Sat, Mar 19 - Sun, Mar 20, 2022

iTrack Motorsports: Hot Lap #2

Lanier Raceplex

About this event

iTrack Motorsports Presents:
HOT LAP - Open Track Drift Day
3/19/22 - 3/20/22

Welcome to Hot Lap at Lanier Raceplex! This full track drift event is open to all classes (D1-D4). This two day event will include 4 run groups that will alternate throughout the weekend. Each group will alternate in 20min sessions of open track driving. Run groups will include just 20-25 drivers to maximize seat time.

The track will be layed out in the infield of Lanier Raceplex. The track will be defined by barriers, chalk, cones and barrels. The track will utilize the full track running both the infield and the banking. Drivers will be sent on track in groups and turn lap after lap with no limit other than time.

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Event requirements

What is Hot Lap?
Hot Lap is an open track drift event for all skill levels. A full "road course" style track will be layed out for the day. Drivers will be sent out in their run group (based off skill) to "hot lap" the track. There will be not limit on the number of laps driven, just time and how much tire you have.

WHAT: Drift Event
WHERE: Lanier Raceplex (Braselton, GA)
WHEN: 3/19/22 (11am-10pm) to 3/20/22 (12-7pm)
WHO: iTrack Motorsports - BridgeMoto - Best Damn Shop Around - BonaVibe

Classes: All drivers must register in the run group they fit in. Leave the ego at home. If you do not know what run group to be in, please ask first. If you have never driven with iTrack before, please register in D4. We will move any drivers up during the day. Your registration will be declined for registering in the incorrect run group

D1 - Expert
Highest skill level drivers. Drivers are comfortable with high speed close tandems without mistakes. The fastest group of cars and drivers.  This class includes FD Pro1/2 and Pro-Am level drivers.
D2 - Advanced
Second highest skill level drivers. Drivers are comfortable with tandems with little to no mistakes. Still working on speed and proximity.
D3 - Intermediate
Third highest skill level drivers. Drivers are becoming comfortable in tandem. Can follow others from a distance with minimal errors. Working on speed, line and transitions with others.
D4 - Novice
Beginner level skill drivers. Working on the basics of driving on track and learning track etiquette.

Requirements & Rules:
-Driver must have a RWD car (no trucks or SUV allowed)
-All drivers must have a SA2015 or new helmet. Snell, M rating, or DOT helmets are not allowed
-All drivers and vehicles must pass tech inspection 2022 TECH SHEET.pdf
-All drivers must attend the drivers meeting
-All drivers must be free of alcohol or drugs
-All drivers must follow the rules of the track and organization
-All convertible vehicles must have a SCCA approved roll bar or factory protection

7:00AM - GATES OPEN (drivers & staff)
9:00AM - Tech Inspection Open (gates open to spectators)
10:30AM - Mandatory Drivers Meeting
11:00AM -  D1/D2
11:20AM - D3
11:40AM - D4 
12:20AM - D1/D2
12:40AM - D3
1:00PM - D4
1:40PM - D1/D2
2:00PM - D3
2:20PM - D4
3:00PM - D1/D2
3:20PM - D3
3:40PM - D4
4:20PM - 5:20PM (1) HOUR BREAK
5:20PM - D1/D2
5:40PM - D3
6:00PM - D4
6:40PM - D1/D2
7:00PM - D3
7:20PM - D4
8:00PM - D1/D2
8:20PM - D3
8:40PM - D4
9:20PM - OPEN TRACK (10 car max)
10:00PM END DAY 1

11:30AM Driver Meeting
12:00PM - D1/D2
12:20PM - D3
12:40PM - D4
1:20PM - D1/D2
1:40PM - D3
2:00PM - D4
2:40PM - D1/D2
3:00PM - D3
3:20PM - D4
4:00PM - D1/D2
4:20PM - D3
4:40PM - D4
5:20PM - D1/D2
5:40PM - D3
6:00PM - D4
6:20PM - OPEN TRACK (10 car max)

Lanier Raceplex

Braselton, Georgia


Drift organized by

iTrack Motorsports

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