Sat, Apr 13, 2024

Chesapeake Region PCA - Intro to Autocross

Prince George's Stadium (Bowie)

About this event

Are you a new Porsche owner and want to understand what your new car is capable of doing? Have you owned your Porsche for a while and wondered what this thing called “Autocross” might be? Do you want to become a better driver by understanding how to control your vehicle in emergency situations? Are you already an experienced autocrosser, but want to improve your skills? The Chesapeake PCA Introduction to Autocross is the event for you!  

The day will start on-site at Prince George's Stadium in Bowie, MD with driver check-in and tech inspection to make sure your car is ready to autocross. A one-hour Autocross Chalk Talk (classroom session) will be held outdoors at the autocross venue during which our Chief Autocross Instructor will cover many of the finer aspects of autocrossing: general car control, weight transfer, oversteer/understeer corrections, precision braking, and a host of other techniques.

Once complete, students will drive in skills exercises where they will be able to apply what they have learned and receive additional "live-fire" mentoring with a dedicated instructor as they practice slalom technique, car control on a skid pad, and driving the racing line on a mini-course. Lunch and drinks will be provided during a break after the morning skills exercises, after which the students will have a chance to put it all together and compete on a full autocross course.

Note that you don’t have to own a Porsche or be a PCA member to participate in the Autocross School. Everyone is welcome! This event is open to owners of all makes and models.

Entry Details:

  • Entry fee of $110 for the entire day, including lunch
  • All car makes and models are welcome
  • Registration is capped at 36 attendees
  • There are no walk-ups available for this event

Schedule: Here is the tentative schedule of the day's events:

0730 - 0830  Check-in and tech inspection
0830 - 0930  Class/Chalk Talk

0930 - 1000  Prep for Driving Sessions
1000 - 1100  Driving Session #1
1100 - 1200  Driving Session #2
1200 - 1300  Driving Session #3
1300 - 1345  Lunch / Driver's Meeting
1345 - 1410  Course walkthrough
1410 - 1420  Group #1 drivers to their cars, Group #2 to their work stations
1420 - 1600  Autocross Heat 1 (Group #1)
1600 - 1615  Transition Group #2 drivers to their cars, Group #1 to their work stations
1615 - 1800  Autocross Heat 2 (Group #2)

Class Structure:

For the timed Autocross in the afternoon, it is helpful to assign the appropriate class to your car. Use these guides for choosing the class into which your car will be placed:

  • SCCA classes for non-Porsches: Rules and classes can be found here:
    • Via link at the SCCA website: under "2024 SOLO Rules". (Car classes begin on p. 181 ff for the Jan edition.) During registration, you will first select "Non-Porsche (using SCCA classing)" as your Class before selecting your specific SCCA class in the "Modifier" field.
    • Rules for CHS PCA AX events can be found here: Chesapeake PCA Autocross Rules
  • Porsche classes:
    • There are four categories - Showroom stock (S), Production (P), Improved (I), and Modified (M)
    • Classing information for Porsches is contained in the CHS PCA AX rules found on the Club website: Chesapeake PCA Autocross Rules

For new PCA Members or first time autocrossers: Upon successful completion of the event, you will receive a discount code for use on that will allow for free registration at one 2024 Chesapeake Region Autocross Event.

Event requirements

Participants must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license (with the exception of those participating in the JPP program - see below). All participants must complete a “Waiver and Release of Liability" form. Use of the Speedwaiver fom is encouraged, but the waiver may be signed on-site. All spectators must also sign the waiver on-site.

The JPP (Junior Participation Program) allows any 16-18 year old child/grandchild of an active (in good standing) PCA member to participate in autocross events providing they have a valid license (this means their license allows them to drive on the street by themselves). The parent or grandparent must be present at the autocross and must complete a "Parental Consent, Release, and Waiver of Liability" form. The minor participant must complete the "Minor's Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement" form:

Each driver must wear an "M" or "SA" rated helmet carrying a 2010 or later Snell Memorial Foundation approval sticker. For those purchasing a new helmet, an "SA" rated helmet is strongly recommended, but an "M" rated helmet is acceptable.

Loaner helmets and head socks will be available for new drivers.

Prince George's Stadium (Bowie)

Bowie, MD


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Chesapeake

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Chesapeake Region PCA - Intro to Autocross

Sat, Apr 13, 2024