Sat, Feb 26 - Sun, Feb 27, 2022

Speedy Goat Time Trials on ICE

Barnes Lake

About this event

Doing racecar things with racecar friends

Join us on February 26th & 27th, 2022 for a two-day weekend of Time Trials on ICE, also known as ICE Attack!


This event is subject to a minimum driver count and a minimum ice depth. We require a minimum of 15 drivers and 10" of ice. We will monitor the conditions as time processes, but have not been able to control the weather.
Volunteers/ additional friends to run the corner stations would be greatly appreciated, however drivers may be required to rotate between corner stations and driving should additional help not be found.


Time Trials on Ice (Ice Attack) offers a safe environment for both new and experienced drivers wanting to improve their driving, find the limits of their car in low traction conditions, and have some fun. We aim to create an inclusive community for participants looking to do something different during the winter months.

Time Trials on Ice is similar to a Lapping or Time Trials track day, but on ice. You will be able to continuously lap for 15 minutes as if you were at Mission Raceway or Area 27.

Drivers are required to have experienced an ice event prior to signing up, however a special group may be created if we have 3-5 new drivers grouped together. All drivers in this novice group MUST have the same type of winter tire (Eg, studded or non-studded). Co-driving is possible, please email the registrar to help organize run groups.

Winter tires are required, but may be either studded or stud-less (rubber only).


The event is held on Barnes Lake, near Ashcroft, BC, Canada and is approximately a 4 hour drive from Vancouver. The travel time may vary depending on weather, however you should be prepared considering you plan to RACE ON ICE! A number of participants stay overnight in Ashcroft or nearby town Cache Creek for ~$80/night for a two bedroom stay. For those wanting a true out-door experience some participants chose to camp overnight next to the lake (You must be prepared for the weather).

This event is capped in the number of participants (25) - Each run group of 5 must be using the same type of winter type (studded or stud-less)

This event will follow BC COVID-19 protocol

We require a minimum of 15 drivers to participate.
Between 15 and 20 drivers, pricing will be based on the number of participants on a linear scale. A refund will be granted if we have more than 15 drivers.

Entry Fee:

  • $358.67 - Two Day Event (Minimum 15 drivers)
  • $298.89 - Two Day  Event (18 drivers)
  • $269 - Two Day Event (20 drivers)
  • $269 - Two Day Event (25 drivers

Hot Lunch:

  • $35 - Weekend Lunch


Additional Notes:
1) Should the event be cancelled due to weather or the minimum driver count is not reached a refund in full will be send to your credit card. A minimum ice depth of 10" is requied. As of Feb 6th, we had 13" of ice depth.
2) A valid BC drivers license is required. No additional licenses are required.
3) All registrations must be accompanied by electronic payment (Payment will not be collected until the the ice thickness has been confirmed several days before the event).
4) Snow tires are required (non studded & studded winter tires welcomed)
5) Feel free to ask any questions you may have by emailing the event registrar.

Event requirements

The Auto-X on Ice event will be limited to a maximum of 25 paid participants plus organizing volunteers.

Tentative Schedule
8:00am - Gates open
8:50am - Tech closes
9:00am - Mandatory drivers meeting
9:30am - 9:45am - Run Group 1
9:45am - 10:45am - Run Group 2,3,4,5
10:45am - 12:00pm - 2nd Sessions
12:00pm -1:00pm - Lunch
1:00pm - 3:30pm 3rd and 4th Sessions
3:30pm - Track teardown (Sunday)
4:00pm - Return to your local watering hole for refreshments or camp on site


Novice Driver
You have never attended an Ice event before. This is your first time having fun.

Regular Driver
You have been to a few of these before and are being socially obliged to bring along a friend within your social bubble.

Vehicle Requirements
If you have a car with snow tires (studded OR rubber) you are likely able to compete! If you car is eligible to compete in a road going auto-X event, you will be worthy of the ice.
Technical inspection shall be mandatory for all cars with special attention given to brakes, suspension, throttle linkages, and loose articles in the car. Ensure your car does not leak anything!


  1. The online waiver must be signed or you will be required to leave the ice surface.
  2. All vehicles parked on the ice must have a tarp or other suitable method of catching any possible fluid leaks. This item must cover the entire area beneath your engine and transmission and rear differential (if applicable).
  3. All fueling must be done on the shore.
  4. Any persons using a camera at turn stations must have a spotter. Please seek permission from race organizer if you would like to go out to the infield for media purposes.
  5. KEEP THE LAKE CLEAN, this includes spills, food and drink waste, and cigarette butts. If it doesn’t belong in the lake, keep it off the ice.
  6. Helmets are required! (SA or M 2010+)
  7. We want to keep a good relationship with the locals. Be respectful, no hooning to and from the lake!
  8. All vehicles must have adequate front and rear TOWING points. This includes factory bolt on tow hooks.


  1. Driver meetings are mandatory.
  2. All vehicle fueling is prohibited on the lake and must be done on shore with spill protection (ie tarps).
  3. Any competitor observed driving on the racing surface at any time other than the posted racing schedule, may be disqualified from the event at the discretion of the organizer.
  4. The speed limit in the pits is a maximum of 10 KPH.
  5. It is mandatory that a tarp or mat be placed under the engine of all vehicles (competitor, support, worker or spectator) parked anywhere on or around the race venue.
  6. For the safety of those on the ice, headlamps must be illuminated when on the racing surface. (Do not use flood lamps as they pose a risk of blinding turn workers if you are headed straight at them).
  7. All participants and guests are expected to drive on public roads in a manner which reflects well for the community.


  1. Self tech is required prior to the Technical Inspector approving the vehicle for competition. Tech forms are available online via
  2. If a race vehicle does not comply with one or more of the safety requirements the Technical Inspector, in consultation with the organizer may or may not let the vehicle compete.
  3. Anytime your vehicle is parked on the ice, a tarp must be underneath the vehicle to ensure ZERO fluids escape into the environment.

Auto-X on ICE & Time Trials on ICE  - TIMING / SCORING

  1. Manual stop watches will be used for all timed runs. (Up to 1/100th of a second)
  2. Master timing sheets will state the start and finish times of each run group.
  3. The results will be posted at the lake at the end of each run group.
  4. Times will not be given to participants during competition runs. Approaching the Timers while the race is in session will not be allowed and subject to time penalties. Timing is done manually, and the Timers attention is required on the track at all times.
  5. DNF are awarded when:
    1. a gate is missed
    2. any cones marking a hazard are struck.
  6. 2 second penalties will be assessed for each cone hit.
  7. Vehicles which spin off track and become stuck will be towed out. Consistent towing which cause race delays will be subject to discussion with the organizer and may result in penalties or removal from the event.
  8. The IGNORING OF ANY FLAG may result in the competitor being excluded from the run, the weekend, the series and/or loss of series points, at the discretion of the organizer.

Entries (26)

Alex Gutica
Rostyslav Smirnov
Sebastian Nowicki
Sherry Anthony
Logan Noel
Basil Santamaria
Peng Du
Daniel Gray

Barnes Lake

Ashcroft, BC
Download track map
Download track map


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Speedy Goat

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