About this event

Get ready to run at the tenth SASCA autocross of 2024 on Saturday Nov 2.

Location: River City Community Church. 16765 Lookout Rd #3809, Selma, TX 78154

  • Online registration closes Thursday at 11:59pm, but you can register on-site up until 8:45 day of.
  • On-site registration will add a $5 fee, so sign up now online!
  • This event is open to members, non-members, novices and journeymen. First timers are welcome!
  • Please check your SASCA membership status on MSR. Things may be wonky after the migration.
  • Become a Member > http://msreg.com/SASCA-Membership
  • Classing Questions? Check this cheat sheet or try the SCCA-Classifier website.

Our typical Event Day Schedule:

  • 7:00am - Site Opens. Setup and early workers begin.
  • 7:30-8:30 - On Site Registration and Vehicle Tech Inspection
  • 8:30-8:45-  Late Registration and Vehicle Tech Inspection (costs you an extra $5)
  • 8:15ish - Course open for walking.
  • 9:00 - Novice Walkthrough
  • 9:30 - Event Meeting (Everyone must attend)
  • 9:50ish - First car out.


If we have more than 100 people registered on Friday, then we will open up Double Drivers. You register for that on-site the morning of the event. Ask at the trailer when you check in.

Doubles details > http://www.sasca.org/doubles.php

If we don't get 100 people registered by Friday Nov 1, then we will be doing fun runs after the event. You must sign up for fun runs at the trailer in the morning. The cost will be $20, and anyone doing fun runs will have to help pack the trailer after the event.


Event requirements


You must be 16 or older with a valid drivers license to drive or ride.

Your car must pass tech and you must have a DOT approved helmet (we do have loaner helmets available)

Tech inspection checklist:

  1. Tires: No cords showing on any of the 4 tires.
  2. Wheels and Lugs: All lugs in place, suspension is tight, and no play in the wheel bearings.
  3. Fluids: No fluid leaks under the hood or under the car.
  4. Battery: Battery must be secure.
  5. Under hood: Leaks, battery, air cleaner type, modifications (for classing), loose items.
  6. Pedals: Both brake and accelerator pedals are working properly (firm brake, accelerator returns smoothly).
  7. Loose items: All loose items should be removed from the trunk and the vehicle cabin, including floor mats.
  8. Seat Belts: Some type of functional seat belt must be used.
  9. Seats: Seats must be secure.

River City Community Church Venue

Selma , TX


Autocross/Solo organized by

SASCA - San Antonio

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