Mon, May 2 - Tue, May 3, 2022

NCR/PCA - Lime Rock Fun Days-Season Opener

Lime Rock Park

About this event

Come join us for our Season Opening DE at Lime Rock Park. The track located in the foothills of the scenic southern Berkshires is arguably the most historic road racing circuit in North America.

Please note:

We have instituted a deferred payment option. You will not be charged any sooner than 45 days prior to the event.

Limerock requires that all Cabriolets/Convertibles with Factory Fitted Popup Rollover Systems must have the system fully deployed before going on track.  

Trailers may be dropped on Sunday between the hours of 4 and 6 PM no exceptions. You snooze, you lose.

LRP has an 88 db sound limit and strictly enforces it.

All makes and models are welcome at our DE events

Sign up early as this event fills quickly.

The Days Inn, Great Barrington MA offers discounts off their standard Sunday Monday rate.

The Holiday Inn Express, Great Barrington is offering a Special rate.


  • Online bookings at - Enter 100216752 Corporate Rate Code. (URL is case sensitive)
  • By phone at 413 528-1810 Mention Good Neighbor Rate

For those looking for closer lodging, there is a B&B on White Hollow Rd, 1/2 mile from the track entrance offering two rooms with private bath. Contact hosts at  or 860 435-1054 

The Wake Robin Inn which is 4 miles from the track is offering a Special rate at or (860) 435-2000 between 9 am and 5 pm daily.


Event requirements

  1. All participants must fill out the NCR tech form at this link. It must completed and signed by an approved NCR tech inspector at this link, factory authorized new car dealer for vehicle registered, or a repair facility that specializes in servicing the vehicle registered within 30 days of the event. 
  2. Participants must be at least 18 years of age, must have a valid driver’s license and be a current member or affiliate of a car club (i.e., PCA, BMW, Audi, COM, SCDA, etc.). A current driver’s license must be shown at registration.
  3. Non-participants are not permitted in either student or instructor cars. Non-participants under the age of 18 are allowed only in spectator areas. Instructors riding in student cars and students riding in instructor cars for instructional purposes are permitted. No student may ride with another student.
  4. Drivers must have completed registration and be through the tech line prior to the driver’s and instructor’s meetings (approximately 8:15 am).
  5. Students should expect that their instructor will drive their car for several laps at each event.
  6. Tracks will be enforcing sound limits at their tracks. You will be expelled from the event after your second offense during any given day.
  7. There is a mandatory Black Flag pit stop for all spins or two (or more) wheels-off. Two Black Flags for these or other driving infractions in a day are grounds for expulsion from the event.
  8. All participants must obey all passing rules set forth in the driver’s meeting.
  9. No illegal drugs are allowed, and no alcoholic beverages may be consumed by anyone (participant or guest) during the event.
  10. Events are held in the rain and cold weather. No refunds for an event canceled after cars have been on the track, or for participants who do not come to the track when an event is not started. Partial refunds may be available to those who come to the track when an event is not started/canceled.
  11. R-rated track tires are not allowed in Green and Yellow Run Group unless OEM fit or the car is also driven in an advanced run group. Chief Instructor approval required.
  12. Participants must wear long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt (natural, not synthetic fibers), or wear an approved fire-resistant driving suit. Footwear must be enclosed, non-slip, with a relatively smooth sole. Hiking type deep lugged soles are not acceptable.
  13. A Snell rated 2015 or newer helmet is required. An SA rated helmet is preferred. M and K rated helmets are acceptable. Limited loaners may be available.
  14. A head and neck restraint system commonly known as a HANS device, is mandatory for both students and instructors when a five, six or seven-point harness or certain approved 4-point harnesses are in use. All neck restraints must meet SFI 38.1 or FIA 8885 or its successor certifications. A suitable roll bar or roll cage is recommended when race seats, harnesses and neck restraints are in use. A suitable roll bar or roll cage along with race seats, harnesses and neck restraints provides students and instructors with a complete safety system.
  15. If so equipped, all facets of an Automatic Collision Avoidance System will be disabled prior to entering the track and driving at speed.
  16. Windows must be fully down (rain or shine). Window nets are not allowed.
  17. All other Cabriolets/Convertibles must have a roll bar or roll cage installed which meets the "broomstick" rule (the driver's helmeted head is below a bar placed on top of the roll bar and windshield). All Targa tops must be installed unless there is additional roll over protection. All sunroofs must be in the closed position. All open car (no top) occupants must wear arm restraints.
  18. Any make of car delivered with factory installed roll over protection including a Factory Fitted Popup Rollover System meets the minimum standards for PCA DE events. Club Motorsports and Lime Rock Park require that all Cabriolets/Convertibles with Factory Fitted Popup Rollover Systems must have the system fully deployed before going on track or optional factory hardtop installed. All factory fitted systems must meet the “broomstick” rule.

Updated July 8, 2022

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Paul Morrone
Bob Andrews
Harry Greenhouse
Boris Brikman
Eric Vale Da Serra
Jack Curry
Christophe Gueret
Joseph Beaudoin

Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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