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Salina Famous Mirror Khana XLII

Berkley Family Recreation Area

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It is back, you asked we are doing it again,

You do not want to miss this event, Salina's famous Mirror Khana is back. The first ever one was back in 1973. 


 If you have never been or heard of the Salina Mirror Khana then you need to come. In the 1980s it was a key event of the Kansas Solo II Series ( before the MiDiv Solo Championship was created). Course is a full loop, everyone gets two practice runs, one from each side. Grudge matches are allowed.

There are no clocks! Pylon rule is 3 for free, #4 is a DNF. Everyone runs the full-loop course back to their own start, first one back wins. Double elimination brackets.  This is a Salina Region points event. A more detailed rulebook is below. 

If you look closely at this events picture, it is a picture from a past Mirror Khana event. 


$30 Preregistered Member

$45 Non Member

Not sure what class you're in? Still not sure, contact us and we will help you class your vehicle.

We run all rule book classes,including all the CAM classes, the new XS and EV classes.  SCCA's new rulebook Xtreme Street classes (Scroll Down to Rules) are replacing our STO classes.  Cars must still use 200 treadwear tires minimum. 

Non-Members must select non-member registration which will automatically set them up for a Weekend Membership.

If you are under 18 years of age you must also have a Minor wavier which can be found HERE then check your downloads to find waiver

Preregistration officially ends at Midnight on the Thursday prior to the event. This is needed for the Mirror Khana event bracket. Please preregister so we can have the bracket ready to go on event day. 

We do not charge credit cards until you check in at the event. 





Some guidelines subject to change at the event.


     PRACTICE. Everyone gets at minimum two practice runs, one starting in each direction. Practice will be run two at a time, irrespective of the cars’ classes. There is a southbound lane (left) and a northbound lane (right). Line up once in each lane. The two at the head of the lines go next. If you want a specific opponent during practice, it can be arranged. If you have co-drivers, we suggest one driver take both his runs, then turn the car over to the other. 

     THE EVENT is a double-elimination, round-robin autocross tournament. Winners are those drivers who survive the eliminations in each class. When a driver loses twice, he is out of the running.

    GRID positions are assigned for each run group during competition. See the grid charts on the scoreboard. Please occupy your assigned grid when your group is called up and return to it after each run until you are done. During final rounds, when only 3-5 cars are left, please group yourselves by class.

    A RUN is a tour of the full 360-degree loop of the course, returning to your own starting line. When you reach your opponent’s starting point, you are about halfway through the course. The match winner is the one who gets back “home” first. Run time is about 60 seconds.

    PRELIMINARY ROUNDS will be done by groups. Pairings may be pulled from any group as necessary to keep the event moving along.

    FINAL ROUNDS will be run right after completion of preliminaries. One driver will emerge undefeated from the prelims in each class. He stands aside to await his challenger from the quarter-final and semi-final rounds. In some cases, a driver may qualify directly to the semi-finals and will await a challenger from a quarter-final pairing.

    CLASSES The highest-placed car of each separate class earns winner’s points.

    CLASS CHANGES will not be permitted once practice has concluded.

    Small classes will be grouped to create a fun bracket. Drivers in the same SCCA Rulebook class will be paired to compete directly against each other in the first or second rounds. All pairings run heads-up.

    PAIRINGS will be called from the grid and sent to the course as soon as it is clear. It is the driver’s responsibility to be on the grid when his group is up. Ideally, pairings are run according to the alphabetical sequence shown on the elimination bracket. A delay may be granted if mechanical problems arise, but a time limit may be imposed.

    LANE CHOICE. On first runs (also quarter-finals) it is by mutual agreement or coin toss. Do this in the grid area! On subsequent runs, swap lanes from that in which you started last time; if you both started from the same lane last time, then it’s by mutual agreement or coin toss. Drivers qualifying directly to semi-final or final rounds get automatic lane choice. Runoffs, if needed, will be from opposite lanes.

    THE START. After both cars are lined up, a starter standing between the two cars will point at each driver (nod or wave if you are ready); he will raise his hand; he will drop his hand. The moment his hand begins to drop you may start.

    SKID CIRCLE RULE: As you approach the Skid Circle, the first element after  crossing the northbound startline, be aware of where your opponent is. If your opponent still has not cleared the north end of the course, YOU MUST STOP before driving the skid circle to allow him to clear the area. This is not grounds for a rerun (you’re already well ahead).

    THE WINNER will be by decision of two judges stationed at the finish lines, each standing on the outside of the course. Each judge will indicate by arm signal which car won. They must agree without consultation (except, see DNFs below). If they disagree, or if either one cannot determine a winner, the match will be rerun from opposite starting lanes.

     AFTER THE FINISH, return carefully and slowly to your grid. Be aware of where your opponent is (northbound drivers especially!) and of the next pairing coming on the course. If you DNF in mid-run, Do not cut across the course to return to the pits. Safest way is simply to complete the course if you can. Exit the course via the Northbound straight. Go directly to the grid. Do not loop through the Skid Circle

    DNFs. If both drivers DNF a run, the worst offender is the loser. Judges should watch for DNFs, each watching the car starting on their side. If a DNF occurs, they should tell each other and (after the run) signal the other car as the winner. If both drivers commit the same DNF, the match will be rerun from opposite starting lanes. There are six ways to DNF. They are, starting with the worst:

    *Passing. NO PASSING ALLOWED! Should you catch up to your opponent (e.g., if he should spin out), stop if he is stopped or motor along behind at a safe distance if he is moving. If you stop, you may move on only when a course marshal says to do so. DO finish the run. Note that failure to observe the Skid Circle rule may constitute a DNF by passing.

