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Dominion Raceway TrackCross

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** NOTE:  After Midnight 11/9, A $20 Late-Registration Fee Will Apply, So REGISTER TODAY! **

TrackCross is a like Autocross, however instead of driving around cones in a parking lot, participants are driving around the technical (i.e. "twisty") section of the Dominion Raceway Road Course.  TrackCross speeds are a little faster than a typical Autocross event, and like Autocross, cars are staged so that there is no chance of two cars colliding into one another.  Runs are timed so that you can monitor your progress, AND also compare your times with other participant's times.  There are no work assignments.  The event is held rain or shine.

Number Of Runs: The number of runs depends on many variables, including car counts, course design/length, weather, and the number of problems/cleanups. There is a reconnaissance lap in the morning, and your first run in each session (i.e. morning session and afternoon session) is a “warm-up” lap and doesn’t count toward the results. After the warm-up lap in each session, 3 to 5 runs per session is average. It can be more if things are running smoothly and/or in the afternoon runs when time allows, but it’s usually not less unless things have really gone wrong. So, you can usually expect at least 6-10 runs total.

Experience Level:  While previous performance driving experience is NOT "required", our TrackCross events are NON-INSTRUCTED events.  So, it is important that participants have at least a basic understanding of performance driving techniques and concepts; and having actual hands-on prior experience is very beneficial.  There will be a 30-minute Classroom Session to review some basic performance driving concepts and techniques, and this session is mandatory for those without previous participation in organized performance driving events.

NOTE The Novice Classroom Session will cover only the very basics of performance driving. If you would like, OR, feel you need, more in-depth and/or in-car instruction, please register for one of our HPDRE events instead ( Click Here For HPDRE Events )

During the registration process, you will need to designate whether you have participated in 5 or more autocross and/or road course performance driving events within the last 2 years, and if you have, you will need to bring documentation of those events to Check-In. If you do not have that previous experience, you will be classified as a "Novice" and will need to attend the Novice Classroom Session.

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee is just $125 in-advance (up through 6-days in advance), and $145 beginning 5-days before the event. Registration is limited to 80 cars (two 40-car heats in the morning, then each group again in the afternoon) so everyone gets plenty of runs.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  The course start and finish points may change during lunch and from event to event for variety. Start can be anywhere from the braking markers into Turn 1 all the way down to the exit of Turn 2. Finish can be anywhere from the braking point into Turn 7 all the way up to the exit of Turn 12. 

(Click on the following link to see an example of a DR TrackCross course:  TrackCross Info and Sample Course Layout )

CAR CLASSING:  See the next page for information about the various classes

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE ... for 40+ entries:
7:00a – Registration & tech open
8:00a – Drivers meeting/novice classroom
9:00a – Morning Session begins (Heat A)
est 10:30a – Heat B on course
est 12:00p – lunch/touring laps
est 1:00p - Afternoon Session begins (Heat A)
est 2:30p - Heat B on course


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for 39 or fewer entries:
8:00a – Registration & tech open
9:00a – Drivers meeting/novice classroom
10:00a – Morning Session begins

est 12:00p – Afternoon Session begins

More info:  TrackCross Info and Sample Course Layout

Questions? Please Click Here For The Road Course FAQ'S

Event requirements

AGE REQUIREMENT: All drivers must be age 18+ with a valid street license.

ALL CARS must have a Technical Inspection done PRIOR-TO arriving at the race track. Click Here To Access The Technical Inspection Form.  Be sure to print the form, have the inspection carried-out and the form filled-out, and bring a completed copy of it with you!

CONVERTIBLES need to pass "Broomstick Test" and may need additional rollover protection.  Click Here For Convertible Requirements

CAR NUMBERS:  All cars are required to have a number on both sides of the car. The numbers should be at least 8" tall, and should be a contrasting color to the color of the car. Painters tape is fine, however, here is a link to a company that can provide them:

PASSENGER POLICY: No passengers unless they are approved instructors

CAR CLASSING:  Basic car classing exists so drivers compete against those in similar cars or of a similar skill level.

Choose "Novice" (NOV) if you are a beginner or otherwise new to this (less than 5 autocrosses or similar performance driving events) regardless of car.

Choose "Just-For-Fun" (JFF) if you don't care about car classing and/or don't want the chance to win stuff.

Otherwise please choose one of the classes below (FWD = Front-Wheel-Drive;  RWD = Rear-Wheel-Drive;  AWD = All-Wheel-Drive):

Classing Notes: 

  • Horsepower ratings for consideration above are at the crank, from manufacturer specifications and/or via best calculation on a dynamometer.
  • If you swap your engine, add a supercharger/turbocharger, swap on a bigger turbo, run a very sticky tire, mount big aero, gut your interior, etc – your car goes to Competition class and probably bumps from 1 to 2 or 2 to 3 (even if it’s still a daily driver!)

Street car classes:
Shall be for street legal production cars that are stock or have limited/basic bolt-on modifications like intakes or exhausts or springs/shocks, DOT 140+ treadwear street tires, full interiors, and little to no weight reduction.

SF1 = Street FWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
SF2 = Street FWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
SR1 = Street RWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
SR2 = Street RWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
SA1 = Street AWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated 
SA2 = Street AWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction

Competition car classes:
Shall be for street legal or non street legal competition or racing prepared cars with more extensive modifications like engine swaps or aftermarket forced induction, DOT R-compound tires or full slicks or any tire with less than 140 treadwear, gutted interiors, and/or significant weight reduction.

CF1 = Comp FWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
CF2 = Comp FWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
CR1 = Comp RWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
CR2 = Comp RWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
CA1 = Comp AWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated 
CA2 = Comp AWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction

Rental helmets are NOT available; participants must provide their own helmet.

Gift certificate entries are available, please email

Touring laps may be available during lunch for an additional $20/car.

Passenger policy: no passengers unless they are approved instructors.

Questions? Please Click Here For The Road Course FAQ's 

More questions? Please 

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Jeff Smith
Darren Williams
Marvin Blake

Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA


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Dominion Raceway

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