Sat, Jun 15 - Sun, Jun 16, 2024

NEPASCCA 10th Annual Regional Solo

Pocono Raceway

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NEPASCCA 2024 10th Annual Regional Solo Event

This event will count as Points Event #4 and #5 for the RedShift Competition 2024 NEPA SCCA Solo Points Series.

The Saturday portion of this event will operate as a joint even with NEPASCCA and Philly SCCA for the Philly SCCA Region's Event #4 points series.

Pocono Event Schedule

Friday TnT - ($20/4 runs)

Friday attendance is not required for event, however, access to Friday TnT requires a weekend registration to attend. Not included in entry price, cash only.

  • 11:00am - Gates Open
  • 12:00pm - 6:00pm - Test and Tune Tech
  • SCCA Solo Tech Sheet Fill this out prior to event to skip the tech line (tech is mandatory, self tech or onsite).
  • 4:00pm - 6:00pm - Early Registration Check-In/Tech/Course Open for Walking
  • 6:30pm - All participants and staff need to head for the gate.
  • 7:00pm - Track is hard locked until 6:00am.  Track will consider any persons in the infield area after 7:00pm as trespassing.


  • 6:00am - Gate Opens
  • 6:00am - 8:00am - Registration Check-In (Required if not done prior)/Tech/Course Open for Walking/1st heat drivers to grid.
  • 8:30am - Drivers Meeting
  • 8:45am - Worker Check in/1st heat drivers to grid (if not yet)
  • 9:00am to ??? - Competition Runs
  • Sunday Course walking available 30 minutes after Saturday competition runs. 
  • 6:30pm - All participants and staff need to head for the gate.
  • 7:00pm - Track is hard locked until 6:00am.  Track will consider any persons in the infield area after 7:00pm as trespassing


  • 6:00am - 8:00am - Course open for walking/Check-in if not checked in Friday/Saturday
  • 8:00am - Worker Check in/1st Heat drivers to grid
  • 9:00am to ??? - Competition Runs
  • Award Presentations at the timing trailer 30 minutes after competition runs.
  • 6:30pm - All participants and staff need to head for the gate.
  • 7:00pm - Track is hard locked until 6:00am.  Track will consider any persons in the infield area after 7:00pm as trespassing. 

Event Entry Prices:

  • Registration entries will be capped 150 entries
  • SCCA Annual Member Standard Entry Fee
    • Prior to 6/8/24: $120
    • On or After 6/8/24:  $135
  • Non-SCCA Annual Member Standard Entry Fee + $15
  • SCCA Annual Member Single Day Entry Fee
    • Prior to 6/8/24: $75
    • On or after 6/8/24: $90
  • Garage Spaces: $25
    • Spaces will be sold onsite pending availability from track
    • Cash Only
  • There will be no walk-up registration for this event. This registration form is the only way to gain access to this event. As of the 2024 season registration closes TWO DAYS PRIOR to the event. Please be considerate and plan you registration accordingly. 
  • As stated in our refund policy, there will be no refunds of any kind for this event. Please refrain from personally emailing event staff regarding refunds if you can't make it. Being that we are all friends, we already feel bad enough that you possibly can't join us for the event.  Don't make one of us be the bad guy and sadly remind you that this is a no refund event. The policy is the same for everyone and ensures that we can continue to have big expensive events like this in the future.  


NEPA SCCA runs all SCCA Solo National classes in both Open and Ladies classes. We also provide a Novice class for first timers or those with very little experience in auto-x. 

Competitors are responsible for determining the correct class their vehicle is eligible to compete in. Class and competition rules can be found in the current SCCA Solo Rule book found here


Important Notes:

  • Helmets are required for all solo participants (drivers and passengers). 
    • Helmets must meet the SCCA requirements which can be found here.
    • NEPASCCA will have a limited quantity of loaner helmets for this event.
  • Passengers are allowed at NEPASCCA Solo events.
    • Passenger must be at least 16yo and can prove so with an ID.
    • Passengers are discouraged from using these ride-alongs to help them learn the course (unless the passenger is a novice).
    • Event chairs have the right to prevent passengers or DNF a driver if "unfair advantage" is determined.

