Sun, Dec 4, 2016

Dixie Region Solo 2016 29th Annual Allies vs. Axis

South Georgia Motorsports Park

About this event

29th Annual Allies vs. Axis

"IT'S ON...” for the 29th Year! Allies vs. Axis will take place at SOUTH GEORGIA MOTORSPORTS PARK in Adel, Georgia! Be a part of this historic and infamous Solo commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day.

"Wipe Up The Competition” at Allies vs. Axis!  Please help us by donating the most requested and needed item for the Tallahassee-Leon Shelter in serving the homeless. The The Shelternumber one donation needed by The Shelter is of all things, toilet paper. They use 48 rolls of toilet paper a day, over 1400 per month. The Dixie Region SCCA goal is to donate a month’s supply of toilet paper to The Shelter. Please bring a package of toilet paper on the day of the Axis vs. Allies event. If you can’t bring toilet paper, we will accept donations of $10 and we will purchase the toilet paper for you. If every entrant donates a 24-roll package of toilet paper, we will exceed our month supply donation goal. Please be a part of the Dixie Region supporting The Shelter.

Make your vote count! We will have awards for the Crappiest Run &  The Best Decorated cars for the Allies & the Axis so vote and vote often.  Look for the ballot boxes around the timing trailer the day of the race.

Event requirements

In order to run an autocross, you will need to have a valid drivers license with you at the event.  All autocrossers under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or legal guardian sign a minor's competition waiver before they can run the event.

If you are an SCCA member, please bring your current membership card with you to the event. All Students and Military are also asked to provide identification in order to receive their corresponding discount!

Entries (85)

Chris Yearwood
Pamela Klein
Anthony Tipler
Ethan Swindel
Andrew Gajdarik
Terry Nitti
Leon Van Dommelen
Matthew Glagola

South Georgia Motorsports Park

Cecil, GA


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Dixie Region

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