Sat, Aug 15 - Sun, Aug 16, 2015

Dog Days Double Divisional - Chicago Region

Blackhawk Farms Raceway

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Thank you for joining us for the Dog Days Double Divisional

A Runoffs Qualifying Event for 2015!

The full Entry Packet can be found HERE.

Event requirements

Dog Days Double Divisional
A Runoffs Qualifying Event for 2015
Chicago Region SCCA
August 15-16, 2015
Blackhawk Farms Raceway (1.95 miles)
Sanction #’s 15-RQ-3569-S and 15-RQ-3570-S


This event is governed by the 2015 General Competition Rules (GCR) and Category Specifications, as amended for 2015 per “FasTrack”.

REGISTRATION:  Drivers may register online at  Drivers without internet access may request a paper entry form and mail it with their entry fees to the Chief Registrar.  Make checks payable to Chicago Region, SCCA.  A fee of $40 will be charged for any check returned by the bank.  Do not mail entries by any method that requires a signature for delivery.  Phone / fax entries will not be accepted. 

Sue Green
19010 Round Grove Road
Morrison, IL 61270
Telephone (815) 718-4881 (No Fax Entries)

You will receive a full refund if you withdraw before you receive a Tech sticker. If you pre-enter and do not cancel your entry, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.  If you sign in at registration and do not go through or pass Tech,you must notify the Chief of Registration BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE TRACK to receive a refund. 

At-event Registration will be in the registration building located outside of the guard gate. 


Opening date for receipt of entries June 29,
Central Division reserved car number hold July 31, 12:00 PM CDT
Late Fee of $50 charged for any entry received after Aug. 11, 11:59 PM CDT
Special license confirmation with Topeka, make request by Aug. 10, 6:00PM CDT
Credit cards will not be processed before Aug. 12
Online registration closes Aug. 12

ENTRY FEES: The entry fee for one day is $325. The entry fee for both days is $450. Add $125 for a second class same car/driver for each divisional race (e.g. - $125 for Saturday and $125 for Sunday).  Add $10 per day for GEN3 SRF, SRF, and FE.

ENTRY FEE PAYMENT:  We will not process credit cards until at least August 12.  All online entries for which the payment is not received by 11:59PM August 12, 2015 will be charged a $50 late fee, and there may be a delay in processing the registrations at the track.  Drivers submitting paper entries, or who enter at the track may pay with a credit card, check, or money order.

PASSES:  Each entry receives credentials for the driver plus up to three crew members.  Additional passes are available at $10 each. Minors 12 years and younger will be issued guest passes at no charge. Workers, guests, and crew must sign for their own passes and must arrive during posted registration hours. SCCA members, crew and guests must arrive within posted hours of registration.

DRIVER ELIGIBILITY:  To participate, a driver must be a current member of the SCCA with a current SCCA Novice Permit who have satisfied the school requirements, SCCA Full Competition, SCCA Pro license, or other license accepted per GCR.  If you do not have the proper license or if you are unsure, it is your responsibility to contact the Chief Registrar prior to the event.

CAR ELIGIBILITY: Competition is open to all cars conforming to the GCR, as amended, or those regional class cars per CenDiv Rules.  All cars are required to use fully operational AMB TRANX 260. Transponder times are the official times for all competition vehicles. The driver is responsible for providing correct information to Timing and Scoring.  Please submit all corrections to name, sponsor info, and so on for grids and results within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the qualifying for your group to T&S. All cars are required to display CenDiv series stickers visibly placed on each side of the vehicle to be eligible for the CenDiv Divisional Championship Series presented by Tro Manufacturing and C&P Installations.  Stickers are provided free of charge and are available at registration and/or tech.

CAR NUMBERS:  For entries received by the registrar through noon on July 31, 2015 CenDiv reserved number holders will receive priority assignment.  Because of the combination of classes within the run groups, it may not be possible to honor reserved numbers, but every effort will be made to accommodate number requests.  At noon on July 31, 2015, all unused reserved numbers will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. All three-digit car numbers must start with 1, i.e.: 1XX.

TECH:  A driver whose helmet has not been issued a current year sticker must present all driver gear (as listed in the GCR), with the vehicle logbook, and the completed tech card at tech.  Any car requiring an annual tech must be presented at tech, which will be located in the tech building near the tower. 

SCALES:  Tech scale hours are 8:30AM-11:50AM and 12:45PM-5:00PM, Saturday and Sunday. Cars in impound have priority. Scales may be available for other participants during race impound, but priority will be given to impounded cars.  Scales may be made available at other times at the discretion of the Chief of Tech.

SPLIT STARTS:  Split starts from any group that does not have one indicated in the schedule, are at the discretion of the Chief Steward or Series Chief Steward and should be submitted as early in the weekend as possible, and will be accepted no later than 30 minutes after posting the final grid for the group.  

RACE LENGTH:  All races will be 24 laps unless declared a timed race by the Chief Steward.

VICTORY LAPS:  When possible, victory laps will be permitted and are encouraged. The winner of each class should proceed immediately to pit out where he will receive a checkered flag and be directed on course for a single Victory Lap.  Drivers need not wear a helmet or gloves during the victory lap and passengers are permitted in accordance with GCR 6.11.7.  Drivers shall maintain a safe speed and be wary of any safety vehicles on course.

