Sun, Oct 8, 2023

NEPA SCCA 2023 Solo Event #12

Mohegan Sun Arena

About this event


NEPA SCCA 2023 RedShift Competition Solo Points Series Event #12

This event will operate as two separate events, registration will be for both. Expect a split format, Morning/Afternoon runs will count as points for Event #8 and Event #12



Regular Season Event Schedule:

  • 7:00am to 8:30am: Course/Equipment Setup (Assistance for course/equipment setup is always welcome)
  • 8:00am to 9:00am: Registration/check-in (CHECK-IN IS MANDATORY), Tech Inspection, and Course Walks 
  • SCCA Solo Tech Sheet Fill this out prior to event to save time and minimize contact during tech inspection.
  • Competitor must be in line for registration by 9am. Registration after 9am is at the discretion of the Event Chairman. Late fee will apply if approved.
  • 9:20am: REQUIRED Driver's Meeting (All drivers must attend!)
  • 9:40am: Novice Course Walk with Novice Chief
  • 10:00am: The first car off the line!
  • We normally run 4 heats throughout the day. Two morning heats and two afternoon heats. Each competitor will run one morning heat and one afternoon heat. You are required to work 1 of the 2 heats that you are not driving. Heat numbers and work assignments can be adjusted prior to the event based on turnout.

Entry Price:

  • SCCA Member Online Early Entry Fee: $40*
  • SCCA Member Last Minute (24hrs prior to event) Entry Fee: $45
  • Non-SCCA Member: Online Entry Fee  + $15 SCCA Weekend Membership Fee
  • Onsite/Walk-up Registration Fee: $5 + Applicable Entry Fee


NEPA SCCA runs all SCCA Solo National classes in both Open and Ladies classes. We also provide a Novice class for first timers or those with very little experience in auto-x. 

Competitors are responsible for determining the correct class their vehicle is eligible to compete in. Class and competition rules can be found in the current SCCA Solo Rule book found here

Important Notes:

  • Helmets are required for all solo participants (drivers and passengers). 
    • Helmets must meet the SCCA requirements which can be found here.
    • NEPASCCA will not have loaner helmets for this event.
  • Passengers are allowed at NEPASCCA Solo events.
    • Passenger must be at least 16yo and can prove so with an ID.
    • Passengers are discouraged from using these ride-alongs to help them learn the course (unless the passenger is a novice).
    • Event chairs have the right to prevent passengers or DNF a driver if "unfair advantage" is determined.


NEPA SCCA 2023 Solo Points Series Sponsor


Event requirements

Important NEPASCCA Rules/Supplementals to Remember

  • Anyone under the age of 18 who wants to drive, passenger, work, or spectate needs to have a Minor Waiver filled out before or at the event. Parent or guardian signatures are required. You can get a Minor Waiver sheet at a NEPA Solo Event or download a copy from the downloads section of
  • As of the 2020 Solo season, all drivers, passengers, and participants in designated hot zones (grid, course, photographers, etc) will be required to be an SCCA member (annual, weekend, or trial). Annual memberships can be purchased online here. Weekend memberships, required for drivers without an SCCA Annual membership, can be purchased online during registration or onsite during walk-up registration. Trial memberships are free, and can be acquired onsite from an event official.
  • The NEPA Region has always been a shifter cart "unfriendly" region. Small lots and no local competitors made it difficult to approve and test shifters at our venues. As of 2014, we are slowly trying to change this. We will be working with other shifter cart regions to try and lay a foundation for shifters in the future. There is no ETA at this time for the full approval of shifters at our venues but we are working on it. As of today, shifter cart approval will be given on a "per driver and per event basis" but the following rules will be in place and will not be altered.
    1. The shifter cart driver must be at least 16yo and have a valid driver's license for competition if the venue is approved.
    2. The venue and driver will have a much higher chance of approval if they have competed in National Tour or SCCA Pro Solo Events.
    3. All Pocono Raceway infield course events will have a shifter cart minimum age of 18yo with a valid driver's license.
  • We normally run 4 heats throughout the day. Two morning heats and two afternoon heats. Each competitor will run one morning heat and one afternoon heat. You are required to work 1 of the 2 heats that you are not driving. Heat numbers and work assignments can be adjusted prior to the event based on high or low turnout.
  • Drones are not permitted at any NEPASCCA venues. Operation of a drove violates our agreement with all venue owners at this and is non-negotiable regardless of SCCA rules. Please leave them at home.
  • NEPASCCA will monitor sound levels to ensure appropriate levels of noise are maintained during events. Cars exceeding a decibel rating of higher than 93db will receive a warning. Noise levels equal to or exceeding 96db will be required to modify exhaust systems to ensure compliance or cease competition runs. A "one-time" refund will be available if you can not make the necessary adjustments to quiet your car.
  • Any driver whose car leaves the lot/course area during a competition run due to driving recklessly or outside of their limits will be asked to leave the event without refund.
  • Year-end trophies, jackets, and awards are only provided to “Annual SCCA Members”. Event trophies are provided to all outstanding competitors once the cones and equipment are cleaned up. SCCA Memberships can be purchased online.

*Solo Chairs from other regions are eligible for free regular priced NEPA Solo events. Chairs should email for instructions on how to take advantage of this benefit prior to registration.

Entries (116)

Eric Peachey
Kevin Truszkowski
Aj Conforti
Jay Edwards
Shauna Bastian
Geoff Bastian
Chris Nahill
David Vehoski

Mohegan Sun Arena

Wilkes-Barre, PA


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Northeastern Penna Region - Solo

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