Sun, Jul 15, 2018

Shenandoah Trackcross Series - Rounds 3 & 4

Summit Point Raceway - Shenandoah

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Introducing the first annual
Shenandoah Trackcross Series
coming Summer 2018!

We are proud to announce the evolution of our popular "Refrigerator Bowl" winter autocross series using various parts of racetrack at Summit Point Motorsports Park. Each date will be two half-day higher speed autocrosses without cones on different courses for two heats each. There are no work assignments (unless you choose that option for a discount) and registration will be limited so everyone gets plenty of runs. Touring laps during lunchtime are available at each event also. New for 2018, we will have a championship series with winners at the end!

Most street or race cars are welcome but must pass a safety tech inspection (click here for the form.) Car classing is basic: Street or Competition (based on tires and modifications), FWD or RWD or AWD, under 2.5L NA or over 2.5L/all FI. Or Novice class of course - these events are great for first timers. There is no cheaper or easier way to run for times on a real road course!


7:00a – registration & tech open
8:00a – drivers meeting
8:30a – heat A on AM course
est 9:45a – heat B on AM course
11:00a – lunch/QUIET HOUR/touring laps
12:00p – heat C (heat A again) on PM course
est 2:00p – heat D (heat B again) on PM course

Please see and contact Jon Felton with questions.

Event requirements

Eligibility: All drivers and passengers must be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license.

Tech Inspection: click here for the form we use to tech your car. It is the responsibility of the participant to assure safe mechanical condition of the vehicle at all times. It is strongly recommended that vehicles be thoroughly and routinely inspected by a reputable technician beforehand. Refunds or credits will not be available for cars that fail tech. See note below re: convertibles.

Convertibles: Rollbars are required unless the car is factory equipped with rollover protection, and it must state such in the manual. Drivers must bring manual and present it at tech. Mazda MX5/Miata, Honda S2000, and Dodge Viper convertibles (among others) all need 4 point roll bars added. Please inquire before registering if you have any question about the legality of your convertible. Sorry no refunds or credits if you register and/or show up with a convertible that doesn’t pass tech.

Helmets: Must have Snell M2005/SA2005 or newer rating and be in good condition. Rental helmets may be available, please inquire.

Passengers: Are allowed (age 18+ only) as long as they have same level of protection as the driver. Passengers must keep hands and arms inside the car, and handheld recording devices may not be used.

Weather: These events will take place rain or shine, hot or cold. We will reschedule only for frozen weather, typically one week later.

Cancellation Policy: All sales final - no cancellation, refund, or credit. Entry is transferrable to another person for this event only. This event will take place "Rain, Shine, or Cold" but may be rescheduled or paused for more significant weather.

Entry Fees:
AM & PM Runs w/o work assignment - $99 pre-reg here now or $129 cash only at track that morning.
AM & PM Runs w/ work assignment (limited avail) pre-reg here only - $59
Lunch Touring Lap Session - $20/car

Bonus Fun:
Wet skidpad will be open free of charge for registered drivers in tech inspected cars after lunch.

Car Classing:
Basic car classing exists so drivers compete against those in similar cars or of a similar skill level.

Choose "Novice" (NOV) if you are a beginner or otherwise new to this (less than 5 autocrosses or similar performance driving events) regardless of car.

Choose "Drifter" (DRI) if you are planning to drift and/or don't want your times recorded.

Otherwise please choose one of the following...

Street car classes:
>>> Shall be for street legal production cars that are stock or have limited/basic bolt-on modifications, DOT 140+ treadwear street tires, full interiors, and little to no weight reduction.
SF1 = Street FWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
SF2 = Street FWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
SR1 = Street RWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
SR2 = Street RWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
SA1 = Street AWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated 
SA2 = Street AWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction

Competition car classes:
>>> Shall be for non street legal, racing prepared cars with more extensive modifications, DOT R-compound tires or full slicks, gutted interiors, and/or significant weight reduction.
CF1 = Comp FWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
CF2 = Comp FWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
CR1 = Comp RWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated
CR2 = Comp RWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction
CA1 = Comp AWD under 2.5L naturally aspirated 
CA2 = Comp AWD over 2.5L NA + all forced induction

^ if you have any questions about which car class to register for please contact Jon Felton before registering.

Entries (62)

Louis Vieira
Michael Ruppert
Evan Jones
David Herlihy
Justin Neal
Michael Shriver
Alex Povodyrev
Amin Vahabaghaie

Summit Point Raceway - Shenandoah

Summit Point, WV
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Download track map


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