Sun, Mar 13, 2022

Time Trial Drivers - March Into Spring at VIR

Virginia International Raceway

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NCR Presents
March Into Spring @ VIR
Time Trials

March 13, 2022

This is registration for SUNDAY TIME TRIAL DRIVERS ONLY.

Road Race Driver registration for this event is HERE.
Volunteer registration for this event is HERE.

Entry fee is $229.00 for members
$249 for non-members

Sanction #22-TTTA-57678

Supplemental Regulations

ON-TRACK Time Trial, drivers will tackle the 3.27-Mile VIR Full Course track and vie for the best single lap during TimeAttack lapping sessions. The best time from any competion session will determine finishing order and the top three overall and in each class take home the trophies.

Volunteers: Those who want to experience the action, excitement and festivities of a Time Trials are not limited to drivers. Corner Workers, Tech Officials, Timing and Scoring gurus and more are absolutely welcome at the event. Helping as a volunteer, worker or officials costs nothing but puts you in the best seat in the house to enjoy the action! To register as a volunteer, click here.

Schedule - Tentative & Subject to Change

Time Item
8:00 AM Check-In/Tech Open
9:30 AM TT Worker Meeting
10:00 AM Driver's Meeting (Mandatory)
11:00 AM Group 1 - TT Practice/Qualifying
11:20 AM Group 2 - TT Practice/Qualifying
11:40 AM Group 3 - TT Practice/Qualifying
12:00 PM Lunch & Check-In and Tech Close
1:00 PM Group 1 - Time Attack Session 1
1:20 PM Group 2 - Time Attack Session 1
1:40 PM Group 3 - Time Attack Session 1
2:00 PM Flex Time
2:10 PM Group 1 - Time Attack Session 2
2:30 PM Group 2 - Time Attack Session 2
2:50 PM Group 3 - Time Attack Session 2
3:10 PM Flex Time
3:20 PM Group 1 - Time Attack Session 3
3:40 PM Group 2 - Time Attack Session 3
4:00 PM Group 3 - Time Attack Session 3
4:20 PM Course Closes
4:50 PM Trophies & Awards
5:20 PM Event Over

SEDiv TT Championship Series

Also as part of this event, all entries wiill receive points standings in the 2022 TTN SEDIV Championship Series! Learn more at

Event Officials 

Event Lead & Safety Steward: Stephen Miller
Ambassador: Bruce Dover
Driver Coach: Justin Deffenbaugh & Rob Wilmoth
Competition Director: Anna Crissman
Tech Inspector: Chris Schimmel

Timing Chief: Kevin Greer

Event requirements



  1. The Basics: This event is governed by the 2022 SCCA Time Trial Rules (TTR), National Competition Format, and National Classing as outlined at plus the rules and procedures found on this page.
  2. Check-in: Will be at the Quantum Building, located in the Raceplex, across from the VIR Registration trailer. 


    1. Helmets: You must bring your helmet to tech. An SA2010, SA2015 or SA2020 helmet is required for this event. No other helmets will be permitted. 
    2. All convertible vehicles must be equipped with an appropriate roll bar for this event. Note from VIR: Many manufacturers’ roll hoops, roll bars designed for street use (non-racing), as well as roll bars that terminate below the top of the operator’s helmet, shall not be approved. Factory or aftermarket hardtops are not considered to be rollover protection. 
    3. Driver Clothing (Street Cars): Drivers must wear Long Pants on top of adhearring  to the minimum clothing outlined in the SCCA Time Trials Rules for their car and class.
    4. Driver Clothing (Race Prepared Cars): Drivers must wear a one-piece SFI- or FIA-rated driver’s suit with a minimum of two layers on top of adhearing to the minimum clothing outlined in the SCCA Time Trials Rules for their car and class. 
  4. Tech: Will be located in the Paddock near where the Pagoda where food is served. If you DO NOT have advanced safety in your car (Advanced Safety = Aftermarket belts, seats, roll-over protection, etc) you DO NOT need to bring your car to tech, just the tech sheet.  If you DO have advanced safety, please bring your car and park in the impound area.

