Sun, Nov 12, 2023

2023 Atlanta Region SCCA Champion of Champions

Atlanta Motor Speedway

About this event

This is an SUNDAY event for ALL MEMBERS!

Loaner helmets will be available at this event. If you bring your own, here is a summary of what is required.

We allow guests at our events. They will be able to sign the waiver at the check-in tent/gate. 

There are three groups: the Champion of Champions, Club Class Champion of Champions, and Best of the Rest!

  1. If you ran PRO at any point during the current season, you MUST register for the Champion of Champions. The top 5 qualified placers in the Champion of Champions will receive trophies. To win a Champion of Champions trophy, you must have run at least 5 Atlanta region events during the season.
  2. If you won your Open class and ran at least 5 Atlanta region events during the season, you MUST register for the Club Class Champion of Champions. The top 5 qualified placers in the Club Class Champion of Champions will receive trophies.
  3. If you are not in either of the two above groups, you should register for the Best of the Rest. The top 5 qualified placers in the Best of the Rest will receive trophies. To win a Best of the Rest trophy, you must have run at least 3 Atlanta region events during the season.

All three classes are scored using the PAX (the indexed scoring system normally only used for Rookie and Pro) for your car class. This helps everyone compete on a more equal footing, regardless of vehicle driven.

Typically, we run as follows: In the morning, the two Champion of Champions groups will work while the Best of the Rest run (Group "A"). Then, the Best of the Rest will work while both Champion of Champions groups run (Group "B"). Adjustments could be needed to balance groups. 

In the afternoon, both groups will run the same course again, but it will be reversed.

This will be an all-day event, with a short break in the middle for lunch, course walking, and minor course adjustments. Participants will need to be present for the entire day!

  • 7:45 am - Gates Open
  • 8:15 am - Tech and Registration Open
  • 9:30 am - Tech and Registration Close
  • 10:00 am - First Car Off!


Event requirements


Notice to Participants: Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate in our event. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please stay home.  While on site please take the health and safety of your fellow participants, volunteers and staff into consideration.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within two (2) weeks of attending an SCCA event, we ask that you notify the event Registrar immediately. 

Pre-Registration is required for our events. Registration fees are $47 for SCCA members (Please note MSR charges a $2.00 booking fee for each event payment). MotorsportReg will verify your SCCA membership as you complete the registration process. If you are a current member and receive a message telling you that your membership is invalid or expired, make sure the name on your SCCA membership card matches the name on your MSR account exactly. Also make sure your SCCA number has been entered correctly in your MSR account - including any underscores that are a part of your number. Please contact us at if you have any issues with membership verification.

Once you have checked in at the tent/gate, either Paddock or proceed directly to Tech.

When you have completed Tech, proceed to the grid.

Are you a Minor?     

If so, be sure to get a MINOR WAIVER.  

Follow this link for the digital annual waivers.

You will need your login information for the SCCA Member Portal at  

If BOTH PARENTS SHARE CUSTODY, please complete the “Annual Waiver-Minor.”


If ONE PARENT has SOLE CUSTODY, please complete the “Annual Waiver-Parental Consent.

Entries (50)

Jason Westbrook
Layne Lindemann
Vikesh Subramanian
Justin Weronick
Mitchell Knudsen
Leia Knudsen
Thomas Gorman
Tommy Pulliam

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Hampton, GA


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Atlanta Region - Solo

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