Sun, Mar 24, 2024

ACNW Son of Quattrofest 2024

Ridge Motorsports Park, Road Course

About this event

Audi Club Northwest (ACNW) presents Son of Quattrofest, the first High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) event of the year at ​Ridge Motorsports Park!

With cooler temperatures and a good chance for a wet surface (because it's the Pacific Northwest in March after all), this event will be a great chance to get back behind the wheel and get your car control skills dialed in!

The club will be paying for overnight security at the Ridge, so you are welcome to camp Saturday night.  Vehicles may be dropped off any time after 5:00PM on Saturday.

Registration Fee:

  • One Day - $395


Event requirements

Please read the Son of Quattrofest Driver Handout and ACNW HPDE Event Information for Drivers documents posted on ACNW's Driving School Materials page. This information may change, so please re-read before the event.

HPDE Prerequisite:

  • Drivers must have previously attended at least one Driver Skills (DS) or High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) event - either with Audi Club or another organization. Non-solo drivers will have Instructors in their right seats.

HPDE Requirements:

  • You need an Audi Club North America membership to participate. If you do not have a membership, join the club by clicking here
  • Reciprocal instructors from BMWCCA Puget Sound Chapter and PCA Pacific Northwest Region may instruct and drive without an ACNA membership.
  • You must bring a valid driver’s license to the event. 
  • You must be at least 16 years of age to participate.
  • You do not need an Audi vehicle to participate.

Release and Waiver of Liability:

All participants and guests must sign the online SpeedWaiver prior to the event. For anyone under the age of 18, the minor and their parents must sign the online Minor Waiver. You can initiate the process by answering 'Yes' to the SpeedWaiver question on the registration form or start it with this link.

Helmet policy:

Approved helmets are required to be worn when on track at this event. Approved helmets include only Snell SA2015, EA2016, or SA2020 certified helmets. Motorcycle helmets are not allowed. You can rent a helmet on the registration form.

Safety Inspection Policy:

For every event, ACNW requires two (2) signatures on your Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist form. Please bring a signed paper copy of your Safety Inspection Checklist (form here) to the registration table on the morning of the event.

  • The signature at the bottom is yours. It is your car, and we need you to take responsibility for its safe condition and operation.
  • It is ACNW’s expectation that your car will be inspected per the areas of emphasis on the Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist form, by someone in addition to you. This should be a dealer, a local automotive shop, or any other person you believe has the technical knowledge and experience to thoroughly inspect your car for safety. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to confirm that your car is safe to operate at the event, and ACNW strongly encourages you to be honest about your own mechanical abilities/knowledge. Should you feel capable and confident in inspecting your own vehicle, it is permissible for the second “Inspected by” signature to be your own.
  • View the entire Safety Inspection Policy and Procedure here.


Convertibles lacking rollover protection are not permitted in ACNA High Performance Driving Schools (HPDE, lapping, or any events held “at speed”). Vehicles with removable hardtops or retractable hardtops lacking a rollover protection system are also not permitted at high-speed events. Convertibles with factory-installed rollover protection (either fixed or deployable) meet the ACNA minimum requirement for high-speed events and are acceptable, subject to approval by chapter leadership and event staff. We strongly recommend driving with the soft-top up or the hard top installed; otherwise, SFI and/or FIA approved arm restraint system(s) must be used.

High Center of Gravity Vehicles:

High center of gravity vehicles (truck, van, SUV-Sport Utility Vehicle, CUV-Crossover Utility Vehicle, SAV-Sport Activity Vehicle) are not permitted in Audi Club Driving School events held “at speed” (DE-Driver Education, HPDE, instructed or non-instructed lapping, track days), except those models included in the ACNA Vehicle Participation Exception List.

Audi Club North America policies for convertibles and high center of gravity vehicles are posted on the ACNW's Driving School Materials page under ACNA Driving School and Event Guidelines for your review.

If you have any questions please contact the registrar Alex Volmer or the event master David Kelley.

Ridge Motorsports Park, Road Course

Shelton, WA
Download track map
Download track map


HPDE organized by

Audi Club NA - Northwest Chapter

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