  5. Paddock and Masks- A mask may be a scarf, neck gator, balaclava, full helmet with the visor down, so long as the mouth and nose are covered. Everyone on site is asked and expected to wear a mask at all times when in public places. The areas and paddock in and around the main building, bathrooms, timing building, and pit lane are all considered to be public (map provided closer to the event). Areas and paddock space outside of that area (the gravel paddock) are designated as distanced paddock where participants are encouraged to maximize the distances between one another and may choose to remove their mask in their own paddock space. Personal vehicles, campers, enclosed trailers, and tents are all considered to be personal spaces.

  6. Drivers Briefings- We will have a Driver's briefing @ 10:00 AM, please be ready by 9:30 AM and listen to announcements. Then there will be de-briefing/impound after each on-track session for further driver communications.

B. PASSING & TRACK PROCEDURES: Groups will use the suggested passing rules and procedures for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Drivers as outlined in the “Rules of The Track” section found at

C. PIT LANE: The speed limit on pit road is 25 mph. No tire scrubbing in the pit lane prior to entering the course.

D. IMPOUND: Drivers will report to impound for post-session debriefs immediately following each session.

E. RESULTS: Provisional and final results will be avalaible via live timing, and access instructions will be provided at the driver's meeting. Additionally, final results will be posted no later than seven days following the completion of the event.

F. FLAG PROCEDURES: Black Flag Station and other event-specific flagging procedures will be announced at the event.

G. EVENT SCHEDULE: Actual session start times may be delayed from the published schedule due to unforeseen circumstances during the event. It is the driver’s responsibility to listen to the PA announcements and pay attention to activity on track. The schedule or run groups may only be changed (or start times advanced) at the discretion of the Competition Director, with concurrence by the Event Lead, depending on pre-race entry counts or as needed to accommodate situations during the event.

H. COMMUNICATIONS: Radio frequencies used by event officials may be monitored but shall not be used for communication by any participant.


The event is open to all drivers with a valid state driver's license and a full or weekend membership to the SCCA.  If you don't have a membership you can join or include the weekend membership when you register.

A. TIME TRIALS LICENSES: It will help if you have one, but it's OK if you don't. Event officials will work with you to make sure you get one fitting your experience level at the event. (No charge, seriously, it's simple we promise)

B. MEDICAL: Please notify the Officials of any pertinent medical condition(s). Any participants involved in an accident in which there is significant damage or any injury, or at a race official’s discretion, MUST present themselves or be transported to the track medical facility for evaluation. Off-site medical transportation fees may apply.

C. MINOR DRIVERS: Drivers 17-years-old or younger, with a state issued drivers license that allow for solo operation, can compete, but there is some extra paperwork so please contact Officials before the event and get approval from the Event Lead.




NOTE: All Convertibles, roll-over protection is required, it is outlined in the safety link above, but if you have questions please ask prior to the event! We are happy to help! Note Track Rules above for VIR specific Requirements.

Competition is open to all vehicles conforming to the National Time Trials Classes

C. TECHNICAL INSPECTION: All vehicles must be presented at Tech to turn in tech forms and pass the event safety inspection (Tech) prior to any on-course participation. All participants must run their numbers on the side of their car. Numbers must be at least 12 inches high and the stroke must be 2 inches wide. There must be a color contrast between your number and the background the number is on. We will have a rainbow of painter's tape colors available at tech. All numbers must be approved by a Tech Official.

D TIMING & SCORING: All cars are required to use fully operational MyLaps/AMB TranX260 or X2 transponders or Westfall transponders. The driver is responsible for providing correct information to Timing & Scoring. Non-functioning transponders will result in the loss of times. 

E. TRANSPONDERS: Need a transponder, we have you covered. If you have your own transponder, awesome! Please make sure to fill in the number when you register.


1. RULES OF THE PITS: We will not utilize Pit Road as a work area. If you need to work on your car during a session please pull into the paddock.

2. RULES OF THE PADDOCK: The paddock is defined as the area adjacent to pit road, false grid, and tech.  These rules apply to all paved and grassed areas.  VIR charges for use of Electricity. Please pay at the gate if you plan on plugging in. 

