rules in mind:

Please do not enter the runway or road course areas of the track until a Region 105 official allows entry. 

We can park trailers and campers in the gravel parking area as well as the adjoining area to the west of the administration building parking lot as well as the mowed area south of the Boeing building.

We CANNOT park or camp north or east of the administration building or in the gravel area circling the fire training planes or by the white fire station building.

We CANNOT park for an extended time in the parking lot for the two-story administration building.

The facility does not allow any hook-ups to facility electrical or water service. Showers & Bathrooms in the building are available for use.  The rest of the building is off limits.

When parking trailers, campers, or motor homes, please conserve space.

********UPDATE ON TENT CAMPING. NO STAKES ALLOWED IN THE GRASSY AREA OR ANYWHERE THERE IS GREEN GRASS. Tents may be on the WEST side of the RMESTC parking lot and the grassy area between the pads. Landscaping blocks are availabe to weight down tents.. Tents must be removed by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. 

If you have issues with access to the lot after hours, please contact Bob @ 406-799-7619

Entries (118)

Devanie Plass
Hunter Nesbo
Jerry Rukavina
Andriq Flynn
Thayer Krantz
Nathanael Bennett
Michael Mayer
Meng Yang

Rocky Mountain Emergency Services

helena, mt


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SCCA - Montana Region

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