Fri, Aug 8 - Sun, Aug 10, 2014

I.T.SPEC*tacular + Race,PDX & ClubTrial Drivers

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

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Registration is now closed. If you are still interested in registering for the PDX, Club Trial ( WITH YOUR OWN TRANSPONDER), or Race I will be monitoring e-mail until Wednesday evening at 9 pm. Please note that a charge of $25 will be applied with the money going toward the Volunteer worker fund. 

Contact e-mail is 


After 9 pm Wednesday you may still come to the track and register for the event as a late entry for the PDX , Club Trial ( WITH YOUR OWN TRANSPONDER), or Race.  Please note that a charge of $50 will be applied with the money going toward the Volunteer worker fund. 










Welcome to  the Cincinnati Region I.T.SPEC*tacular Plus page for all  Race- PDX- Club Trial and Instructor ride along registrations.  This a double Regional/Divisional event so all road racing classes are invited to attend. There will be a PDX on Friday Aug 8th and a Club Trial group integrated into our Saturday Aug 9th schedule.




Featured race series:


Formula FST ( Group 2):  As a class within Group 2, The Hoosier Tire US Formula First Championship Series will be running two of their series races. The FST class will have a separate start, and their morning sessions will only be qualifying, with a race in the afternoon session each day. Series points will be awarded per the series rules. 



Formula 1000 East Championship Series ( Group 4):  Group 4 is designated a Majors festival race and national points will be awarded per the Majors Series. These races are also a part of the Formula 1000 East Championship Series and series points will be awarded based on the series rules. 



SCCA Regional Racing Contingency Programs:  Click HERE for a direct link to rules and forms.






      Stupid Fast Tires: Providing Goodyear and Hoosier Tires.  Aaron Quine,  330-573-4338   call 10 days in advance from event date to insure  tires get shipped in time for the event.                                         

ROAD RACES:  Saturday August 9th & Sunday August 10th  Sanction #'s 14-RQ-3058-S, 14-RQ-3059-S, ( F1000) 14-F-3312-S  

Downloadable Entry Form  

Supplemental Regulations

Entry Fee:

One Driver, One car Single Day $200, Single Day additional Class $100

One Driver, One car Two Days $350 , Two day additonal Class $150

Two Days with Two drivers sharing a car $375

Formula 1000 East Championship Series  ( Group 4)  $575 


Race Groups

1)  ITA, IT7, ITB, ITC, ITS, T3, T4, B-SPEC

2)  F5, F6, FV, FST, FF, CFF

3)  SM, SM5

4) Formula 1000 East Championship Series 

5)  GT1, GT2, GT3, STU, ITR, ITE, STL, SP, AS, ST, T1, T2

6)  GTL, EP, FP, HP, SPU,  SRF, SRF-3

7)  FS, FA, FC, CFC, FM, ASR, S2, FE, P1, P2

8) Club Trial (Saturday only) 





Performance Driving Experience (PDX) Friday Aug 8th   Price is $220 for members and $ 235 for non-members

use your car on the track with one of our instructors to coach you around Mid Ohio Sports Car Course.  Please scroll down for driver requirements. 

Sanction # 14-PDX-3056-S

PDX Downloadable Entry Form    

PDX Supplemental Regulations

PDX Tech Form


Instructor Ride Along Friday Aug. 8th  price is $20 

Not interested in driving in the PDX but still want to go fast on the track. Then sign up for an instructor ride along. 


Club Trial Saturday Aug 9th  Price is $ 120 if you have a transponder already or $145 if you need a rental transponder. 

This is for people with PDX experience in the advanced or intermediate groups who would like to add a transponder to their car and record lap times. We also welcome competition cars that are not competing in the road racing sessions.

Sanction # 14-CT-3057-S

C.T. Downloadable Entry Form  

C.T. Supplemental Regulations

C.T. Tech Form



 PDX/ Club Trial combo :  $310  Price includes both the Friday PDX and Saturday Club Trial. Rental transponder is an additional $25. 

Driver Requirements for both PDX & Club Trial:   You must have a valid driver’s license.  All participants shall wear long sleeves and pants (100% cotton material recommended) and shoes which fully cover the foot at least to the ankle while on course. Helmets which meet  Snell M2000+ or SA2000+  requirements or higher are required.

PDX Format:  Entry Fee includes a minimum of (5) five 20 minute sessions on track , classroom instruction, Instructor for Novice and first session of the day for Intermediate drivers.

CLUB TRIAL format: Entry Fee includes a minimum of (2) two 20 minute sessions on track that may be lengthened depending on time constraints. 

Description of a Club Trial:  The conduct is the same as a PDX except for the addition of a transponder to record times using the track timing & scoring system. At the end of each session recorded times for the group will be provided to all participants. This is for drivers who have previous PDX , lapping day or competition experience. Please contact Jerry Cabe at if you have any questions about eligibility.




Event requirements





SCCA Minor Waiver   is for all children under the age of 18.  Click HERE

Mid Ohio Minor Waiver  Must be filled out for Competitors under the age of 18. This is in addtion to the SCCA minor wavier. Click HERE


Tentative Weekend Activities and Schedule

Thursday August 8th, 2014

  • PDX Registration ..................6 pm- 9 pm
  • PDX Tech Inspection........... 6 pm-9 pm in Garages 7 & 8 lower paddock
  • PDX Novice Classroom session...8 pm located in the Goodyear garage behind the lower paddock concession stand.

Friday August 9th, 2014

  • PDX Registration.............................7 am- 11 am
  • PDX Tech Inspection....................7 am- 12 pm in Garages 7 & 8 lower paddock
  • PDX  Instructors Meeting..............7:30 am in the Goodyear garage behind the lower paddock concession stand
  • PDX  Participant and Instructors meeting...8:00 am Around garage # 9
  • PDX Novice Classroom session will immediately follow the Participant/Instructor meeting. ( This is for those who missed the Thursday evening session)
  • PDX  on track sessions from 8:30 am- 4:30 pm   

Licensed Competition Cars ( Mid Ohio School)

  • Mid Ohio Twilight Test & Tune ( T & T) Registration base of tower or 2nd floor of the tower ( Pre registration $150, at gate $195)
  • T & T Registration & Tech inspection........ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • T & T Drivers meeting.....................................4:30 pm- 4:45 pm
  • T & T on track sessions..................................4:45 pm - 8:30 pm
  • T & T info ( Aug 9th Twilight Test & Tune)

Weekend Racing

  • Race Registration.....................6 pm- 9 pm
  • Tech Inspection.........................6 pm - 9pm Tech Garage behind Maintenance building
  • Express Tech available............6 pm- 9pm

Saturday August 9th, 2014

  • Race Registration...............7 am- 1 pm
  • Tech Inspection......7:30am- 11am Tech Garage behind Maintenance building
  • Group 1 on track 8:00 am 

Sunday August 10th, 2014 

  • Race Registration.....................7 am-11am
  • Tech Inspection.......7:30 am- 11am Tech Garage behind Maintenace building
  • Group 1 on track 8:00 am 




Entries (278)

John Luczyk
Mason Workman
Robert Bax
Josh Reinard
Jerry Waltenberger
Kegan Scannell
Gary Gonda
Steven Sipos

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Lexington, OH
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