Sat, Mar 16, 2024

PCA-LA Autocross Championship Series 3-16-24

Storm Stadium

About this event

96 db Max and No Exhausts with Backfire or Overrun at this venue please!

SATURDAY, March 16, 2024 at Storm Stadium
500 Diamond Drive, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

2024 Awards Criteria 

NEW for 2024:  All Electric Vehicles (EV's) and vehicles running on tires with 99 treadwear or less (e.g. Hoosiers, AO55’s, Proxes R’s, etc.) will be classed with 200 tw tires and then bumped up 2 classes. Exception: Porsches that are 1998 and older do not take the penalty for 99 treadwear or less.

 PCA Los Angeles invites you to come out and join us for the 3rd event in our monthly autocross series. Our series has been organized by volunteers with a long history of running POC and PCA sanctioned autocross events. Autocross is a fun way to learn the basic handling dynamics of your car in a controlled environment.

Instructors will be available — no previous autocross experience required. See details below.


Drivers that register for both our Saturday, February 24th AND Saturday, March 16th Autocross events at Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore will receive guaranteed entry to the San Pedro Autocross on Saturday, June 15th or Sunday June16th (date is tbd).  Once validated that you are registered for both events then your San Pedro status will update from “Waitlisted” to “Confirmed”.

Drivers that are ONLY registering for the San Pedro Autocross will be waitlisted. Dependent upon remaining space available, update to Confirmed status will be in order of San Pedro registration date.

Please note:  If you register for the Storm Stadium event and also the San Pedro event and then cancel or no-show the Storm Stadium event THEN you will be put back on the waitlist based on your San Pedro registration date.

Registration This is a rain or shine event.

$115 Early Bird Registration (through March 1st)
$125 Regular Registration (after March 1st)

  • Registration may be canceled with no penalty March 8, 2024.  After March 8th there is a $50 cancelation fee. 
  • Cards will be charged immediately upon registration.  If the event is full then please complete the registration process to be waitlisted and your card will not be charged until your registration is confirmed.
  • Refunds for approved cancelations will be processed within five working days.
  • Each participant must have their own individual MotorsportReg account and register individually.
Everyone must now be a PCA member to attend our events. If you don't own a Porsche then opt for the Test Drive membership that does not require a VIN.  PCA memberships, both Regular and Test Drive, are valid for one year after purchase. 
 Click here to join PCA with a full membership or with a Test Drive membership.  Also, please choose the Los Angeles region, thank you!


Organizer Notes:
No corner working required!
Each driver must have their own MSR account and register individually.
Event will be conducted according to the Autocross rules and regulations of the Porsche Club of America. Details here.


Event Schedule

6:30 AM
Gates Open. Tech Inspection Opens.

  • ALL vehicles must go through the Tech Inspection Line.
  • All drivers should park and unload their car before proceeding to the Tech line with your Tech Inspection Form, download it here.
  • Your helmet will also be inspected at Tech and must be Snell rated M or SA 2015 or 2020
  • After Tech Inspection please drive as directed to the Registration Desk with your completed and signed Tech Form.
  • You will need to show your valid Driver's License at the Registration Desk

7:30 AM
Tech Inspection closes.

7:45 AM
Registration Closes
Instructor pairing
Track Walk

8:30 AM
First car out

LIVE TIMING is at, then choose Live Results from the drop-down menu, then choose PCA LA Region

In order to receive the SpeedWaiver text message you need to opt-in for text messages on your MotorsportReg profile.

No food truck will be available. 

If you have questions regarding this event, contact Michael Oest


Event requirements

Event will be conducted according to the Autocross rules and regulations of the Porsche Club of America. Details here PCA Autocross Minimum Standards.

Per PCA rules: If two people are in a car then at least one must be a PCA-LA  Approved Autocross Instructor wearing the appropriate instructor wristband, and the other must be a registered entrant in the event, for the sole purpose of instruction. No other passengers are allowed, including back seat passengers.

HELMETS: Required and must be Snell certified SA or M 2015 or 2020.  We have a few loaner helmets available.

