Sat, Jul 6 - Sun, Jul 7, 2024

Eastern Idaho SCCA Weekend 6 - Rigby

Rigby Middle School

About this event

Welcome to 2024 Weekend 6 of East Idaho Region SCCA autocross and we are looking forward to having you join us!

********* UPDATED LOCAL SOUND RULES **************

All EIR events will now be limited to 98 decibels dBA.
Please review the full rule by clicking here

  • Cap at 72 drivers per day (24 drivers per 3x run groups)
  • The SCCA no longer accepts paper weekend membership forms so we have moved to ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY (please tell your friends to go to MSR).   It saves the volunteers that run our awesome region a ton of work as well. 
  • A valid drivers license or learners permit is required to drive in SCCA Events. 
  • All Minors (12 to 17.999) are required to have a Minor Release form completed by parents or guardians.  No minors under 12 allowed in the hot zones.

Need the rules of Autocross?  Please look at this page for more information. 
SCCA rules are extensive, at minimum review section 3.3.3. 
Appendix A on page 178 is the beginning of finding what class your car lands in.
Check out our website for additional details, schedule, results.

Registration Prices

Member: $35 - 1 Day,  $45 - 2 day

Non Member: $50 - 1 day, $60 - 2 day

Novice is for those that have attended less than 3 weekends.  Class will be set at NOVICE (NOV) to learn all about SCCA autocross without any pressure of competition. 

Novice: $25 - 1 day, $50 - 2 day


Event requirements

SCCA Autocrossing is a Work to Drive all day event (earn your turns). 

We split into run groups so while one group is driving the other is working the course, timing, grid, safety, etc.  We switch groups, take a lunch, then repeat in the afternoon.  You must work the heat that you drive in.  If you can't stay for the afternoon heats after lunch, let us know, and this is ok.  

We have loaner helmets for you to use so we got your melon covered.  Limited quantity M (2), L (3), XL (2), XXL (1) and will be shared.

If you have it, please bring your own helmet with the proper SNELL or FIA or SFI certification. Info here: SCCA 2023 Allowed Helmet Certifications

Self Tech sheets will be handed out to ensure your car meets SCCA safety requirements.  Compliance checks will be performed on each car for the following: All lug nuts, no dripping fluids, no loose items in car, battery tied down, tire condition, and helmet certification (if applicable). 

7:00am___Trailer cracks open and we start setting up. Come help us setup!
7:30am___Tech inspection opens
8:00am___Registration check-in opens
8:30am___Novices need to be checked-in to start novice walk (going over grid, cones, course assignments, etc.)
8:30am___End of walk-up registration, if spots are available, must have access to MSR via your phone.

8:30am___Course opens for walking
9:00am___Registration and Tech closes.  All cars need a tech sticker.
9:10am___Novice walk, meet at Start
9:30am___Drivers meeting at the trailer
9:45am___ Break to work and grid
10:00am__First car out
1:30pm__First car out

4:30pmish_End of day, announce final results. High fives all around.
5:00pm___Pack up the trailer. Stick around and hang out with the club!


Entries (60)

Randall Walton
Angela Park
Mark Stenberg
Irvin Sanchez
Jaxon Chantrill
Dawson Bernard
Bryndi Humphries
Colin Smith

Rigby Middle School

Rigby, ID


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Eastern Idaho Region

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