Sat, Sep 4 - Sun, Sep 5, 2021

Labor Day Dirtcross 2021

Hannegan Speedway

About this event

Spend your Labor Day weekend at Hannegan Speedway in Bellingham for a fun rallycross event! With multiple courses, day and night racing and on-site camping, this is always a great weekend.  

Note: We changed the format of this event for 2021. This is now a single day event (with day and night racing) with the option of adding a second full day. 

Competitors will race on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on class. There will be a daytime block of racing, a break for dinner then a nighttime block of racing on both days. If you have run this event before, you’ll notice that it’s now a single day. Fear not! You can sign up for fun runs to make it a full weekend event.

Registration Fee

Race day: $110
Race day + Fun Runs: $200

**There is a $10 Gate fee at this venue collected by the venue upon arrival. Bring cash.**

Vehicle Lights Required

Because this event includes night racing, all vehicles must be equipped with fully function headlights, tail lights and hazard lights. Vehicles without working lights will not pass technical inspection.

Schedule (both days)  

9am: Gates open
9:30-11:30am: Tech inspection, check in, course walking
11:30-12pm: Course walking
12:30-2:30pm: Day Racing Group1
3-5pm: Day Racing Group 2
5-7pm: Dinner break
7:15-9pm: Night Racing Group 1
9:30-10:45pm: Night Racing Group 2
11pm: Awards

*Schedule is subject to change. You will receive a final schedule via email the Monday prior to the event.

Class Breakdown
Saturday, September 4th
Stock All Wheel Drive
Modified Front Wheel Drive
Modified Rear Wheel Drive
Open Class Four Wheel Drive
Stock Front Wheel Drive

Sunday, September 5th
Prepared Front Wheel Drive
Prepared Rear Wheel Drive
Stock Rear Wheel Drive
Modified All Wheel Drive - Naturally Aspirated
Modified All Wheel Drive - Turbo/Supercharged
Prepared All Wheel Drive

If you're new to rallycross, here are some helpful links:

Rallycross Rules
Rallycross Packing List

Event requirements

Thank you for signing up for the Labor Day Dirtcross! Please take a moment to review the rallycross rules which include the vehicle classifications, competition and conduct requirements.

2021 Northwest Rallycross Rules


A rallycross is a motorsports event where vehicles race on a course delineated by cones on generally unpaved, mostly flat surfaces.  Elapsed time is tracked by the organizer with time-based penalties assessed for actions such as missed cones and driving off-course.  Scoring is the accumulation of timed runs plus penalties where the lowest time wins.  One car is released at a time with course workers monitoring cones and penalties.

Rallycross events are structured as a run-work format where competitors race during their class session and work the course when another class races. 

Conduct of Competitors

Each competitor must:

  • Practice good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Register for and compete in the appropriate class for their vehicle. It is the driver’s responsibility to know the correct class based on the rules and vehicle classifications set forth in the Rallycross Rules.
  • Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.
  • Know, understand and follow all rules as stated herein, in competitor communications and required driver meetings.
  • Treat all officials, volunteers, spectators, the public and other competitors with respect and courtesy.
  • Obey all laws and local ordinances, most importantly as they pertain to traffic laws.        
  • Not dispose of trash anywhere on site except for designated garbage receptacles.
  • Follow the prescribed course. It is the competitor’s responsibility to know the course in order to keep other competitors, course workers and spectators safe. Competitors will be given the opportunity to walk and drive the course prior to competition.
  • Fully perform their work assignment as instructed.

Failure to comply with the conduct requirements may result in disqualification and/or suspension.

Competitor Eligibility

To be eligible for Rallycross competition, a driver must:

  • Not be disqualified from event or suspended from competition.
  • Be, at minimum, 15 years old and meet one of the following criteria:
  • Possess a valid (not expired or suspended) drivers license in their state of residence, or
  • Possess a valid instruction permit and be accompanied by a parent/guardian that has been a licensed driver for at least five years. 


You must register with a unique number - no duplicate numbers will be permitted.  

Vehicles must have their number and class on the side of the vehicle. The minimum size for the numbers is 6 inches tall with a 1 inch stroke. Class letters may be of any size as long as they can be seen from a reasonable distance away. All number/class decals must be in a contrasting color to the vehicle body. If you have any questions or concerns about your number or class, bring a package of letter/numbers and apply them at the event.

Cancelation Policy

Before 11:59PM, 8/27/2021: Cancellations permitted, no payment will be charged. 
After 12:00AM, 8/28/2021: No cancellations or registration modifications after registration closes. No refunds will be given. 

Registration is non-transferrable.

Entries (115)

Evan Morrison
Jonalyn Hudson
Kelso Pickett
Holden Berg
Jamie Hayden
Mercedes Momarch
Scott Howells
Richard Brookins

Hannegan Speedway

Bellingham, WA


RallyCross organized by

North West Rally Association

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Labor Day Dirtcross 2021

Sat, Sep 4 - Sun, Sep 5, 2021