Sat, Sep 10 - Sun, Sep 11, 2022

CAL CLUB Autocross & Test n' Tune Sept 10-11

Auto Club Speedway

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We continue our 2022 season at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA on Sept 10-11, 2022! We will have a Saturday Test n Tune followed by a Sunday Autocross Event.

NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation we will be modifying some of our operating procedures. Prior to completing your registration please take a moment to read through the guide attached below. It details our response plan which is required by Auto Club Speedway. [6/16/2021 Update]: Spectators are again welcomed!

Cal Club SCCA Supplemental Safety Guidelines COVID-19 PUBLIC.pdf

Autocross, aka Solo, is a timed competition that challenges drivers to a course marked by cones laid out on an asphalt parking lot or a concrete aircraft runway. Safety is emphasized because cars enter the course one at a time and are spaced out to minimize risks to competitors and event workers. A key emphasis is placed on handling and car control, which breeds some of the most intense competition down to the hundredth or thousandth of a second! Learn more about us at

Cal Club Autocross is sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). The Sunday Autocross and Saturday Test n Tune are open to all SCCA members. If you’re not an SCCA member, do not worry. During the online registration process, you can buy a weekend membership that goes towards an annual membership should you decide to join later!

Sunday Autocross Event— September 10

Sunday Event Details 

  • 4 timed runs are included with your registration
  • You may purchase an extra 4 runs (called X-runs) online or onsite (subject to availability) with no additional work required!
  • Free Fun Runs following competition, if enough interest
  • Please bring water and snacks
  • One work assignment is required
  • No overnight camping allowed (you may leave your car and gear on site, however)
  • If you bring an EZ-up, you must have 50 pounds of ballast at each corner

Schedule (subject to change, AM/PM format if high turnout). 

We will have two grids, A and B, and will be swapping workers while the course is hot. Our goal is to run everyone in the morning and have time left over for those who want to do Free Fun Runs. 

  • 7:00 am—Registration/tech open, course open for walking 
  • 7:45 am—Novice course walk
    • *Novices and 1st Timers PLEASE READ* All drivers with less than 5 autocross events (with any club) needs to sign an acknowledgment at tech indicating that:
  • 8:00 am—Course closes for walking
  • 8:10 am—Mandatory driver's/Safety meeting
  • 8:15 am—Registration/tech close
  • 8:20 am—First group workers check in/cars to grid
  • 8:30 am - Run groups begin

Run Order (posted the week of the event)

Fees (fees are fully refundable should you not attend the event)

  • Online Pre-Registration 
    • Adult —$40
    • Student—$30
    • X-Runs (Extra set of 4 runs with no additional work!) —$25 <- Only available on-site during registration. No online pre-registration for x-runs. 
  • An SCCA membership is required
    • If you're not an SCCA member, you will need a weekend membership for $15 during the checkout process. This membership is good for the entire weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Your first two weekend membership can also go towards an annual SCCA membership should you decide to join later! Some restrictions do apply. See for details. 

If you pre-register for the Sunday event only and do not attend, your credit card will not be charged. If you are registered for both Saturday and Sunday and do not attend Sunday, please email our treasurer at for a Sunday refund.  

How and What to Register For

You may register online for a discounted fee, or you may register on-site at the event for a higher fee. You can register in a class based upon your car and modifications, or you can register to run Time Only (if you register TO, you will not be able to choose when you run/work). A work assignment is required. 

An extra set of 4 runs (called X-runs) is available for purchase online or on-site for $25 (no additional work is required when you purchase X-runs). Your normal runs (in class or Time Only) must be purchased and completed prior to taking X-runs. X-Runs may be taken in the same group as your normal runs, but the group you take your x-runs in is based on first come-first serve during check-in at the event.  So you can have 8 runs on Sunday for only up to $60 if you pre-register! 

Free Fun Runs may be available in the afternoon after class competition is completed (provided we have a minimum number of drivers).

Saturday Test n Tune— September 11

The purpose of Saturday is for drivers to test and tune setup changes. There is no live timing on Saturdays, and the times are not audited or posted online like they would be for Sundays (but you will get time slips). We encourage those looking for practice and seat time to come out on Sundays, do 8 runs (including X-runs) for up to $60, and then sticking around after for more Free Fun Runs. Better yet, do both days! 

Saturday space is capped to ensure a lot of runs, so be sure to register early for your best chance at acceptance. Registering for the event late DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR ENTRY. However, once you are on the confirmed entry list, your entry is then guaranteed. To avoid confusion once the practice sells out, we have added a new 'Waitlist Saturday' registration option. If the Test n Tune is sold out by the time you register, the only registration open will be for the waitlist. Annual Number holders receive early registration email for Saturday. 

