Sat, Jul 20, 2024

Twin Fountains x SEMM Trackday & Sprint Races Rd5

Twin Fountains Raceway Park

About this event

ATTENTION IN THE PADDOCK!! Let's go first call for the 6th round of the 2024 Southeast Mini Moto Open Trackday + Sprint Racing Series! Southeast Mini Moto will be holding the Open Trackday & Sprint Races at Twin Fountains Raceway. We have many classes available so there is a class for everyone! (we can and will make extra classes on the day of event if needed so don't leave your Fifty's at home!). Twin Fountains Raceway is utilizing the Westhold timing and scoring system for the event, both trackday and races. If you have your own transponder you may use that. If not, don't worry! We will have Westhold transponders for rental during both track day and races. The open trackday is for all ages and skill levels! The Racing is for all ages and skill levels.

We welcome spectators as this is a family friendly event!

-NO knobby tires
-NO open bar ends
-NO Antifreeze or glycol based coolant (straight water, water wetter, engine ice, or similar products are allowed)
-Oil fill and drain must be safety wired
-Peg and axle sliders are required
-Headlights, turn signals, and brake lights must be taped.
-Tags must be removed or taped if the sides are bare metal.
- CATCH CANS!! If a fluid of any kind can drip/leak from your bike it MUST be routed to a catch can. This means a catch can IS NEEDED for carb overflow, radiator overflow, and even crankcase vent (either routed to a catch can or to the intake)
This helps keep any fluid off the track in the event of a crash.

-One piece leather suit or two piece leather suit (must zip 3/4 or more around waist)
-Motorcycle racing gloves
-Shin high motorcycle boots
-DOT Full Face Helmet or DOT Motor-cross helmet w/ goggles
-Goggles Must be worn at all times if wearing a motocross helmet
-Visors are to be down if at speed on course

Trackday & Race Registration: TBD
Tech open: TBD
Race Registration closes: TBD
OPEN Track open: TBD
OPEN Track closed: TBD
Dinner Break: TBD
Racing Riders Meeting: TBD
Gate Fee: TBD
Trackday entry: TBD
Trackday + 1 Race class combo: TBD
1 Race class (no trackday combo): TBD
2nd Race class (no trackday combo): TBD
3rd Race class (no trackday combo): TBD
Westhold transponder rental: $15

Track Information

Twin Fountains Raceway
3225 US-231, Bell Buckle, TN 37020

Overnight camping is an option. The track has restrooms but NO showers available.
The track gates will be open all night and morning so you may arrive at anytime throughout the night just be mindful of others who are camping.
There is concrete pit paddock area available. DO NOT PIT UNDER THE PIT-OUT PAVILION. (Please do not pit near a 10a power spot if you aren't planning on paying for it). There is also plenty of overflow grass area parking.
WRISTBANDS!! Everyone entering the facility will get a wristband after paying the gate fee. YOU MUST HAVE THIS WRISTBAND ON AT ALL TIMES. Anyone without a wristband will be asked to pay the gate fee or to leave the property. This is a Lamar County Speedway rule and we will follow it.

1: Formula 1 - up to 125cc horizontal 4stroke, up to 120cc vertical 4stroke/ 62cc 2stroke (no gp chassis allowed)
2: Super Mini - up to 150cc liquid cooled 4stroke, 195cc air cooled 4stroke, and 105cc 2stroke
3: Stock 125cc - xr100, crf100, ttr125L, Grom, Z125, Benelli 135, Evader Pro (Chinese grom clone). everything must be stock except these allowed changes; front fork internals and springs, rear shock internals and springs, bars, controls, gearing, tires, and drop in air filters. If it doesn't say you can change, you CAN NOT change it. NO RACE GAS
4. Monkey Bike- Grom, Z125, Honda Monkey, Benelli 135, Chinese Grom/Monkey/Benelli style chassis. This is a Superstock class, Everything must be stock except these allows changes; Front fork internals and springs, Rear shock, gearing, bars, controls, drop in air filter, and tires. If doesn't say you can change it, you CAN NOT change it.

Each class will have 1 x 20 minute qualifying session, 1 x 10 lap heat race, 1 x 15 lap main event.

Riders who are riding in the open track day & Night racing:
The open track day is your practice. There is no grouped class specific practice. There will be a grouped "Qualifying", which some could consider a practice. However, officially there is no official grouped practice round for each class.

Riders who are JUST RACING:
Your open practice will be the last 2 hours of the open track day, from 3pm-5pm.
Thank you and we hope to see everyone there!

Event requirements

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or find us on Facebook and join in the discussion at

Twin Fountains Raceway Park

Bell Buckle, TN
Download track map
Download track map


Motorcycle Race organized by

Southeast MiniMoto

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Twin Fountains x SEMM Trackday & Sprint Races Rd5

Sat, Jul 20, 2024