Sat, Jun 30, 2018

PCA-SDR Autocross-SDCCU Stadium WEST Lot

SDCCU Stadium

About this event

Pre-registration for the Saturday, June 30, 2018 AUTOCROSS is now OPEN!

This autocross will be held in the WEST Lot.

PCA-SDR Autocross participation is limited to PCA Members only with the exception of up to 10 current club members of either BMW or SCCA (See BMW/SCCA section on the following page for details).

The pre-registration fee is $60.


There is an updated tech sheet available as of December 23, 2017.
You must use this version Zone 8 Tech Sheet, print and present this form at tech inspection

If you are new to AX and have not yet classified your car (Mandatory to participate in the event)  click here to see how it is done.
Note: Further instruction available in pre-reg requirement section.

Porsche Club of America - San Diego Region (PCA-SDR) welcomes PCA Members to our Upcoming Autocross. Come on down and enjoy the fun.

PCA Members with fewer than 5 autocrosses with PCA-SDR are required to Pre-Register on You are required to have an Instructor for your first 4 autocrosses. For more information about Autocross, check out the autocross page:

Any person with “student” status must be driving a Porsche!!!

Pre-Registration Closes at 11:59 PM the Saturday one week prior to the event to receive the rate of $60. If you miss the pre-registration deadline AND you have 5 or more days of Autocross experience with PCA-SDR, you can register at the trailer on the morning of the event for $90. If you miss pre-registration and you DO NOT have 5 or more days of Autocross experience with PCA-SDR, you may not register after pre-registration closes.

Cancelation of registration Deadline: Any Cancelation requested after the Wednesday prior to the event at 11:59 is $20. Late entry fee at the trailer on the day of the event is $30.

Car Classification: Please ensure you have classified your Porsche car on the Zone 8 classification website to determine your 2017 car class. This is mandatory. If you have not classified your Porsche car on the Zone 8 classification website, your registration status will be put "On Hold" and you will not be considered as having registered for this event until you comply.
Note for X Class Cars: classification beyond X is not necessary you may download a blank form for presentation to tech inspection here.

Who may Pre-Register: To pre-register you are required to be a Member of PCA, BMW, or SCCA, join the PCA-SDR group on this website and classify your Porsche car on the Zone 8 Classification page. To join PCA, go to You must own a Porsche to join PCA.

PCA-SDR requires AX participants to produce a membership card and a valid Driver License at Tech Inspection. The name on the Driver License must match the name on the PCA membership card and AX Tech form.


Lap time notifications:  You may now sign up for text message notification of lap times and other info with a single click when you register on MotorsportReg.  However, in order for this to work, you must be sure your mobile phone number is in the proper place in your account profile.  To check or set it, login to, click the My Account tab, then click Edit profile, then click Edit My Information.  Be sure to enter your mobile phone number into the field marked “Mobile/Cell”, even if you already have it in other fields.

Event requirements

Who May Register for PCA-SDR Autocross Events:

- PCA-SDR autocross participation is limited to PCA Members Only.  Up to 10 current members of either the BMW or SCCA club's will also be permitted under certain conditions.  See BMW/SCCA section below.
- There is an event limit of 25 PCA members driving a car other than their Porsche.
- If you own a Porsche, you can join PCA for $46 per year. Visit the PCA-SDR website at and click the “Join PCA” link at the bottom of the home page.

PCA-SDR Autocross Experience Requirements:

- PCA members with fewer than 5 autocrosses with PCA-SDR are required to pre-register for SDR autocrosses on
- Students must be driving a Porsche.
- Anyone with fewer than 5 autocrosses is not permitted to register on the day of the event.
- If you have fewer than 5 autocrosses with PCA-SDR, you are required to have an Instructor.
- Experienced autocrossers new to a PCA-SDR autocross event will require an Instructor check-ride, irrespective of your driving history with other regions. This is a safety issue to ensure participants understand SDR rules.


- Up to 10 drivers from the BMW or SCCA clubs will be able to register for each AX event. Proof of current membership in good standing will be required on the day of event  Without a valid membership card (paper or electronic), you will be turned away and charged the $20 late cancellation fee.
- Only "solo" or "driver" status members are permitted and must register as a "Student" for this event.  Each driver will be assigned an instructor at the event who will evaluate your driving and sign-off for you to drive solo.
- Only the first 10 to register will be considered.  You will be notified if the limit has been reached shortly after you register.
- Register in the 'X' class for the event and bring a completed Zone 8 Tech Form.

Helmets Are Required:

SNELL Helmets must be stamped 2010 or newer.

- A limited number of loaner helmets are available at the trailer at a cost of $10.