3. SOUND CONTROL: There is not a sound limit at VIR

4. QUIET HOURS: No race engines may be run between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am each day.

7. LIVE TIMING: Live timing will be available on the Race Monitor App or




Note: The following fees are set by VIR. NC Region has no control over these fees and receives no revenue from them.

Please visit for a full listing of VIR’s policies.

FACILITY PROVISIONS: Camping is allowed in the paddock on Friday and Saturday nights. The following fees will be assessed and should be paid at the VIR gate or test day registration shack: (Compliments of NCR, SCCA workers can sign up for no fee camping and electricity when registering on MSR. Pick-up passes at Registration Check-in.)

•  Tent Camping         $35.00 per event, per tent                         •  Electricity                $30.00 per event, per plugin

•  RV Camping            $50.00 per event, per RV                           •  ATV/golf cart          $30.00/Year (Good for the Calendar Year)

There is limited electrical power available. Please be considerate of your compatriots regarding all water use.

Radio Broadcast Frequency: 88.9

FACILITY ROADS: No cool-down, warm-up, or brake bedding allowed in the paddock or on VIR facility roads. All of these activities must take place on the track. Please plan accordingly.

VENDORS & FEES: The vendor fee of $225 imposed by VIR must be paid at the event. Make checks payable to VIR and turn them in at Registration.

FUEL: Fuel is available at VIR and, per VIR contract, the maximum amount to be transported is 20 gallons. VIR’s fuel pumps are operated by CREDIT CARD ONLY, 24 Hours a day. Sunoco 93 and 100 octane unleaded and 110 leaded and 98-octane (260 GTX) unleaded racing fuels are available. Fuel testing results will be posted at the fuel pumps.

DISPOSAL OF WASTE FLUID AND DEBRIS: Use of the drums located in several areas in the paddock(s) is mandatory for used oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, and other polluting material. Participants are to take home with them ALL “environmental debris” including, but not limited to, broken vehicle parts, batteries, scrap metal & tires. Chlorinated brake cleaner is not permitted on the property at VIR.

EMERGENCY CALLS: In case of an emergency contact VIR Security at 1-434-822-3109.

PETS: VIR discourages bringing pets to the track. You must keep your pet leashed at all times and clean up after it. If we see pets unleashed, we will find the owner and both will be asked to leave. Pets are not allowed in the concession area, inside buildings, on the grid, pit area, or impound.

DRONES: Use of drones is not permitted.

GATE HOURS: Begin at 5:30 PM the day prior to the test day until Sunday 7:00 PM.

ALL VIR PAVED SURFACES: Rules of the Pit and Working Paddock as listed in the GCR will be enforced along with the following:

  • The VIR paddock is paved. If you jack a vehicle on asphalt, you MUST have wood under the jack, jack stands, and anything else that might damage the pavement. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Do not pound stakes or make any holes in ANY asphalt surface. Offenders will be fined ($500 per incident) and may be ejected from the event.
  • Fuel spills or any spills that may damage paved areas (pits and paddock) must be reported to VIR Security or EMS so they may treat the spill. Reported spills will NOT be fined. Catch-pans should be used when refueling, at all times
  • VIR mandates that any vehicle seen spilling fuel on track during any session, including a race, be subject to a black flag.


  • Obey posted speed limits on all VIR property.
  • Crew members may go to the outer pit wall to signal their driver, but they are not allowed to remain at the wall. No crew member is allowed at the outer pit wall until after the start of the race. No sitting, standing or leaning on pit wall.
  • No Smoking in the working pits or grid.
  • Sleeved shirts and closed shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn in the hot Pits and Grid areas.
  • Minors, pregnant women, and non-member guests are NOT allowed in any hazardous area. Parents are responsible for CLOSELY supervising their children.
  • Motorized two/three/four-wheel conveyances may be operated only by a licensed individual.
  • During hot track hours, children (under 16) are prohibited from riding bikes, skates, skateboards, and scooters in the paddock.




Entries (65)

Matthew Dole
Josh Kaidanow
Daniel Dennehy
Shaoyi Che
Kevin Mongold
Matthew Kurz
Steve Rose
Devin Herndon

Virginia International Raceway

Alton, VA
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SCCA - North Carolina Region

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