Sun, May 12, 2024

CCM AutoX #1 - Champ - All Cars Welcome

Schoolcraft PSTC

About this event

2024 CCM Champ Autocross

Autocross hosted by the Corvette Club of Michigan at the Schoolcraft College Public Safety Training Complex, 31777 Industrial Rd, Livonia, MI 48150.

Event requirements

Registration:                9:00-11:00AM

Tech:                              9:00AM – 12:00PM

Driver’s Meeting:         11:15AM

First Car Out:               Immediately following driver’s meeting


Pre-registration and pre-payment are required!  Walk-up registrations are highly discouraged and will be +$10


Event entry fees:

CCM/NCCC                                                                     $30

"DCSCC" (MSCC, AROC, DRSCCA)                             $40

Non-members                                                                 $50


Please note that adds a $2 fee to each entry.  This is not a fee from CCM nor does CCM receive the money.  Hagerty Driver’s Club members through Hagerty Insurance can waive this fee.


A Khana Pass is valued at $16 toward the event entry; passes will be collected at event and refunds will be provided later.  We are new to using and may develop this system over time.


Please sign up to work a shift to help the event run smoothly.  Weather and time permitting, we will offer 3 free fun runs for those who work. 

Please register using SCCA Classes.  For a description of SCCA classes see here.  An unofficial car classifier tool is available online here.

Pre-registration deadline is 11:00 pm the Friday before the event date.

Shoe polish numbers are NOT acceptable.  Printed paper numbers and masking tape are available at the event and are recommended if you do not have digits for the number assigned to you.   Masking tape numbers are allowed, but must be clearly legible, large size, and have adequate color contrast from the car to be visible from 50ft at 70mph.  All numbers must be placed on the body of the car (doors or quarter panels) on both sides.  Please have your numbers on your car when you go to tech, if not you will be asked to go put them on and return to the end of the tech line.


For additional information or in case of emergency on the day of the event, please call Chris Scafero at 734-748-9948 or email at


Helmet Requirement: SA/M2020, SA/M2015, or SA/M2010 WITH proof of manufacture less than ten years ago (date sticker or stamp).


Youth Waivers:  A Parental Consent form will be required for any youth under the age of 18 to enter the secured or paddock area.  This consent form must be signed by either parents or legal guardians.  Forms will be available at the event or a consent form may be picked up prior to the event by contacting Joe Scafero at 313-515-0734 or emailing Joe at If a form isn’t filled out, the youth will not be permitted to enter.

Run / Work Groups for May 12, 2024

Participants will be split into two groups (approx. 25 in each group)

PLEASE sign up to work at the registration table

Participants get (5 or 6, TBD) runs today, in the following sequence:

Time           (very approximate – hopefully we can move along quicker)

11:30         Group 1 makes their first 3 runs (Group 2 working)

12:00         Group 2 makes their first 3 runs (Group 1 working)

12:30         Pause for lunch

1:00            Group 1 makes their remaining runs (Group 2 working)

1:30            Group 2 makes their remaining runs (Group 1 working)

If there is time and interest, we may have fun runs available afterward for those who worked

Entries (53)

Collin Raszkowski
Mica Johnson
Fernando Vega
Michael Hoffstetter
Kris Watson
Cloyd Reed
Lisa Brown
Austin Bara

Schoolcraft PSTC

Livonia, MI


Autocross/Solo organized by

Corvette Club of Michigan

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