Sat, Mar 16 - Sun, Mar 24, 2024

SCCBC Spring Driver Training 2024

Mission Raceway Park

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Sports Car Club of BC

2024 Spring Race Driver Training

March 16, 2024 Saturday, from 9am to 1pm  Classroom Session at Mission Raceway

March 16, 2024 Saturday, from 1pm to 2pm, Tech Inspection at Mission Raceway

March 23 & 24 Saturday and Sunday, 2024 On-track at Mission Raceway

The Race Driver Training Program is organized and operated by the SCCBC's Race Drivers Committee. Membership on this committee is by invitation. The members of this committee are a group of the best racers in the club. Most have won championships in their class and others are those who have done consistently well over the years and proven themselves capable of excelling in all race conditions, and whom have demonstrated an ability to teach their craft to others.

The two day course includes vehicle inspection, classroom instruction, and on-track instruction. Students are assigned an instructor which they may share with one or two other students. In the classroom session, the students will engage in discussions with several instructors and study the Race Driver Training Manual. This covers the basics such as seating position, shifting, racing lines and apexes, flags and general race procedures.

The on-track instruction starts with a walk of the track and a description of the corners. Next come several exercises including threshold braking, cornering and vision segments. By the end of the first day on track, the students have increased their driving speed considerably. The second day on the track starts with a track walk and short review, then it’s back out on the track for lapping. The speed is slowly increased with each session, until the student is comfortable driving the track at near racing speeds.

The students are observed by the instructors throughout the entire weekend. They are given feedback on their driving position, and control in the driver’s seat, awareness of, and response to, flags and other cars as well as their chosen line through the corners.

At the end of the course, those who have successfully completed the course and who intend to go racing may purchase a novice racing license from one of the race licensing bodies. Three races must be completed under observation as a novice after which time a driver may upgrade to a senior license, which allows them to compete in club championship races. For more information on our Race Driver Training Program email:

This course is mainly for people intending to go racing and for those wishing to improve on their driving skill. This course is recognized by CACC and other Canadian regions, ICSCC, usually SCCA, for qualification toward a novice race license. For further information on novice requirements, contact the CACC Novice Director at

Entries are now open, and close no later than one week prior to the first date of the course, or until the course is fully subscribed. SCCBC reserves the right to determine the order of priority if the number of applicants exceeds the maximum entries allowable. There is no guarantee of participation if health department issues orders limiting numbers. You will be advised when your application/registration has been accepted.

Cost: $795.00 (GST & SCCBC Membership included)

Event requirements

Event Requirements

  1. Provincial (N or higher) or State driver’s license that you have held for a minimum of 6 months (must be produced at registration).
  2. Snell Foundation approved helmet SA2010 or newer, SA or M classification, must be in very good condition and must be shown at tech.
  3. Cars must have a minimum three point seat belts. Convertibles & open cars must have CACC approved (race approved) roll bars. M class helmets are not allowed in cars with roll bars. No trucks or minivans are allowed. Vehicles without proper seating and/or restraint systems are not permitted.
  4. Liability waivers must be signed. Note: Your ICBC insurance coverage is NOT valid while you are on the track.
  5. The RDC reserves the right to refuse entries and suspend participation at any time.
  6. All fluids must be taken from the track. Bring suitable containers if you will be bleeding brakes or changing fluids at the track.
  7. Vehicles will be inspected and must be in sound mechanical condition and have a fully muffled exhaust to allow normal conversation in the vehicle. Loose articles must be removed.
  8. Roll bars must be padded where contact is possible.
  9. Spare front brake pads are recommended.
  10. Race cars are not permitted and students should supply a reliable street car.
  11. Owners of modified vehicles should contact the registrar and discuss the suitability prior to the tech session.
  12. Covid considerations – SCCBC reserves the right to change the format and entry requirements based on changes to health department guidelines.

         All students must have a valid street driver’s license. You will be required to sign a waiver and present your license at the track. Minors (under 19) require signatures of both parents or legal guardians and a parent or guardian must be present at the track.

Mission Raceway Park

Mission, BC
Download track map
Download track map


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Sports Car Club of BC

SCCBC Spring Driver Training 2024

Sat, Mar 16 - Sun, Mar 24, 2024