Sat, Sep 24 - Sun, Sep 25, 2022

2022 RMVR Lollapalooza II

Pueblo Motorsports Park

About this event

Lollapalooza 2022 --Return of the Ambulance!!!Two days of racing, now with ambulance coverage all weekend long! Yes, Sunday will have ambulance services  You’re fully covered!

Your Choice of Track Time -  Minimum or Maximum
Sprint your brains out OR also do the Endurance thing
RMVR Performance (HPDE) Graduates will run four lapping sessions on Sunday
Plus, an open Friday Lapping Day
(Arrange directly with the track)

This is our only race weekend where you can actually choose how many days you wish you wish to participate:

  • Saturday is traditional Sprints. You can enter for Saturday Only, Same format as a regular race weekend with practice, qualifying, and three races.
  • Sunday is Enduro Day. For Only $100 more you can also race in Sunday's Enduro -- Each Enduro is three 25 minute races and then a final  20 minute race, all separated by a 15 minute break. Start the next session where you finish the previous session.  You could even call these "sprints'" if you have an aversion to the term "Endruo."  You don't have to run all four Enduro session if you don't wish.
  • HPDE Grads have their four 20 minute Sunday sessions, before and after each AM and PM Enduro races. 
  • Friday is an optional T&T Day, not exclusive to RMVR.  Two alternating run groups – one for production cars and one for open wheel/Sports Racers.   Details of the day and how to sign up to provided later.   Not an RMVR exclusive T&T day.
  • There will be refreshments after the track is cold both Saturday and Sunday, with some delicious appetizers on Saturday too.

Other weekend info:

  • There is a $10 entry fee for each car, collected at the gate, by the city.
  • Race Fuel Availability:   Details to follow.
  • RV’s please camp at the North end of the paddock before Friday night as the drags take up the South end. Thereafter we can populate the whole paddock area.
  • Friday night is Drags night for the town which if you’ve ever experienced it is quite good fun, and can go on until 12am.

Saturday Run Groups:  Entrants will receive an email prior to the event with the detailed Weekend Schedule of grid times and the running order for groups.

Our RMVR Regular Run Groups are: Small Bore Production cars, VW Powered Formula Cars, Mid-Big Bore Production cars, and Formula Fords / Wings and Things / Sports Racers.

In addition, a couple of added Run Groups are conditional upon sufficent sign ups:

  • Special Run Group: - Production cars without an RMVR or VMC logbook are welcome to enter and run in an added Special Run Group. on Saturday. (See below for additional details and requirements.)
  • HPDE Graduates (Sunday Only)   Graduates of RMVR’s Performance/HPDE School can register for four track sessions on Sunday.
  • If insufficient number of cars for these run groups are not registered 10 days before the event,  those who did sign up will be advised and their entry cancelled.  

Sunday Schedule:  Sunday will include the Enduro Races and  also four sessions for "Invitational HPDE Grads" (Contingent on sufficient number of HPDE entries.)

Morning: (FYI, the Enduro groups are the reverse order from last year):

  • "Invitational HPDE Grads" - 20 minute session

  • Open Wheel/SR Enduro  -- Three 25 minute races and then a final 20 minute race with 15 minute breaks.

  • "Invitational HPDE Grads" - 20 minute session

After Lunch:

  • "Invitational HPDE Grads" - 20 minute session

  • Production Car Enduro -- Three 25 minute races and then a final 20 minute race with 15 minute breaks.  Cars in Saturday's Contingent "Special Run Group" (If sufficent entries to have that Run Group for Sat.) will run in this afternoon Enduro.

  • "Invitational HPDE Grads" - 20 minute session

Tech:  Don't forget to get your Annual Tech done BEFORE you get to the track.  Here's more info on the benefits to you of doing this and how/where to get it done.

Marshal & Volunteers:   If you wish to work this event as a marshal or volunteer, please sign up HERE.

Event Chairs:  Judd Evans     303-674-4884     Robin Newton:    970-376-4553

Registration Options:

Early Bird

(Ends 3 weeks

before event)



Late fee

(Starts 9 days

before event)

Saturday Sprints  & Sunday Enduro




Saturday Sprints Only




FRIDAY Test & Tune




Performance (HPDE) Grads

(Sunday ONLY)




Event requirements

Important Stuff To Read Before Proceeding

Cars which DO NOT have an RMVR logbook:

  • Race cars without an RMVR or VMC logbook:  Such cars are welcome to run in our Special Run Group.  They must be race prepared cars having a logbook from a wheel-to-wheel racing organization.   When asked for the car's "class" please select “Exhibition."  They must pass an RMVR Event Tech Inspection Form and be prepared to conform to that organization’s preparation and safety rules..  Drivers entering this Special Run Group must also hold a valid up-to-date medical exam AND a current Competition License OR a Provisional License from their home organization.
  • Graduates of any of RMVR’s past Performance (HPDE) Schools.  You can run your street car.  When asked for the car's "class" please select “Performance (HPDE)." 
  • If insufficient number of cars for these run groups are not registered 10 days before the event,  those who did sign up will be advised and their entry cancelled.

For Double-Driven cars:  If you are sharing a car with another driver for the weekend, just have the one person enter.  Only that one entry fee will apply.  To avoid another entry fee, simply CALL THE CLUB ADMINISTRATOR, 303-319-3062, to advise who the second driver is.  Don't try to enter that second driver online.  The second driver MUST also go thru registration Saturday morning and have a valid competition license and medical.

Please double check the transponder number listed in the car's profile is correct.

When entering you might be required to pay a Membership Fee in order to complete your registration.   It will be good for the entire year.  After Labor day that RMVR membership will also be good for all of the following year.

Entries (6)

Steve Smith
Jacob Adams
Nathan Down
Chris Danforth
Jason Franikowski
Rob Spees

Pueblo Motorsports Park

Pueblo, CO
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Download track map


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2022 RMVR Lollapalooza II

Sat, Sep 24 - Sun, Sep 25, 2022