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Pro Soloween Event Day Schedule:

IMPORTANT! We are now on the Winter Event Schedule:
Crew Call - 7:30am
Gates Open - 7:30am
Check-in - 7:30-9:00am
Course Open for Walking 8:30am
Novice Walk - 9:15am
All Hands Meeting - 10:00am
First Car Off - No Later Than 10:30am

Registration Fees

$55 - Standard Entry

$50 - Military Entry




Event requirements


This event is a deviation from our normal format; we have a ProSolo tree, two courses instead of one, and a drag race start.

The basic format is simple; fastest left side plus fastest right side = scored time, with a special set of indicies for points to accommodate differences resulting in the drag start.  

We plan on doing four runs in the morning, four in the afternoon.   Cones still add two seconds to your run's time, as always. 

The main difference is the Pro tree.  There are several lights, aligned vertically; the right side column of lights is for the driver on the right course, left for left. 

  • The two white lights at the top are staging lights; roll up to the beam until both are illuminated. 
  • The three yellow lights will illuminate for a half second each, top down.
  • After the third yellow goes out, the green light turns on.  This tells the driver to go, AND starts the timer.
  • You want to start moving as soon as the green light below the third yellow illuminates.
  • If you leave too early, the bottom light will turn on.  It is red.  Red is bad.  A red light run is equal to a DNF, but you can still take the run.


It is a lot of fun; the tree adds a different kind of anticipation.  The key difference is in the green light - as soon as it turns on, your clock is ticking.  If you sit there for 3 seconds - an eternity and exaggeration - your actual time on course would be X-3.  As a rule, launching the car as the third light is going off tends to result in a decent start, but every car is different. 

This is a very simple overview of what a Pro Solo actually is, but for now, it covers the basics - know the difference in the tree vs the starter saying "whenever you're ready!" and treat it like a normal autocross otherwise, you should be in a good spot!



Entries (102)

Joseph Turner
Dusty Hill
Aaron Johnson
Brandon Holleman
Alexander Lewis
Izaah DeLaHoya
David Pilger
Bryan Kelly

Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway

Fountain, CO
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Rocky Mountain Solo - Continental Divide Region

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