Thu, Aug 2, 2018

Miatas Before the Gap powered by Rspeed

Atlanta Motorsports Park

About this event

Join us for the Jzilla Trackdays before the Gap powered by Rspeed event on August 2nd  at Atlanta Motorsports Park

We will keep the pricing low as this is a weekday event.

Cost: $200


 MX5's will take over Atlanta Motorsports Park before the annual gathering at Deal's Gap.  This is open to other car groups but instructed group is limited to MX5 owners.

 Novice instruction is reserved for MX5 drivers first and will be open to the public if it does not fill up.

 NA/NB must have a 4 point approved roll bar.  Please check with event organizers and staff beforehand if you have questions.

 NC/ND may run with the stock rollover protection, but will be restricted to tires with a UTQG of 101 and higher. Below that, we require an approved aftermarket rollbar.

 Instructed Groups are also restricted to tires UTQG greater than 100.



Event requirements


All Participants must wear a SNELL SA2010  Helmet or newer! No Motorcycle helmets allowed.

1. Safety is our primary concern. Please note that anyone driving in an unsafe manner will be expelled from the event without refund. Hopefully through the instruction provided, you will expand your capabilities to match those of your car.

2. No racing is allowed. This is not a racing event. This is a high-performance driving education event. There are no cash prizes, trophies or awards.

3. Convertibles – convertible vehicles with factory rollover protection may run with the top down but arm restraints are strongly suggested. Vehicles without factory rollover protection must have a roll-bar installed or have a properly fitted, designed, and installed  hardtop.

4. Passing Rules are defined by run group. Green Blue and Yellow groups may pass on the three straights, from T12 to T1, from T5 to T6, and from T7 to T10. All passes must be complete before turn-in. Red group may pass anywhere on the track. All passes must be initiated by the driver being passed giving a clear and visible point by to the passing driver. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you find yourself stuck behind a slower driver or a long line of cars, pull into and through pit lane and continue back on to the track at the direction of the pit marshal. This will usually give you clear track with very little time invested. Aggressive driving or passing without a point by will be penalized, possibly including missed sessions or being excluded from the remainder of the event. When pointing by a driver behind you, lift gently off the throttle (NOT BRAKE) to allow them to complete the pass as quickly as possible.

5. Hand Signals - When exiting the track, the driver should raise the left arm out the window and up, with a closed fist. This is the signal that you are entering the pits. Use this anytime you are leaving the track, regardless of whether or not the session is over.

6. Attire – All drivers and passengers must wear long pants, closed toed shoes, and a shirt with sleeves (at a minimum, a short sleeve shirt, long sleeves recommended. no tank tops).

7. Windows – Both the passenger and driver side front windows must be lowered completely. If you drive a car that has fixed windows, contact AJ Schramm for approval. Do no ask about a broken window regulator…

8. Off Track Incidents – If you go four wheels off track, proceed immediately to pit lane to have your car checked. You could have picked up something extra or left something behind. Driver’s that do not proceed immediately to pit lane will be black flagged.

9. Damage to Track Property – Drivers are responsible for any damage caused to the facility. This includes walls, armco and landscaping. 

Entries (118)

Burt Strange
Scott Alexander
Thomas Probert
Val Bonchev
Charles Kline
Michael DeMolina
Jeff Tyrrell
Garrett Rickenbaker

Atlanta Motorsports Park

Dawsonville, GA
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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Jzilla Trackdays

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