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Sat, Oct 14 - Sun, Oct 15, 2023

Putnam Park RaceCraft1 10/10ths Package

Putnam Park Road Course

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Pricing includes registration for 10/10ths Motorsports Putnam Park HPDE, dedicated RaceCraft1 in-car coaching, PLUS Professional simulator coaching and instruction at RaceCraft1-The SILO or online sim coaching connected to your simulator.

Packaged together at significant savings for Instructors, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice drivers.

Saturday, October 14th — Sunday, October 15th, 2023

Putnam Park Road Course, Mount Meridian, IN

You get:

  • Five (5) 30-minute on-track sessions per day.
  • Hired RaceCraft1 in-car professional coach with onboard video, lap times, and data analysis.
  • Comfortable, convenient garage accommodations with seating and tables.
  • Thorough preparation beforehand at RaceCraft1 - The SILO professional simulator training or online sim coaching connected to your simulator.

1-Day HPDE Package plus 2 hours of RaceCraft1 professional simulator preparation, normally priced at $990

Your Price - $850

2-Day HPDE Package plus 4 hours of RaceCraft1 professional simulator preparation, normally priced at $1550

Your Price - $1295

Customers say the most cost-effective and efficient way to increase your driving proficiency, confidence, and skill level is to bundle RaceCraft1 professional simulator training with application of your new skills on track at 10/10ths Motorsports events, all while driving with your dedicated RaceCraft1 coach.

Some testimonials - 

"Beautiful weather, great staff and the best instructors. Kelly Jones and Debra Pollock were a huge help this afternoon. Helped me get refocused and I ran my best lap ever at the end of the day."

"I encourage anyone that wants track experience, whether a novice or experienced driver, to join in the events provided by 10/10ths Motorsports."

"With RaceCraft1 packaged instruction I knocked 4.5 seconds off my lap time!" - Brent Elmore

Dedicated, Professional in-car Coaching

On-Track Camaraderie

Personalized Service

Onboard Video and Data Analysis



Professional Simulation Training and Preparation

Your training with RaceCraft1 will focus on the specific skills that YOU want to develop and use on track at the 10/10ths Motorsports event. You will see it, discuss it and DO it.  This combination and continuity will make for an extremely rewarding and effective driving experience.

This package is standalone and available independent of 10/10ths Motorsports run groups being full or sold out. This offer is limited to two drivers per Saturday and/or Sunday.




Event requirements

Event Requirements:

  • Drivers are to be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • SA Rated helmets of 2015 or greater are required.
  • All drivers / instructors must attend the morning drivers meeting.
  • RaceCraft1 & 10/10ths Motorsports reserve the right to move a driver to a lower level for safety of the drivers and other participants at any time.
  • Vehicles must be properly inspected and in good mechanical working order.
  • Tech Inspection Form.pdf  - You can use this safety inspection sheet as reference. It is suggested to have a qualified mechanic inspect your vehicle. You do not need to bring a copy to registration.

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Kevin Gara

Putnam Park Road Course

Mount Meridian, IN
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Download track map
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