CAR NUMBERS: Car numbers are automatically assigned when you register, it may take a few seconds for the drop-down list to populate.  This number will be your driver/car number for use at all PCA-LA  Autocross events. Numbers shall be at least 6" high in a color that contrasts with the car.  Number needs to be placed on both the driver door and the passenger door. You can use blue painter's tape as long as it contrasts with the color of the car.  Driver numbers 1-99 are reserved for veteran autocrossers, please add your requested number in the "Notes to Registrar" or email Karen Guthorn to request yours, email link here

TECH INSPECTION: All entrants must bring a Tech Inspection form to the event and have it with them when they go through the Tech Line.  Upon arrival, park your car, remove your floor mats and other loose items and be sure you have your car numbers on both doors as stated above.  Drive your car to the Tech Line where the Tech Team will  check your helmet, your car, and sign off on your form. Please drive as directed with your completed Tech form and driver's license to the Registration table. The Tech form can be downloaded here

If desired: Prior to the event, Tech inspections can be performed by PCA Los Angeles sponsor House Automotive (link) or by any qualified PCA or Porsche Owner's Club inspection station. A full list of qualified inspection stations in the Zone 8 region is available here.  This form must be stamped and signed by the Tech Inspection Station.  Please note that you still must present your completed and stamped Tech Form and helmet to the Tech Chair in the Tech Line for their signature before going to registration.  You don't need to bring your car through the line, just walk up.

Registration Table: After Tech is complete, they will direct you to drive to the Registration table where you will turn in your completed Tech form, show your Driver's License and be given your Run Group sticker and wristband.  Place your Run Group sticker on the top left corner of your windshield.  Put your wristband on your left wrist for the Starter to easily see.  

CLASSING GUIDE for Porsches and Non-Porsches
Non-Porsches can now enter the Porsche Points Classes (CC01-CC18).
X-Class is now for Porsches and Non-Porsches not interested in classing their car and just want to drive for fun.  

NEW for 2024:  All Electric Vehicles (EV's) and vehicles running on Hoosiers (or any tires with 100 treadwear or less) will be classed with 200 tw tires and then bumped up 2 classes.

Car Classing for Porsches:  To compete for points in your appropriate car class then it is mandatory that you and your Porsche be registered on the Zone 8 Car Classification Website.   Please note that tires with a treadwear rating of 200 or less are not allowed in the Stock (SS) class and must register in Points Class (CC). Here are some helpful instructions for navigating the Zone 8 Car classification website.  Female drivers are welcome to use the Ladies version of these classes.  Points are earned and a Championship Award is given for drivers that complete at least 6 events in their class and have the most points at year-end.

Car Classing for Non-Porsches: Cars other than Porsches can now compete in the Points Class (CC Class) which was previously only for Porsches.  You must register on the PCALA Autocross Website for Non-Porsche classing which will assign you the appropriate class, BE SURE to also click on the two tabs at the bottom to add your upgrades and tire info!  Please note this classifier is ONLY for Non-Porsches.  Here are some helpful instructions for navigating the PCA-LA Autocross Website for Non-Porsche classing.  Female drivers are welcome to use the Ladies version of these classes.  Points are earned and a Championship Award is given for drivers that complete at least 6 events in their class and have the most points at year-end.

X Class for Porsches and Non-Porsches:  If you only want to drive and you don’t want to compete against other cars with similar performance points then you can register in X Class.  If you choose to drive your Porsche in X Class then you do not need to register on the Zone 8 Car Classification Website.  No awards are given in X Class and you will not earn any points.   

NOVICE Class: This class is only for Porsche drivers that are new to Autocross.  Drivers are only eligible to drive in this class for their first 6 events within one calendar year, after which they are required to move to the correct class for their car.  You may choose to leave this class before 6 events but then you cannot return to it.  Cars do not need to be classed to run in Novice.  Female drivers are welcome to use the Ladies version of this class. Points are earned in Novice and a Championship Award is given for drivers that complete 6 events in Novice and have the most points at year-end.


PCA Membership and PCA Test Drive Membership
PCA Autocross Minimum Standards.
PCA Safety Checklist
Tech Inspection form
Zone 8 Qualified Pre-Event Inspection Stations
Zone 8 Car Classification Website
PCALA Autocross Website for Non-Porsche classing
Helpful information for classing your car
PCA_LA Autocross 101.pdf
PCA Los Angeles Autocross Year-End Awards 2024

Entries (19)

Jacob Abrams
John Evans
Steve Yellon
Dwight Moore
Myles Wakayama
Vincent Beggs
Mickey Sauer
Donna Moore

Storm Stadium

Lake Elsinore, California


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Los Angeles

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PCA-LA Autocross Championship Series 3-16-24

Sat, Mar 16, 2024