The Details 

  • People usually get 12 runs
  • Work assignment is required
  • Bring water and snacks
  • No overnight camping allowed (you may leave your car and gear on site, however)
  • If you bring an EZ-up, you must have 50 pounds of ballast at each corner

Schedule (subject to change)

  • 7:00 am—Tech/registration opens; course opens for walking
  • 8:00 am—Course closes for walking
  • 8:00 am—Mandatory driver's/safety meeting
  • 8:15 am—First group workers check-in; tech/registration closes
  • 8:30 am—Run groups begin

Fees (Unlike Sunday, cancellation deadline is 11:59:59pm the Wednesday before the event)

  • Single entry—$80
  • Split Entry—$95 (two drivers sharing the same car, one set of ~12 runs, and one normal work assignment)
  • An SCCA membership is required
    • If you're not an SCCA member, you will need a weekend membership for $15 during the checkout process. This membership is good for the entire weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. Your first two weekend membership can also go towards an annual SCCA membership should you decide to join later! Some restrictions do apply. See for details. 

Note: Once on the entry list, your credit card will be charged unless your cancellation is received by Wednesday midnight, prior to the event. There will be no refunds or credits after that time.

Weekend Details

When you arrive

  • Sign the event waiver at our entrance gate
  • Register and Tech your car 
  • Walk course (there will be no parade laps, this is your only chance to see the course before you run) 

COVID Guidelines

The following revised COVID guidelines are in effect:

  1. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 30 days, you must have a subsequent negative test in order to attend the event. If you have tested positive within the last 30 days and do not have a negative test or have not been re-tested again, please cancel your registration and your fees will be refunded. 
  2. Please do not come with a fever or if you are feeling ill. Please check your temperature before you leave your house. 
  3. Spectators are again allowed! 
  4. No loaners helmets are available until further notice

Thank you for your cooperation! 

Driving Directions

Exit 210 or 10 freeways at Cherry, then head South (from the 210) or North (from the 10). You will see the large entryway gate. Tell the guard you are with the SCCA, they will tell you which lot we are in (usually we're in Lot 6). 

Event Chiefs

Event Master - Randy Gonzalez
Registration - Lisa Berry
Timing and Scoring - Rick Brown
Course Designer - Mike Parsons
Workers - Bijan Yeoh
Tech - Kyle O'Rourke
Gate - Xavier Herrara-Kheen
Novice Coordinator - James Yom
Safety Steward - Stephen Yeoh

Event requirements

Requirements for Saturday and Sunday

  • All entrants MUST BE SCCA members. Non-members can purchase a weekend membership for $15 during the online checkout process. Those purchasing a weekend membership will receive a credit of $15 towards the purchase of a yearly SCCA membership (subject to certain time limitations). See for details. 
    • NOTE: If you have a valid SCCA membership but the system indicates it is not valid, be sure your name in this system is exactly as it is on your SCCA card.
  • Persons aged 12 and older are allowed as passengers (passengers under 18 must have a minor waiver signed by both parents, see Special Rules below). Passengers must obtain a free passenger wristband available at registration.


  • Held under the SCCA Solo Rules and the Cal Club Autocross Supplemental Regulations
  • Helmets must conform to Snell 2010 or newer. LOANER HELMETS ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19.
  • No alcohol or other intoxicants may be used by anyone on the event site
  • Speed limits - Pits 5 MPH; Access road 25 MPH
  • Cars have the right of way

Special Rules

  • Competitors and passengers under 18 years old MUST have a waiver signed by BOTH parents; waiver forms are available online here:
    • SCCA Official Witness Signature Required Version (an SCCA Official can act as witness to BOTH parents signatures...can be completed with both parents present at gate)
    • CA Notary Required (A CA Notary's signature is required and both parents are not required to attend the event)
    • Note: If the minor is a spectator and not participating in the event, only 1 parent's signature is required.
  • Closed exhaust - 100db @ 50' noise standard
  • Event officials reserve the right to make changes as needed without further notice

Special Requirements for Sunday

Car Numbers and Class Letters Required for Championship Sunday

Click here for the complete SCCA National Rules >

Autocross Sunday Vehicle Number

Everyone is welcomed to sign up and run on Sundays! In order to score points towards a year end class Trophy, you must have a current 2021 Annual Number that includes your own permanent car number. To check if a particular car number is available for purchase, check out our Annual Number Listings here. Points cards are available for purchase online here. Cost is $20 for each calendar year. Cards purchased the last three months of any calendar year will also be valid the following calendar year. 

If you do not have a Annual Number, you can absolutely still run on Sunday but you must register with any open 6xx number on a first come first served basis. If you have already have magnets or vinyl numbers for your vehicle and you'd like to reuse them at our event rather than using blue tape, you can convert your existing number by placing a one "1" and the appropriate number of zeros in front of your existing number to create a four digit 1xxx number. This request can be accommodated at registration check in only. (For example: If you have magnets for number number 98, you may ask to register for number 1098). 

Classing your Car

Classes are based off your car and its modifications. Click here to view the SCCA rule book to determine what class your car should be in. If you don’t know how to class your call, click here and create a new post on our forum thread. Alternatively, we can help you re-class your car on the day of registration if you are unsure.

If you are a new comer with 3 or less events in each of the last 3 years, you qualify to enter into our Novice class to compete with others with similar skill levels. 

Entries (125)

Jim Whelan
Natalie Hubbard
Patrick Mcbride
Alex Valencia
Dennis Hubbard
Michael Bailey
Matt Wherry
Rick Brown

Auto Club Speedway

Fontana, CA
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Download track map


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SCCA - Cal Club Autocross

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