PCA-SDR Tech Inspection:

- You are required to bring your PCA/BMW/SCCA Membership Card and a completed Tech Inspection Form to the Tech Inspection Team at the event. Your Porsche Car Class must be listed on the Tech Inspection form. See Zone 8 Classification instructions that follow.
- Tech Inspection Opens at 6:30 AM. Have your Tech Sheet filled out and signed. When you pre-register, if you have never driven with PCA-SDR, you will be given a Driver number. This number must be on your car when you arrive at Tech Inspection. You will also need to show your PCA member card.
- There is a $20 late fee if not in line by 7:15 AM. Tech Inspection is closed at 7:30 AM.
- Immediately after Tech Inspection, turn in your completed form at the nearby tech table to receive your run group sticker and wristband.

Required: Zone 8 Car Classification

- PCA-SDR requires that you classify your car in the PCA Zone 8 system. See Car Classification instructions below.
- Non-Porsche Cars are classified as "X" Class and do not have to be classified in this system, but the tech registration form is required and can be downloaded here.

Porsche Car Classification Instructions: Classify your car at the following link and it will auto-fill onto your Tech Form:

You must be registered on the Zone-8 classification site before you can print out your tech sheet. Printing the tech sheet from this location will ensure all your points and car classification are correct.

- Go to "Register."
- "Add a car." It is easy and asks you all the tough questions. NOTE: This does not automatically get uploaded to the PCA-SDR Autocross Registration Database. You will need to provide this info when you register on and when you go through Tech Inspection.
- After your car is classified go to View/Edit my cars.
- On the right side of that line will be View-PDF-Edit-Delete.
- Click on "PDF" and your Tech Form will be filled out with all your car info and modification points and is ready to download to your desktop.
- Save the file to your computer.
- Open it and fill in your personal info. Only car info is saved on the website for personal privacy reasons.
- Save this version and you can print out a completed tech sheet before every autocross.

NOTE: You must use this tech sheet for this event and going forward. The link to export PDF for your vehicle is Zone 8 Site. Revision date December 23, 2017.

Driver Number:

- if you have never driven with PCA-SDR, a Driver number will be assigned when you pre-register. You may request a number when you register and it may be assigned to you if available.
- This number will be your Driver number for use at all PCA-SDR Autocross events.
- There are different Driver numbers assigned for our Time Trial Series. Your autocross Driver number may or may not be available in the SDR Time Trial series.
- To retain your autocross Driver number, you must participate in at least one PCA-SDR autocross event per calendar year. If this requirement is not met, the number can be re-assigned to another driver.

Zone 8 Competition Rules, PCA-SDR Standing Rules:

- Zone 8 Competition Rules and PCA-SDR Standing Rules apply at all PCA-SDR events and are available at: and

PCA-SDR Required Insurance Waiver:

- All autocross participants and guests, including minors, are required to sign the PCA-SDR Insurance Waiver.

6:30 AM - Tech Inspection Opens - be prepared to show your PCA/BMW/SCCA membership card and your driver license and have your car number on your car (6 inch height minimum, 1 inch stroke width, contrasting color). Take your signed/completed tech form to the nearby tech table and receive your arm band and run group sticker.

6:45 AM - Trailer Walk-Up Registration Opens. Anyone with fewer than 5 autocross events with PCA-SDR is NOT permitted to register on the day of the event. There is a $30 late fee for walk-ups. Pre-register using the on-line system and save time as well as money.
7:15 AM - Late Fee of $20 is applied if your car is not in Tech Inspection line by 7:15am.
7:30 AM - Tech Inspection Closes, no admittance if not in Tech Inspection line.
7:40 AM - Mandatory Driver's Meeting and Student/Instructor pairings are announced.
8:15 AM - Track tour (15 MPH max, no helmets, two people per car).
9:00 AM - Practice Sessions Begin.
11:00 AM - Lunch truck available while practice sessions are in progress.
2:00 PM (approx) - Timed Runs Begin.
5:00 PM (approx) - Timed Runs Finished, Track Closed, Pick Up Track and Trailer area.
5:30 PM (approx) - Awards ceremony.

Please note: SDCCU Stadium has a 93 decibel maximum which is enforced at the event by a portable sound meter. If your car exceeds 93 dB, you will be asked to leave the event and you will NOT receive a refund.


AX Pre-Registration:
AX Chief Driving Instructor:
AX Chair:
Tech Advisor:
More information: click Resources, click Autocross

Entries (99)

Herb Meeder
Alain Stad
Ryan McClune
Ken Karl
Aaron Leblanc
Nouphone Bansasine
Jack Beck
Erik Kinninger

SDCCU Stadium

San Diego, CA


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PCA - San Diego Region

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