    *Not Running. Missing a round is a DNF for that round only (but see BYES and SINGLES below).

    *Not Finishing. Failing to finish the run back to your own starting point.

    *Jumping the Start. If the starter and/or judges agree that you have obviously jumped the start.

    *Off Course. If you make a loop and re-enter the course at or before the place where you went off, it is not considered to be an off-course.

    *Pylons. You get “three for free,” the fourth one is a DNF. And four pylons beats five pylons, etc.

    CO-DRIVERS will be separated insofar as possible. Should they eventually be paired, they will take single runs against a watch, each driver starting from opposite lanes.

    BYES are designed into the brackets to equalize run opportunities in preliminary rounds. A driver may elect not to drive a bye and still will move into the next round. It is scored as “no run” in final scoring. Where possible, two byes may be run together. Runs will not be equalized in final rounds.

    SINGLES are matches in which one driver does not show or is unable to run. The other driver may elect not to run it (but must be able to) and it will be scored as a win for that round.

    OVERHEATING may result if a car is called upon to make frequent runs. In such cases, a driver may request a minimum of three other pairs (or time equivalent, approx. 5 minutes) to be run from the time it comes off course to being sent out again. The car must be moving onto the course within one minute of being sent out.

    RESULTS: Placings below 3rd are determined by win/loss record (win-loss-loss beats loss-win-loss, etc.). Drivers reaching final rounds all place ahead of preliminary round losers.



Our Schedule

 Date Event Run Group Run 1st  

 March 16  Salina TNT  
 March 17  Salina Solo A
 April 20  Salina Solo A
 April 21  Salina Solo  B
 May 11  Salina SRCA Charity Solo A
 Jun 1  MiDiv at Salina B
 Jun 2  MiDiv at Salina   A
 Jun 15  Salina Solo Mirror Khana B
 July 7  Sunflower Showdown Solo at Yoder          
 Aug 11  Sunflower Showdown Solot at Salina A
 Sept 7  Salina Solo After Nationals B
 Sept 8  Salina Solo After Nationals A
 Oct 13  Salina Famous OctoberFast B
 Nov 3  Salina Solo A


Event requirements


Preregistration officially ends at Midnight on the Thursday prior to the event. This is needed for the Mirror Khana event bracket. Please preregister so we can have the bracket ready to go on event day. 


Please note that for each heat you run you MUST work one heat, or provide a worker to take your place.

Registrations after the cut off will be charged an additional $5.00.

Solo Events (unless otherwise noted) will be located at Berkley Family Recreation Area In Salina 

We recommend you get there by 8:00 am to complete on site Check-in, Tech your car, do course walk and attend the mandatory drivers meeting.  (NOTE-PRE-REGISTERING STILL REQUIRES ON SITE CHECK-IN.)

Car number and class must be on the vehicle before tech inspection.

Registration and Tech open at 8:00 AM and close at 9:00 AM

Novice Course Walk at 9:15 AM

Driver's Meeting at 9:30 AM

First Car on Course approximately 10:00 AM

Drivers must present a valid driver's license and a valid SCCA membership card, no exceptions.

If you're not a current SCCA member you will have the opportunity to purchase a weekend membership on line. 

Drivers must wear full shoes that cover the entire foot. No open toed shoes.

Per SCCA event requirements, helmets must be Snell certified (SA, M or K),  year 2010 or newer. Loaner helmets will be available on site.  Please check out loaner helmets during on site registration/check-in.  Additional information is located in the national SCCA Solo Rulebook (Scroll Down to Rulebook)  or the Helmet Certification list.

Pre-registration and prepaid is required. 
You are highly encouraged pay online through NO credit cards on-site.

Non-Members must select non-member registration which will automatically set them up for a Weekend Membership.

If you are under 18 years of age you must also have a Minor wavier which can be found HERE then check your downloads to find waiver.  Minor participants need to use the participant minor waiver which requires signatures to be notarized.  If a parent does not have sole custody, both parents must sign.  

Onsite Registration is also available for an additional $5.00, registration must be through MSR.  There is also an additional $5.00 for registering after 8 p.m. the Friday prior to Sunday events.  Also, a Weekend Membership will be required for all non-members.

We will charge debit/credit cards at on site check-in before the actual check-in is completed.  In other words, if your card is declined at check-in you will not be allowed to participate until you resolve the issue.  To avoid this, please make sure your address, including your zip code match what you have in and make sure you have sufficient funds.  If you pre-register then realize you cannot attend, you will not be charged.  However, please go into MSR to cancel your registration to allow us the courtesy of knowing you won't attend & be included in the work assignments.

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Will Fulkerson
Dylan Reed
Eric Phillips
Tracy Presnell
Rick Dowers
Nancy Smith
Kale Morris
Dennis E. Smith

Berkley Family Recreation Area

Salina, KS


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