Mon, Jun 26, 2023

SCDA- Club Motorsports- Track Day 6/26/23

Club Motorsports

About this event



High Performance Driver Education Event

2.5 Mile, 15 Turn Course


  $40 Discount for VW/AUDI/PORSCHE drivers

Join SCDA, a leader in HPDE since 1995, for a  High Performance Driver Education Track Day at Club Motorsports in 2023.  

This event is open for new and experienced track drivers.  Our focus is on safety, education, and quality track time to help you be your best while having fun.

About the Event:
  • 4-5 Sessions on Track
  • Open to drivers of ALL experience levels
  • Professional Classroom Sessions
  • $40 Discount for Porsche/Audi/VW drivers
  • Rental Spec Miatas are available for this event
  • Early-Bird Special: Save $30 by registering one month or more prior to the event
  • Club Motorsports full day entry fee is $399 until 5/26/23
  • Novice entry fee includes In car Instruction, Virtual and In-Person Classroom, Instructor for Lead-Shadow upon request
  • All cars must be muffled (92db) at Club Motorsports events. 


The SCDA Club Motorsports Driving Experience

This is THE track we have all been waiting for!  SCDA welcomes Club Motorsports to the list of premiere New England tracks where we host High Performance Driving Events.  SCDA is excited to return to Club Motorsports summer of 2023.

"Located on hundreds of rolling wooded acres with breathtaking views of New Hampshire's White Mountains. Club Motorsports has built a heart-pounding ribbon through the woods: 15 turns over 2.5 miles with an elevation change of 250 feet. The road course is over 40 feet wide with a mix of long straightaways and left and right turns both uphill and downhill. It is designed to provide a thrilling driving experience, yet built with safety as the top priority."

GPS Navigation:
1-37 Main St, Tamworth, NH 03886

The following cities are listed with the approximate miles and easy drive times to Club Motorsports:

  • Boston, MA - 120 miles, 2 hours
  • Worcester, MA - 155 miles, 3 hours
  • Concord, NH - 55 miles, 1 hour
  • Portsmouth, NH - 70 miles, 1 hour
  • Portland, ME - 64 miles, 1.5 hours
  • Burlington, VT - 147 miles, 3 hours
  • Providence, RI - 175 miles, 3 hours
  • Hartford, CT - 220 miles, 4 hours
  • New York, NY - 330 miles, 6 hours
  • Montreal, QC - 235 miles, 4 hours


Passing Zones:


RUN GROUPS AVAILABLE on Monday, June 26th:

  • NOVICE: The Green Group. (Newer track drivers with no experience to limited experience, typically novice drivers spend about 5 events in the novice group.  Instructors are required and will be provided for In car instruction.  If desired or uncomfortable with in-car instruction depending on COVID-19, lead shadow w/ radio communication is available )
  • INTERMEDIATE 1: The Blue Run Group. (Must have prior experience driving solo without an instructor, at least 5 events driving solo)
  • INTERMEDIATE 2: The White Run Group. (Must have considerable road course experience and at least 20 track events)
  • ADVANCED: The Red Run Group. (Highest level- years of track experience)- PASSING anywhere with a REQUIRED point-by.


Run Group Criteria: 

See the comprehensive Run Group Criteria here.  If you are unsure which group is the best fit, please email after registering.

Event Price:

SCDA Club Motorsports event entry fees are $429 retail for a single day 

*Pay only $399 if you register before May 26th

SCDA Club Motorsports NOVICE driver entry fees are $599 retail for a single day 

*Pay only $569 if you register before May 26th


Please CONTINUE to Register:

Event requirements

The Sports Car Driving Association welcomes all driving enthusiasts to attend our events. In the interest of clarification, we would like to outline the basic criteria that should be met, in order to place you in the appropriate run group. We make every effort to ensure that drivers are placed in run groups with other drivers of comparable experience levels. This will ensure that run groups are balanced, safe and fun. This guideline is meant to serve as a tool to help you decide where you would fit in best within SCDA.


Sound Limit at this event:  STRICT 92db maximum


Helmets with a SNELL SA-2015 rating or higher is REQUIRED for all SCDA Events

Helmets with an M-rating are not Acceptable.   Motorcycle helmets do not have the proper safety requirements for car use by the SNELL Foundation.

Helmets MUST have one of these two labels on the inside.


Helmets may be available to rent for $50 upon request, limited sizes and rentals are available, PLEASE CHECK FIRST.  If you are not able to get one prior to event, email us approximate size and we will add a helmet to your entry and charge $50 to card on file.

Helmet Suppliers:


For safety reasons, all convertibles (Boxster, Miata, Corvette, BMW Z4, Honda S2000, Pontiac Solstice etc.) are required to have a roll bar that meets the following two criteria in order to be eligible to run during any event. 1) The roll bar must be in the fixed position and visible at all times. This means that roll bars which are designed to automatically deploy are not acceptable unless they are in the full upright and locked position at all times. 2) The roll bar must allow the driver to pass the “broomstick” test which means that the top of the drivers helmet must be below the line from the top of the roll bar to the top of the windshield. There are aftermarket roll bars and/or seats which can be used to help meet these requirements. If your convertible meets these standards, then you are welcome to participate! Factory hard tops are acceptable at most tracks, as well.

See the SCDA Convertible Policy page


Self Tech.  A dealer or certified mechanic is recommended.  Please review the tech form.

Download SCDA- Tech Inspection Form

Club Motorsports

Tamworth, NH
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


HPDE organized by

Sports Car Driving Association-SCDA

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SCDA- Club Motorsports- Track Day 6/26/23

Mon, Jun 26, 2023