Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Corvettes North Club Autocross at Quesnel

Quesnel Auto Racing

About this event

All Makes/Marques are welcome!

Event will be held at the Quesnel Road Course - Cariboo Raceway Park

Surface: Asphalt

Course length: Approximately 1.1 km

Course type: Road course

Access restrictions: Gate is open from 8:30am to end of event

Smoking rules: Smoking is allowed on site

Visitor observation facilities:  Flagging bridge, bleachers on hillside, trackside

Bring a lunch as everyone is on site until the end of the event.

Participants are required to volunteeer for tasks including course setup/take down, timing equipment operation, start or stop box attendants.

Please ensure you have completed the Speedwaiver before arriving and be ready to present proof of completion.

The designated Race Marshall will oversee race activities.

Event requirements

Self tech your car using the form found on our website - only mechanically sound vehicles will be able to participate.

Requirements to participate

  •        Most makes and models of cars are welcome
  •        Your car must pass our tech safety inspection
  •        You must have a certified helmet (see below)
  •        You must have registered and signed the driver waiver
  •        Only cars may enter our events


Helmet Requirements:

  • Participants will wear a helmet that is SNELL 2015 MA certified, or DOT (FMVSS No.218) less than 10 years old, or ECE (22.50) less than 10 years old.

Tech Requirements:

  • No leaks

  • Securely fastened battery

  • All loose items removed from vehicle

  • No cords showing on tires

  • Serviceable brakes

  • See documents page for tech sheet

Conduct Requirements:

  • The Race Marshal has final say on course design, event disputes or poor conduct

  • Cars are to be parked in the pit areas when arriving, no cars are permitted on the track until the club gives direction to do so

  • While cars are in motion on the track no persons are permitted on the designated track area.

General Rules:

  • Everyone on site will attend the morning and afternoon Safety meetings

  •  All participants will be required to participate in event tasks such as track setup, take down, timing, marshaling, etc.

  • Drivers are responsible to ensure that all visitors sign in and complete the waiver

  • Use of drugs and alcohol are prohibited.

  • All drivers must hold a valid "N" or higher drivers license to participate.


  •          FWD - Street - 200 treadwear tires and higher, FWD drivetrain
  •          RWD - Street - 200 treadwear tires and higher, RWD drivetrain
  •          AWD - Street - 200 treadwear and higher, AWD drivetrain
  •          Competition - Less than 200 treadwear tires, all drivetrain configurations, non-street legal vehicles & karts. 

Quesnel Auto Racing

Quenel, BC


Autocross/Solo organized by

Corvettes North Club

Corvettes North Club Autocross at Quesnel

Sun, Jul 14, 2024