Sun, Jun 6, 2021

NE-SVT Autocross #3, June 6th, 2021

Devens Airfield

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This event is sold out!  Please email to be added to the waitlist!

Welcome to NE-SVT Autocross of 2021.  If you have never been to one of our events, you will not be disappointed! Our courses are just over 1.2 miles long and our events offer lots of seat time by limiting participation to only 60 cars!  All drivers, regardless of experience levels are welcome.

COVID 19 Precautions:

We will be operating under the MA. COVID 19  Guidelines applicable on the day of the event, so our events will be significantly different than what you have experienced in the past.   Specific detailed instructions and required procedures will be provided with the confirmation e-mail sent out to registrants several days before the event, but there are several requirements with which you will need to be aware before you register:

  1. Only registered drivers, club staff, and registered guests will be allowed at the event.  Walk-in's are still not allowed at this time
  2. If in a car with another person both parties must be wearing masks.
  3. Loaner helmets will be providede on a first-come first-serve basis, no swapping helmets during the day.  Helmets will be sterilized before and after the event.
  4. Registrants to provide their own face masks, and encouraged to provide hand sanitizer inside their car for their personal use.  We will provide hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes at the cone stations and other locations, and a small supply of masks in case your dog ate yours.
  5. You will be screened at the gate for COVID-19 symptoms, and you will not be able to participate if you are ill.  Refunds will be provided if you can not attend due to illness.

If you are not a 2021 NE-SVT Member, you must sign up for membership first as detailed in the next screen.

Four more NE-SVT Autocross events for 2021 are scheduled for:  July 4th, July 25th, August 21st, and Oct 24th.  Announcements for these events will be posted approximately 30 days before the event.

Event requirements

This event is sold out!  Please email to be added to the waitlist!

There is a registration fee is 55 dollars.  All makes and models except SUV's and trucks (unless specifically approved by organizers)  are welcome. NE-SVT membership is required to run with us. If you haven't signed up for 2021 membership yet, follow this link to the membership page:

NE-SVT 2021 Membership

Things you need to know before you sign up to run with us;

1. You need a valid drivers license and the car you plan to use needs to have a current registration with valid sticker.  No dedicated race cars please. Your car must be street legal and have a full exhaust. Cars exceeding 105dB at the start line are subject to rejection.

2. You will need a Snell M or SA 2010/2015/2020 rated helmet. (Note: This is the last year that Snell 2010 helmets can be used).  FIA homologated helmets are ok.  NO OTHER HELMETS ARE ACCEPTABLE

3. The event runs from 7am to 6pm and we run rain or shine.  Come prepared. It is important that you are able to stay the entire day!  When you are driving, someone else is working the course picking up the cones that are struck.  We need you to work the course while other people are driving.  If you can't stay the entire day please wait for an event that you can stay all day before signing up. If you leave early for the day with out notifying the event chair, or without good reason, you will not be allowed into future events.

4. We are only doing electronic online payments via Motorsportreg.  We will not accept cash or checks.

5. You will need to select the appropriate class for your car when you sign up.. If you are unsure what class you belong in please contact us.  Here are the classes that we use at our events:

ER - Experienced Race Tire - All cars on tires with a tread wear rating 139 or less.

ES - Experienced Street Tire - All cars on tires with a tread wear rating 140 or higher.

INT - Intermediate Street Tire - Typical driver experience level of more than 4 to 6 events.    Tires must be tread wear rating of 140 or higher.

N - Novice - Novices (typically driver with less than 4 to 6 events), driving any car on any non-race tire.

6. Members will be allowed to register a permanent car number.  It is the driver's responsibility to mark their car with the number.

If you plan to run with us on a regular basis, and your permanent number is approved, please buy permanent number signs for your car.  It will save you money and frustration in the long run. The number needs to be visible from both sides of the car and a course worker should be able to read it from a few hundred feet away.  Colored tape will work but please bring it with you.

Guest Registration:

Due to Covid-19 we are required to provide Devens with all contract tracing data in the event of an outbreak.  We are allowing guests as long as they register.  Please forward the link below to anyone who wants to sign up as a guest.  They will need to provide their name and phone number, as well as create a MSR account.

Guest Registration Page

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Devens Airfield

Ayer, MA


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