Sun, Sep 17, 2023

BMWCCA Trillium/PCA-UCR AutoSlalom -Sept 17th 2023

CAA Centre Brampton, ON

About this event

This is the registration for BMWCCA,Trillium Chapter & PCA-UCR Autoslalom Event on Sunday September 17th, 2023 held at the CAA Centre, Brampton.  

You must be a member of the following clubs to race at the event:

  • Trillium Chapter BMW CCA or any other chapter of BMW CCA
  • BMW Club of Canada
  • CASC affiliate club

If you are currently not a member, an annual membership can be purchased at

All makes/models welcome (not exclusive to BMW & Porsche).

Event requirements



  • Be SAFE,
  • Have FUN and
  • Become Better Drivers


  • Print and fill out the Car Profile Form.  Car Form_v03.pdf   If you are not able to print from home, there will be copies available on-site.
  • Follow the SPEEDWAIVER link after registration and follow the steps. Screenshot the confirmation with your photo. It will be required at registration.
  • Bring water, coffee and snacks (hit the local drive-thru before you arrive; no food is available on site).
  • Bring your own helmet, club-loaners are available on site (free). Helmets are mandatory. Recommend Snell SA2015 or Snell SA 2020 helmets.
  • RAIN or bright SUNSHINE, bring an umbrella, consider bringing a pop-up canopy/tent
  • Bring adequate tools – sharing is discouraged!
  • DO NOT BE LATE; if you miss the safety meeting you're not allowed to drive


  • Show up early (between 8-8:30AM) and park your car in the West parking lot (next to Kennedy Rd)
  • Registration opens at 8:30AM at the Main Entrance to the CAA Center.
  • Provide your details (name / car) at the registration desk and confirm your car number.
  • Place your car number in at least 2 locations visible to the timer on your car.   Painter's tape & shoe-polish will be available for marking numbers.
  • Prep your car (removing any loose items including floor mats) and yourself.
  • When registration is complete, get your car ready and wait for the safety meeting to kick off (usually around 9:30am). 
  • You must be at the Safety Meeting to get on course!


  • Each registered racer will have 5 timed runs around the track.  These runs include DNFs (where you went off-course).  But if there's an issue with the run, you will get a "re-run" and that run doesn't count.
  • Once all of the runs have been completed, the racers that are willing to stick around for 10 minutes to help clean up afterwards will be given "fun (untimed) runs" to learn / refine their technique / get a better feel for their car.
  • Results are tabulated after the event and are uploaded to the BMW Trillium forum here:




Car Form_v03.pdf 



8:30am - Registration check-in will open 

9:30am - Mandatory driver's meeting & track-walk

10:00am - First car off (after track-walk).



Racing (Members): includes 5 timed runs & optional Fun Runs

$47.00 per competitor

If you are NOT a member of BMW CCA, PCA or another CASC-affiliated club, you will need to register with them.



  • Drivers must be at least 19 years old.
  • All competitors must have a FULL valid driver's license (no G2s / G1s).
  • Minimum is a Snell M2015 or SA2015 helmet for all cars, drivers and passengers (Shared loaner helmets are available).
  • Driver numbers will be assigned at registration check-in. All drivers must display their competition number in a contrasting colour, on both sides of their car.
  • Passengers must be minimum of 18 years of age or older and must sign the waiver (available at registration on the day of the event). Passengers are permitted to use loaner helmets.
  • Each driver participating will be required to support marshalling duties.  Marshalls will be briefed in terms of responsibilities after the track walk.
  • The decisions of the marshals on the course, the timing people, and the scorers are final.
  • Any practicing and/or warming up of tires in adjacent properties and/or parking lots will result in disqualification from the event and series. Deliberate "burn outs" and "smoke shows' will also result in disqualification from the event.
  • The Event and/or Series Organizers have the right to refuse entry or disqualify a competitor from competition for any reason.
  • If multiple drivers are sharing a car, each driver must register and pay separately.
  • Your insurance is not valid at this event. Any damage you cause (to other cars and/or facility infrastructure) is your responsibility.

CAA Centre Brampton, ON

Brampton, ON


Autocross/Solo organized by

BMW CCA - Trillium

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