Sun, May 14, 2023

2023 Canaan Test and Tune

Canaan Motor Club

About this event

Join the fun and learn your limits.  There is a place for virtually any car (no high roll center vehicles), visit our website for details.

Members $80  (SCCNH, CMC, SCCV, KSCC, CART)
Non-Members $100 (includes SCCNH membership good for the calendar year). If signing up for both days, only use this once and use SCCNH_Unconfirmed for the second day.

Pre-registration is highly recommended as events often sell out

2023 SCCNH Autocross Test N’ Tune – Open to the first 54 entries.

  • Come join us for a day of autocross runs at Canaan Motor Club.
  • This is a non-points event.
  • You will get two 1 hour and 45-minute sessions. (Subject to change)
  • Live timing will not be utilized, times will be provided at the end of your run using the LCD screen. You will need to keep track of your own times. Timing will be best effort with the school going on.
  • Course will be set up with cones, however penalties will not be tracked. Safety is still our primary concern and everyone must follow the laid out course or risk removal from the event.
  • If you are willing to work a session as a safety marshal or cone setter, a $20 MSR credit for a future event will be provided

We are trying an AX School at Canaan as part of this event. If you know someone interested check out this MSR event.
If you think you would like to instruct for the school please reach out to Alex or Calvin, we will provide an event credit to use at a future event.


9:30am – Drivers Meeting

10:00am – Classroom Session 1 for Students and Run Group A

11:45am – Run Group B

1:30pm – Classroom Session 2 for Students and Run Group A

3:15pm – Run Group B

5:00pm – Track Closed

Event requirements

Must have a valid driver’s license.  If under 18, must have guardian release and guardian must be present for the duration of the event.

Please keep these requirements in mind during your participation. Failure to follow will result in your asking to leave without refund. These are the rules of the track and insurance requirements.

1. Absolutely no spectators. SCCNH only allows volunteer workers. If your family member wants to come help the club, they are welcome to do so.
2. All photographers must have a spotter. 
3. All persons entering must sign several waivers: Track waiver and Club Insurance Waiver waiver. Once waivers are signed, you will receive multiple wristbands. Yellow wristbands are for track waivers, and another color will be for the club waiver. If you lose your wristband, you must resign all paperwork. No exceptions. Waiver will be checked throughout the day and on each of your runs - so please wear on the appropriate wrist.
4. Track Management has final say as it pertains to the event and their property. Any questions can be raised with SCCNH staff (volunteers, chairs, or board members) - if we don't have an answer, we'll try to get one for you or point you in the right direction. If you're unsure of something, please ask!
5. ALL VEHICLES must pass technical requirements. If they don't, don't be mad at us. Fix the failure if you can and try again. We strongly suggest you check everything over on your car before showing up.

-- The below are our club's contractual requirements with track --

RACING TIMES: Only allowed between 10am and 5pm.

1. Noise levels will be strictly limited to 96dB. If you're over, you will likely be shut down. **This means you'll be barred from running on track until your exhaust is quietened down!**
2. Dogs are OK as long as they are under control (leashed & supervised at all times) and cleaned up after.
3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the paddock and pits until after all track activities have concluded for the day.
4. Any skating systems, skate boards, rollerblades or bicycles will not be allowed to operate on the Premises of Canaan Motor Club, including the Facility or on access or paddock road.
5. Small gas grills are OK -- NO OPEN FIRES (Wood, Charcoal)
6. NO jacks, stands, etc. on asphalt without having wood or some other weight distribution under it. Basically, we don't want to indent the asphalt - you will be held liable if you do. (Yes, the track crew will check). This includes trailer stands.
7. NO oil or other fluid leaks on asphalt. If you're leaking, get it to the grass ASAP and absorb any spills immediately.
8. NO DUMPSTER USE. What you take in is what you must take out. Yes, this includes all trash.
9. Photography is permitted on Premises, with the understanding that Canaan Motor Club has the right to use any media for promotional purposes.
10. Quiet time on Canaan Motor Club Premises is between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.
11. Fireworks prohibited at all times
12. You are required to stay within allowed premises and away from the off limits, as indicated in the attached site map image. Entry to the parking and camping area is through the CMC Main Gate off orange road (SEE ARROW). Do not enter the first driveway, you'll have to turn around.

1. Track is only open for runs between 10am-5pm.
2. Helmets, long pants, and closed toe shoes (no crocs) are required of drivers, instructors, or passengers while on the track.

Entries (44)

Chris Teryek
Luke Sahagian
David Beningson
Stevo Shaw
Aj King
Chris Florentino
Charlie Parsons
Rick Drangmeister

Canaan Motor Club

Canaan, NH
Download track map
Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


Autocross/Solo organized by

Sports Car Club of New Hampshire

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