START/FINISH:  The race will begin and end at the stripe in front of Timing and Scoring.

RADIO FREQUENCIES:  The following radio frequencies are reserved for race operations and may not be used by any competitors.  These frequencies may be monitored but shall not be used for communication by any participant. Race Officials reserve the right to designate other frequencies for race administration.

452.700 457.700 461.150 461.325 462.200 463.700 464.075
461.175 463.225 464.525 466.175 468.225 469.525  

NOISE POLLUTION: The maximum sound reading allowed by local ordinance is 102 dB.  During the race, if your car exceeds three readings in excess of 102dB, you will be black flagged, and moved to last finishing position with a loss event points. For your information, sound readings will be posted at driver information (in the pavilion).

PACE/SAFETY CAR: In addition to GCR 6.6.2., the field shall follow the PACE/SAFETY car as long as its emergency lights are flashing, even if it varies from the normal race course.  In the event a full course yellow results in dispatch of the safety car, the safety car will enter the racing surface at pit out.

RESULTS:  Live timing will be available during the event. Unless otherwise announced, live timing will be available via the Race Monitor App available for iPhone and Android phones.  Qualifying, provisional and final results will be posted at the pavilion.

AWARDS:  Trophies for all races will be awarded according to the GCR.  Trophies must be picked up at the pavilion. No trophies will be mailed. CenDiv Divisional Championship Series points will be awarded per CenDiv rules.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems:  The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), better known as drones, must be approved prior to the event by the division Executive Steward, host region Regional Executive, and track management. Proof of insurance must be presented prior to approval.

.SOCIAL EVENT:  There will be a worker/competitor party at the conclusion of activities on Saturday.


Chief Steward:  Dorn Lynch (248) 219-4567

Chairman, SOM:  Rob Woolston


Drivers may be held responsible for harm to property, including damage to the track and to the environment.  Fees charged for the removal / disposal of hazardous waste or used tires will be assessed to the responsible driver.

The fastest qualifier in a race group who selects the “outside pole” (per GCR), must notify the grid marshal at the front of the field before the 5 minute signal is given for his race group.

Four crew members (plus the driver) are allowed in the pit lane to service a vehicle, and only 2 crew members are allowed by the wall that separates the pit lane from the track for signaling purposes. No crew members are allowed at the pit wall during starts and restarts.

Proper credentials, closed toe shoes, and shirts with sleeves are required in pit lane, false grid, and on the grid.

When entering the track from the pits, drivers must keep their cars to the right of the blend line up to corner 1.

All competitors must maintain a slow, prudent speed on pit lane at all times. Use the transit lane until reaching and upon exiting your pit stall. Do not drive through other pit stalls. Tire scrubbing is permitted after the apex of corner one.

Pit lane is narrow so please stop as far to the right as possible for the safety of your crew and pit lane personnel.

Please do not put any equipment in pit lane, including at the pit wall, +/- 10 feet of start / finish, as this may interfere with timing and scoring electronics.

A driver or car substitution requires Chief Steward approval per GCR 5.12.3.A.6., Any qualifying times earned for the original car / driver up to that point will be removed.

A competitor involved in contact, or who has violated flag rules (yellow, black, red, or checker) must report with his race car directly to the Steward in impound.

All crew members signing under a prep shop list must be an SCCA member. Weekend memberships are available for purchase if needed.

No race engines may be run prior to 8:00am either Saturday or Sunday.

Blackhawk Farms Raceway rules.

  1. Gate Pass Requirement: A pass indicating you have registered for the event must be presented to the Guard to allow your entry onto the property of Blackhawk Farms Raceway.
  2. All minors must be under direct parental or acting guardian supervision at all times.
  3. All pet animals must be leashed or confined.
  4. No two or three wheeled vehicles are allowed except for race officials’ use or as race support vehicles. Only licensed drivers 16 and above may operate race support vehicles or golf carts.
  5. The Concession Stand will be available. Gas, oil, water and air are available. Souvenirs and other consumables are available in the Pit Stop.
  6. All trash must be placed in receptacles provided. Environmentally hazardous waste must be disposed of in appropriate receptacles. All used tires must be removed.
  7. All drivers and members will be responsible for notifying crews and guests concerning the hours of registration.
  8. Electric power is available. Tags for the outlets will be issued at time of plug-in and payment arrangements can be made either with security or in the Pit Stop.
  9. All drivers, members, officials and spectators must comply with the Pit Vehicle Policy of Blackhawk Farms Raceway; including the purchase and display for a Pit Vehicle Pass for each unit present on the                premises. Passes may be purchased at the Pit Stop.

Dog Day Double Divisional amendments to these rules:

  1. On track hours will be per schedule and/or adjusted as needed for race operations
  2. No race engines may be run past 15 minutes after the last checkered flag of each day or the time published in the track rules, whichever is later. However, unless directed otherwise, a competitor whose car is released from impound or SOMs after that point may restart the engine and drive directly to the paddock (unless otherwise directed), and shut off the engine for the day.
  3. All competitors must vacate the premises by 7:00 PM Sunday. 

Entries (211)

Jim Cook
Trudy Sutton
Justin Wylde
Leslie T Whitfield
Sandra Dever
Susan Kettler
Paul Thorson
Lawrence Werntz

Blackhawk Farms Raceway

South Beloit, IL
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