Sun, May 20, 2018

MassTuning TrackFest (05/20/18)

Canaan Motor Club

About this event

A day of educational, high performance driving. No timed racing, no trophies. Simply a focus on safety and fun on a legal road course.

This event is open to all, including novices in regular street cars. Registered drivers will have six 20 minute sessions which totals to 2 hours of track time. There is a cap of 60 drivers.

Everyone including spectators is welcome to bring a tent, chairs, food, cameras and ask for ride-alongs. The event is rain or shine.

If interested in volunteering, especially as an instructor or flagger, please let us know. Referrals are also appreciated. Interested vendors can email for details.


Keep in touch with the facebook event page:


Registration Fees:

Regular Registration: $249 

Early Registration: $199 (limited to the first twenty drivers to register)



Instructors and Advanced drivers run together.

7:00am – Gates Open

8:00am – Registration
9:00am – Drivers’ Meeting

9:30am – Drivers’ Parade Laps

10:00am – Advanced
10:20am – Intermediate
10:40am – Beginner

11:00am – Advanced
11:20am – Intermediate
11:40am – Beginner

12:00pm – Lunch Break
12:30pm – Indoor Classroom

1:00pm – Advanced
1:20pm – Intermediate
1:40pm – Beginner

2:00pm – Advanced
2:20pm – Intermediate
2:40pm – Beginner

3:00pm – Advanced
3:20pm – Intermediate
3:40pm – Beginner

4:00pm – Advanced
4:20pm – Intermediate
4:40pm – Beginner

5:00pm – Volunteers’ Parade Laps

Event requirements

Driver Requirements:

DOT certified helmet and closed toe shoes will be required. Short pants and short sleeve shirts are allowed.

Drivers must attend the morning driver's meeting. Make prior arrangements with a track official before the day of the event if you absolutely can not make it.

Be alert and pay attention to all flaggers and track officials. If you do not, you will be sent off track. Repeat offenses will result in being ejected from the track.

Track Requirements:

If your car is considered to be too loud, you will be given a warning and asked to either add a silencer insert or keep RPMs low on the track. This mostly applies to straight-piped, naturally aspirated cars.

If a catastrophic failure occurs, pull off the pavement, and onto the grass immediately. Respect the track surface.

Keep the pits clean. We operate on a carry in, carry out policy. You are responsible for all belongings and trash. Respect the facility.

All spills must be cleaned IMMEDIATELY. 

Canaan Motor Club

Canaan, NH


Car Control Clinic organized by


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