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Fri, May 5 - Sat, May 6, 2023

VSCCA Drivers' School

Lime Rock Park

About this event

  • Current VSCCA members save $50 by entering by April 20!
  • Non-VSCCA members automatically receive membership by applying for the Drivers' School. Your entry includes the school event, $100 first year dues and a $30 membership application fee (which includes a club grille badge).

The VSCCA Drivers’ School is similar to a full-on race school, but at a fraction of the cost and you can bring your daily driver. You’ll have a great time and will want to return for VSCCA races, hill climbs and rallies. The VSCCA’s Drivers’ School is one of the easiest ways to get into vintage racing and with VSCCA approval in hand, you can participate in other VMC vintage organizations’ events across the country.

Wheel-to-wheel “racing” vintage cars is a special experience. (Racing is in quotes because we practice low-stress, fun track time. There are no trophies to be won.) We race as gentlemen and gentlewomen with special rules in place to keep us and our vintage cars as safe as possible. In addition to racing skills, these are the rules that are taught during our Drivers’ School.

  • Drivers' School entrants can run just about any muffled car in the school track sessions.   
  • You’ll get a great introduction to vintage racing with professional instructors in both classroom and on-track sessions.
  • This is a muffled event.
  • This year we have an optional 5:00-6:00 PM meet & greet on Thursday.
  • Full details of the VSCCA's Drivers' School can be found in this PDF document.
  •  If you're not entering a VSCCA-eligible race car, you'll be free Saturday afternoon and can also do Driven to Race! Join us on the autocross track!
  • For more information on the Driver’s School please contact Charles Bordin at or 914-968-5700.
Event Dates
  • Optional Thursday evening, May 4th - approximately 5:00-6:00 PM meet & greet.
  • Friday, May 5th - All day track and classroom
  • Saturday, May 6th - Student races
Entry Fee
  • Current VSCCA members save $50 by entering by April 20!
    • VSCCA members $500 by April 20th (Early Bird)
    • VSCCA members $550 after April 20th
  • Non-VSCCA $630 which includes the school event, $100 first year dues and a $30 membership application fee (which includes a club grille badge).
Event Chair

Charles Bordin 914-968-5700

Event Organizer

The VSCCA Drivers' School is organized by the Vintage Sports Car Club of America.  Check out the VSCCA at

Early Bird Policy

Only offered to current VSCCA members.

The Early Bird Entry is up to two weeks before the start of a track event: specifically the VSCCA Springs Sprints, Empire Cup, Thompson Vintage Festival, White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix and Fall Finale. If you DO NOT pay by Credit Card, your payment MUST BE MAILED to the Event Chair no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event. If you do not send your payment promptly and show up at the event with a check in hand, you will have to pay the Regular Entry fee which is $50 more than the Early Bird rate.

  • There is no Early Bird discount for Tech sessions, Hill Climbs, the Annual General Meeting and Holiday socials.  The  Lime Rock Historic Festival has their own Early Bird and cancellation policy.
  • Non VSCCA member entry rates are $50 higher however you can get a credit of up to $100 towards your first year of membership by entering two VSCCA track events in the same year.

Event requirements

Membership & Driver Qualification

Please review this PDF for full details: Getting Started With The VSCCA (PDF)

  1. Open to all drivers with a valid driver's license, 18 years of age or older.
  2. Racing experience: None required - this is a school to learn to race.
  3. VSCCA membership: Not required. Non members will become members by signing up as non-members. The $630 will include first year dues, application fee and a club grille badge.
Current medical
  • Not required if you don't intend racing with a VSCCA group Saturday afternoon.
  • Required ONLY if bringing a VSCCA-type car and you wish to race in a VSCCA race group Saturday afternoon. Download medical form here.
Personal safety gear

The VSCCA requires certain items that you can either rent or buy, Full details and links to vendors in Getting Started With The VSCCA (PDF):

  • Required: 
    • SA certified helmet (Snell SA2010, SA2015 or SA2020 - not an “M” or “K” helmet.) Full face and with a shield if an open car.
    • Nomex driving suit - 3 layers total preferred, but 2-layers minimum. A 1-layer suit is acceptable only if worn together with fireproof underwear.
    • Fireproof shoes and socks.
    • Fireproof driving gloves.
    • Balaclava if you have facial hair, otherwise optional.
  • Recommended:
    • A head & neck restraint device is highly recommended for cars with 4- to 6-point harnesses. (Please note other vintage clubs require this.)
    • Arm restraints, especially in open cars.
Car Eligibility

Drivers' School entrants can run just about any muffled car in the school track sessions - including racer cars, daily drivers and SUVs.

    • Muffled? Yes. Please make sure your car meets the sound requirement of 86db or less. It is at the track's discretion to remove you from the event if you are over the sound limit due to town ordinances. We cannot issue refunds or any credits due to non-compliance.
    • Tires: VSCCA rules and all VMC organizations require treaded tires. Cars with slicks will not be allowed to run with VSCCA groups. To see the VSCCA tire rules please go to VSCCA Tire Rules.
    • Technical inspection: Required. Please remember to print a copy of the tech sheet, fill it in and bring it to the event. Download Tech Sheet here.
    • Logbook: Not required.
    • Car Safety Equipment:
And finally
  • Registration is subject to approval. We’ll review registrations and get in contact if we have questions.
  • If you decide to bring a different car from the one registered, you must notify us of this change or you may not be allowed to participate in this event.
  • Questions and to check car eligibility in advance, please contact the Event Chair Charles Bordin at or 914-968-5700.

When registering, please help us group cars appropriately by answering the car questions in detail.

Entries (8)

T Peter Pappas
Jess Jameson
Seamus Brown
Shaun Henderson
Jamie Waters
Frank Ditta
Todd Pajonas
Kenneth Texler

Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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