Sat, Oct 28 - Sun, Oct 29, 2023

Schattenbaum NJMP Lightning - October

NJMP Lightning

About this event

Schattenbaum Region PCA Drivers Education Event at New Jersey Motorsports Park

Dates: October 28-29, 2023 (Saturday-Sunday)
Track: LIGHTNING - both days

Open to all licensed drivers, age 18 and over.  Beginner / Student, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced run groups.

All track-worthy sports cars may be accepted pending a satisfactory safety inspection prior to the event.  No SUVsNo EVs.  

Safety Inspection Form must be completed for all cars within 30 days of the event and submitted at the track on the first day of attendance.  Vehicles deemed by Schattenbaum or track staff to be unsuitable for high speed track duty will not be permitted. Review the notes in the Safety Inspection Form to make sure your car meets all pertinent requirements.  

This is a 2-day event.  Priority is given to 2-day entrants. If single-day registration is available for a run group, the option will be shown on the registration page. Otherwise, contact the registrar.

Fee Schedule:
2 Days: $485
1 Day (Sat. or Sun.): $300
Approved instructors: $150

  • Late Registration: Fees increase by $25 starting 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Non-PCA Members:  $35 fee.  Waived for approved instructors.
  • PCA Members:  To avoid the non-member fee, make sure your membership is current and your member number is in your profile.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • All entrants must have a credit card on file at unless other payment arrangements have been made with the registrar for the upcoming event.
  • The entry fee will be automatically charged to your credit card approximately 30 days prior to the event.  Registrations made within 30 days of the event will be charged immediately.
  • For cancellation 15-30 days in advance of the event start date, there is a $50 administrative fee ($25 for a 1-day registration).  The balance will be refunded to your credit card.
  • For cancellation less than 15 days from the event or for withdrawing at the event, no refunds or event credits will be issued.
  • Cancellation should be made via  Notify the registrar via email to if there are any issues regarding cancellation.
  • No refunds or event credit will be issued due to mechanical or scheduling problems once the event has started.


Event requirements

Open to all licensed drivers age 18 or older. 

A Safety Inspection Form must be completed for all cars within 30 days of the event and after any other track event prior to this one.  The completed and signed form is submitted at the track during grid tech on the first day of attendance. 


A few of the key requirements for PCA and NJ Motorsports Park are:

  • Helmets must be Snell 2015 or 2020 rated, SA or M.  
  • Closed-face helmets are recommended.  Open-face helmets are permitted in factory-spec cars with fully functional air bag system.
  • A certified (SFI 38.1, FIA 8858 or newer) head and neck restraint device MUST be used by all occupants of any car with an aftermarket harness and roll bar/cage system.
  • All convertibles must have rollover protection (No un-deployed "pop-up" bars), with top up if possible.
  • All cars running open-top must have proper 5 or 6-point harnesses, harness-compatible seats and arm restraints.
  • Long pants and long-sleeve shirts required.  Short-sleeve shirts MAY be permitted if allowed by the track.  
  • Shorts and open shoes are NOT permitted beyond the pit lane fence.
  • Harness expiration dates are enforced (SFI 2 years, FIA 5 years).

TO THE Safety Inspection Form AND


Opt-In Text Messaging
We can now send you text messages during an event to notify you of delays, schedule changes, or other event announcements that are often difficult to hear over the track's PA system.  This text-messaging service will only be used for communication at an event and will not be used for purposes unrelated to the event. Once you opt-in to the service, you will be able to receive messages at all future events until you opt-out.  To opt-in, supply your mobile number in the "Receive Notifications?" box on the registration page.

Additional NJMP Information:

1. The NJMP track registration office is open the night before an event from 6-10 pm and also from 7:00-10 am every morning.  All participants who wish to purchase NJMP support services such as camping, electricity, garages, and suite rentals must go to the front gate NJMP window to sign waivers and pay for the additional services .  Participants will not be able to purchase additional services outside of these registration hours.  Services may be purchased in advance by contacting the track directly.

2.  All persons entering the NJMP facility are required to sign NJMP's waiver statement.  No one will be allowed to enter the park without the proper wrist band or credential.  All DE entrants must also sign a PCA liability waiver when checking in for the event in the paddock classroom.  Credentials distributed by Schattenbaum are for Club use only and do not override or substitute NJMP credentials unless previously authorized by NJMP.

3. Typically, entrants will not be allowed to enter the paddock until 7pm the night before an event.  However, NJMP security personnel may permit early entry on a case by case basis.  This will never occur before 6pm.  The same procedure applies to the morning entry time of 7am.  Contact NJMP directly to inquire about early entry.

4. State of New Jersey Chapter 62 Race Track Regulations do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to enter the hot pits.  NJMP security will not allow anyone without the proper wristband/credentials to go beyond the pit lane fence.  These credentials will be available at the NJMP gate window.

5. For information regarding garage rentals, suite rentals, overnight camping, electrical hookups, etc. contact NJMP directly at 856-327-8000.


Entries (110)

John Beidler
Grant Ammons
Carlo D'Santus
Jiandong Wu
Fernando Presser
William Borkovitz
Bruce Hernandez
Vidal Erbesh

NJMP Lightning

Millville, NJ
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