Sat, Oct 19, 2024

Copperstate 12 Hour Enduro

Podium Club @ Attesa

About this event

The 2nd Annual Copperstate 12-Hour Enduro -  The Podium Club at Attesa.

If you have never done an endurance race before, don't be afraid of doing it. It's, by far, the fastest-growing segment in amateur racing for a reason. It's fun and straightforward, and the costs are spread over many people.

The cars: Any fendered race car that can run in another race series is most likely eligible here. We class the cars based on power to weight ratio. If you have a spec Miata, bring it. If you have a GT-1 Corvette, bring it. The duration of the race, along with the classing system, really evens the playing field. Our major requirement is current safety equipment per SCCA standards.

Licenses: Any sanctioning body competition license is acceptable under our enduro rule set. NASA, ASA, Pro Autosports, IMSA, and SCCA licenses are accepted. No license but have track experience? Don't hesitate to contact us, and we can get you in.

Pit stops & Pit Crew: We have 10-minute pit stops so that nobody is in a rush, and there is no advantage to a well-monied team with a dry break fuel system and professional crew. Please bring your friends and have them in driver's suits and helmets when fueling.

Tires: Tire choice is at your discretion. You can run slicks, street tires, or anything in between. Our experience is that 200-tread wear street tires are the best, and some cars/brands will last the entire 12 hours.

Fuel: Bring your own. Make sure you have enough for the duration of the race. Bring a barrel or lots of jugs. Stints are typically two hours.

In-car radios: Nice to have but not necessary. Simple pit boards work, too, just like the old days.

My car isn't current on its safety inspection or has no SCCA inspection. No problem. Let us know, and we will work with you ahead of time or at the track on Friday.

I'm not familiar with the track. Have a look at the attached video. It will give you some perspective. This is Arizona's newest track and is located between Phoenix and Tucson. It's conveniently located near infrastructure like fuel, hotels, restaurants and two interstates.

Need a practice day? The track is sponsoring one on Friday. Sign up on Motorsportsreg. (TBD)

Don't want to spend the money today? When you sign up, there is no financial risk. Your card is not charged until the race is complete. No show, no charge.

Come race with us and help make this a great annual tradition.

Licensing/rules questions: contact Ed Paul at 602-739-0239
Registration questions: contact Jim Cantrell at 520-289-2657 or Chris Page at 480-628-3483
Safety Inspection: contact Doug Nelson at 520-631-4989

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Event requirements


  • Fuel tank capacity limits are open.
  • Dry Brake Fueling systems are allowed.
  • Wheels are open and must be made of metal. Any wheel stud, bolt or nut is permitted. Tires must be 124 (“U”) mph rated or better.
  • Maximum of 2 hours per driver with a minimum of 2 hours between stints All pit stops are a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • Timers shall be placed on each car as they exit the track. If you do not have a timer on your car when you pit you will be held for 5 minutes by the pit lane worker.
  • Driver change allowed during fueling ONLY. Fueling maximum 4 persons, 1 fueling, 1 fire extinguisher, driver change 2 persons during fueling. No work on the car allowed until fuel cap or dry break are closed and fuel can is behind the wall
  • Lights at each driver hot pits are to be provided by each team to provide a minimum clear view during fueling for safety.
  • Qualifying will be open for one hour. Classes will be determined by qualifying times and car classification if the car does not qualify.
  • Cars not competitive in their class will be moved down. Cars too fast for their class and competitive in the next class up will be moved up to that class.
  • There will be up to 4 classes, E1, E2, E3, E4 depending on the number of cars, to provide a competitive class for all cars.
  • All vehicles must meet the safety and equipment requirements of the 2024 GCR sections 9.3 & 9.4 “Roll cages for GT and production based cars or Appendix I, 2007 Cage Rules.
  • Production cars only. No tube frame cars. If you have a question regarding if your car is legal to compete contact the Tech Chief, Doug Nelson at 520-631-4989
  • Fuel is available at the track and available 10 minutes from the track. Premium fuel and race fuel are available at the track but limited to 450 gallons. Additional fuel can be made available at the track per request call… (602) 707-7222
  • Fueling and driver changes will be made in the competitor’s designated pit space.
  • Headlights, taillights and brake lights are required for each car. Additional headlights are allowed provided they do not impede another competitor.

Entries (4)

James Cantrell
Lenny Loftin
Chris Page

Podium Club @ Attesa

Casa Grande, AZ


Endurance Racing organized by

SCCA - Arizona Region

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Copperstate 12 Hour Enduro

Sat, Oct 19, 2024