Sun, Oct 12 - Mon, Oct 13, 2014

Introduction to the Track Driver School

Lightning Raceway

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This event was offered for the first-time in 2009 and was a run-away success. We have designed this event to encourage students who are new to the track to try out our Driver School program. As a consequence of the sold-out status over the past 5 years,  we once again offering the event in an expanded format to encourage and allow greater participation. The event will be held at the Lightning Raceway at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ. The Lightning Raceway is a 10 turn, 1.9 mile road course featuring a banked, high-speed turn known as the Lightbulb. In addition, we will be using the skidpad in car control exercises!

The Driver School Committee understands that there are hurdles for “first-time” students to overcome to try one of our events and so we have designed this school to reduce those hurdles as much as possible. First, the event is being held locally. Hotel rooms in the Millville area are relatively low priced and, for students who live in southern NJ, you could even get up early and drive down the morning of the event. Second, we are offering reduced registration fees to our First Timers so that you pay just $210 for Sunday-only or $160 for Monday-only. You will not find a better rate to get out on the track with personalized instruction anywhere. Third, this event will have 4 student run groups, rather than the traditional 3, and at least one of these run groups will be solely for First Time students. This arrangement will allow instruction on the track and in the classroom to be specific for First Time students and will provide a smaller run group for First Time students allowing better spacing on the track. Fourth, we will have skid pad and car control sessions for First Time students to give you a better feel for your car and augment what you learn on the track. Fifth, for our First Time students, we may also be able to loan you a helmet for the event (please see Promotions). Sixth, based on our success last year, we are offering First Time students the opportunity to sign up for 2 days. This second day allows you to reinforce everything you learn on the first day. Without exception, our new students and their instructors leave the first day wishing they could come right back. Now you can! And, Seventh and finally, each First Time student will be assigned a Mentor who will contact you prior to the event and be a point of contact to answer any questions you might have before you arrive. Last year we had 35 student participants who had never been on the track and every one of them left with a huge smile on their face.

We must also emphasize that this school is open to students of any level of experience. We will have our traditional run groups in addition to our dedicated First-Timer group. This is the perfect opportunity to bring a friend, spouse, sibling or offspring to the track for the first time. Your companion will be in her/his run group while you are in yours.

We will also be offering the option to attend a track-side banquet on Sunday night so that new and experienced students can swap stories and extend the fun of this event.

Given the turnout and the waiting list we saw last year, we anticipate that this school will fill because of the reduced number of students per run group. This will be a terrifically fun event giving everyone one last chance for a school before the off-season. Come on out and join us!

$405 Registration Fee for the Driver School (Experienced Students); $330 for Novice Students, 2-days; $210 for Novice students on Sunday; $160 for Novice students on Monday.


Event requirements

Participants must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license. Per requirements of BMW CCA national office, all STUDENT participants must be members of BMW CCA. Please include your BMW CCA membership number in your Profile. If you are not yet a BMW CCA member, we have a promotion to make it easy to join.

NJ BMW CCA does not allow convertibles of any kind nor SAV/SUVs at our on-track events. Spec Miatas are acceptable if they have a full roll-cage, permanently attached hard-top and current SCCA log book. They must also comply with all vehicle Technical Inspection requirements.

Note that all after-market tinting must be approved in advance by the Chief of Tech.  Failure to obtain pre-approval may result in your car failing Tech Inspection and loss of your registration fee.

Any damage caused to the paddock or track, including safety barriers, is the responsibility of the participant. Note that the track may collect payment on-site.

Cancellations will be accepted until two weeks prior to the start date of an event. Any cancellation received on or prior to the respective cancellation date will be charged a $25.00 handling fee. Any cancellation request following the cancellation date is subject to forfeiture of the entire entry fee if the Registrar is unable to fill your slot. If your slot is filled, only the $25 handling fee will apply. If you are a “no show” at the event, no refund will be given. All cancellations must be communicated in writing via e-mail or letter through the Registrar. If NJ BMW CCA must cancel an event for any reason, registrants will be provided a full refund; however, NJ BMW CCA will not be liable for any charges or costs registrants may incur other than the registration fee. Refunds will be issued following the event.

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Logan Mayer
Rod Scott
Mark Solomon
Rick Kiceniuk
Imran Karamat
Jeffrey Gehret
Kevin O'Driscoll
Warren Brown

Lightning Raceway

Millville, NJ


Driver School organized by

BMW CCA - New Jersey Chapter

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