Sat, Sep 9, 2023

CVR PCA AutoX 5 (Lime Rock Park B-Paddock)

Lime Rock Park

About this event

Join us for the CVR PCA AutoX! 

Autocross is an exciting form of motorsport held at typical street and highway speeds. It emphasizes precise car control in a low-cost, friendly and safe competition that is very gentle on your car. Learn and rapidly refine advanced driving skills and techniques in the non-threatening and safe environment of a course marked by traffic cones in a large parking lot. Through the included AutoX-University lessons, you are encouraged and coached by advanced driving instructors about the basics and the fine points of driving to the edge of your and your car's limits. Each Autocross course is designed to optimize the featured AutoX-U driving skills taught that day so that you learn Better Driving...Faster! Enjoy your car's handling like nowhere else and discover the fun and camaraderie of CVR autocross events. It is recommended to drive autocross before your first Drivers Education event since the skills are directly transferable. 

NEW (UPDATES in Bold): CVR PCA AutoX is open to all Porsche Club of America members. Non-PCA member drivers must be an invited guest of a PCA member driving at the event. PCA members are allowed to invite up to one non-member per event. Due to site and event logistics, attendance will now be limited to the first 70 people, with priority to CVR members driving Porsches, then CVR members driving Other cars, then one non-Porsche guest per attending CVR member, then non-CVR PCA members, based on sign-up date/time if needed.

Online Registration Fees:
Members $40
Non-Members $45


Event requirements

This Sept 9, 2023 AutoX event is held at Lime Rock Park's large "B Paddock" ( next to Lime Rock track's "Downhill" turn). This event is completely sepparate from CVR's Driver's Education (DE) track event held that same day. Based on experience, it is NOT recommended to try to run both the DE and the AutoX events together. AutoX is a full day of Porsche Motorsport that requires your full focus. DE also requires your full focus and diluting that is not a good idea even for experienced drivers. If you have driven at least one CVR AutoX and never tried a CVR DE, then please give the DE a try. If you have never tried either, then please try the AutoX first as a foundational driving experience that will enhance your first DE event in the future.

CVR AutoX is run with an emphasis on event safety. Full details can be found in the CVR AutoX Rules here.

AutoX and Novice Info:
CVR AutoX events emphasize learning Better Driving...Faster! Events are designed so that drivers with all levels of experience feel welcomed, enjoy the day, and go home a better, safer driver. Senior CVR AutoX instructors are available all day to provide in-car coaching and provide advanced driving tips. Loaner helmets available at all events for new drivers. To see more AutoX and novice information, click here.

Car Class:
Classes are NEW for 2023. CVR AutoX run to PCA Parade Competition Regulations (PCR's) for Medium Sized Regions. Drivers are responsible for the proper classing of their vehicle 

Please make sure you classify your car correctly:
Quick Classification Guide
CVR AutoX Class Table
- Novice class: This class is for drivers new to AutoX and participating in a Porsche. Drivers may stay in this class for 3 events or until they win the class, whichever is first.
- Other class: This class is for any non-Porsche car.

Fill out the requested information to finish online registration. Pre-Registration will close at midnight, the Wednesday before the event in order to help us set-up the event. Your credit card will be charged the Thursday or Friday before the event. Once charged, there are no refunds. 
Junior Participation Program (minors under 18) drivers are welcomed: Please email the registrar before completing the online registration.

Event Schedule:

7:15-7:45  Arrive at Event
7:45-8:15  Check-in and course walk
8:30  Drivers Meeting
9:00  First Car Off
3:00-4:00  Last Runs & Trophies


Continue to check in at the for all of the information you'll need and to make the day more fun, such as: Pre-published course maps, rules, directions, details about the 2023 season, and any updates! We run rain or shine (unless it is an all day monsoon) to help enhance dry and wet driving skills.

Lime Rock Park

Lakeville, CT
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Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Connecticut Valley (CVR) - AutoX

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