NEPA SCCA 2024 Solo Points Series Sponsor


Event requirements

Pocono Specific Rules/Supplementals to Remember

  • Each competitor will be given at least 3 runs per day for their entry fee.
  • The course will be open for walking Friday afternoon (once design is done and safety test runs completed), Saturday morning, Saturday late afternoon, and Sunday morning. Plan accordingly to not hold up the event.  The course will be fast but easy to follow.
  • The course is very long and the site is very big.  Be mindful of the event schedule and how long it might take you to get through the gate in the morning or from one end of the facility to the other.
  • Shifter carts are permitted at Pocono but the driver must be 18 years old.
  • We will not be breaking for lunch or in between heats for worker changeovers. Everyone will have one "off" heat, during the morning and afternoon sessions.
  • You will have a work assignment for at least one heat per day over the weekend.  Be early for your work assignment.  Late arrivals and no-shows can be disqualified from the event. Worker changes will be done "hot". Make sure you check in with the Chief of Workers before heading to your work assignment.
  • All vehicles must pass tech inspection to compete. Tech for TNT and the weekend will be held at the end of the NASCAR garage area.  If you have your numbers, class, and required stickers on your car and pass tech for the TNT, you do not need to tech again for the Regional.
  • There are no special fees for guests coming into the track.  You will be required to sign Pocono's waiver sheet on your way in as well as NEPA's waiver sheet for registered racers and passengers, NEPA wristbands will be provided and must be worn for signed registrants and passengers.
  • Children are allowed anywhere on the site except during active competition, children should not be in the course area or in grid without specific permission from the event chair.
  • Unlike some of our local events, car numbers and classes will be mandatory on both sides of the vehicles and are required to pass tech inspection.
  • The track opens at 7am on Friday and gets hard locked at 7pm Friday.  Trespassing after 7pm will be dealt with by track security.  Pocono does sell camping packages inside the track that you can purchase through the Pocono Track offices for Friday or Saturday night.  Camping must be in a self-contained RV.  They will charge for hookups and such.  The track opens at 6am Saturday and Sunday morning.  Everyone should be off property by 6:30 PM on all 3 days.  
  • Although Pocono does have security at the track and the track will be locked Friday and Saturday night, NEPASCCA and Pocono are not responsible for any damage or lost valuables. The track is big and they can't watch everything, all of the time.  The track will also be hosting other events on other portions of the facility on Saturday and Sunday which will bring in other random people that may pass by our pit areas during the day.  We've never heard of a problem at this facility but obviously we need to make this statement.  

Test and Tune

Test and Tune will be held on Friday as per the event schedule. Friday attendance is NOT required for participation in the Regional Event. The TNT course will be run on a different infield road course than the event.  Pavement type and width will the same though.  The course is a lot of fun with banked corners, elevation changes, and concrete curbing.  If you could get to Pocono on Friday, I would plan to do this.  $20 will get you 4 runs.  Onsite registration only and you MUST be registered for the weekend to run the TNT.  Friday TNT typically gets busier as the day progresses if you want to make sure you get all of your runs in, get there as early as possible Friday.


  • Parking or idling is not permitted on any of the access roads surrounding the infield road course.  The roads must be left COMPLETELY open at all times for emergency vehicles.  If you are parking in any of the grass areas off the access roads, please leave at least 10 feet of space between your vehicle and the road.  
  • There will be designated gravel parking areas for spectators and non-race vehicles.
  • All race vehicles will be parked in the paved NASCAR garage area.

Important NEPASCCA Rules/Supplementals to Remember

  • As of the 2020 Solo season, all drivers, passengers, and participants in designated hot zones (grid, course, photographers, etc) will be required to be an SCCA member (annual, weekend, or trial). Annual memberships can be purchased online here. Weekend memberships, required for drivers without an SCCA Annual membership, can be purchased online during registration or onsite during walk-up registration. Trial memberships are free, and can be acquired onsite from an event official.
  • Drones are not permitted at any NEPASCCA venues. Operation of a drone violates our agreement with all venue owners at this time and is non-negotiable regardless of SCCA rules. Please leave them at home.
  • NEPASCCA will monitor sound levels to ensure appropriate levels of noise are maintained during events. Cars exceeding a decibel rating of 93db will receive a warning. Noise levels equal to or exceeding 96db will be required to modify exhaust systems to ensure compliance or cease competition runs. A "one-time" refund will be available if you can not make the necessary adjustments to quiet your car.
  • Any driver whose car leaves the lot/course area during a competition run due to driving recklessly or outside of their limits will be asked to leave the event without refund.
  • RedShift Competition stickers will be required on both sides of the vehicle as per our sponsor agreement for your car to be permitted on course.  Solo Performance Specialties (SPS) will also be requiring a sticker and providing contingency money for our top 10 PAX finishers. Both sticker types will be available at registration check-in.
  • Year-end trophies, jackets, and awards are only provided to "Annual SCCA Members". Event trophies are provided to all outstanding competitors once the cones and equipment are cleaned up. Single day entries are not eligible for Regional trophies.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 who wants to drive, passenger, work, or spectate needs to have a Minor Waiver filled out before or at the event. Parent or guardian signatures are required. The official SCCA Minor Waiver can be downloaded/printed from here.

Plan for a long day at the track and varying weather conditions (snacks, sunscreen, water, etc....). Bring your own tents and umbrellas if you need to stay out of the sun or rain. The timing trailer and event staff equipment tent is OFF LIMITS to non-event staff.

*Solo Chairs from other regions are eligible for free regular priced NEPA Solo events. Chairs should email for instructions on how to take advantage of this benefit prior to registration.

Pocono Raceway

Long Pond, PA
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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SCCA - Northeastern Penna Region - Solo

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NEPASCCA 10th Annual Regional Solo

Sat, Jun 15 - Sun, Jun 16, 2024