Sat, Oct 22, 2022

2022 Rally4Vets Top Dog TrackCross / Track Sprint

Summit Point - Shenandoah Circuit

About this event

Compete on the Track to Support Disabled Veterans 

The Rally4Vets Top Dog Championship is back for 2022!  Military veterans,  active-duty personnel, and military supporters compete on Service Teams for individual awards in class and collective as a team for the Top Dog Trophy.  [The Army team claimed the honor in 2021].  

Each service has its own team. Teams will compete in a day-long Trackcross event at Summit Point Raceway.  Priority registration will be offered to military veterans and active-duty personnel. 

We welcome non-military drivers, too!  Non-military drivers will get to choose a service team to compete for (granted, space is available on the team).

This event will be filled with camaraderie, nostalgia, and healthy competition.  Service Teams will compete for the coveted Top Dog trophy, along with more prizes!

All funds raised will be used to provide service dogs and suicide prevention programs to disabled veterans.  The event charity recipient for 2022 is Veterans Moving Forward

Full details on the event website:

The Format

Whether you are a regular track rat or looking to drive the track for the first time, this event is for you.  Drivers compete for the fastest lap times in their class with 60-seconds between cars.  So, there are none of the risks of door-to-door competition or having multiple cars running at the same time as in the SCCA track sprint format. 

Drivers will get familiarization laps and then drive for time by car class and experience (novice and experienced).  Morning sessions will run clockwise and afternoon sessions counter-clockwise.

Trackcross and Complimentary Blayze/Racers360 Video Analysis 
If you like Trackcross / Track Sprints, this event is for you!  You will get at least 8 runs for time.  Additionally, every driving participant will receive a complimentary video analysis/coaching session from Racers360 (now Blaze).   Note: you can use your coaching session prior to or after the event.  If you are a Summit Point regular, you can send any of your Shenandoah Circuit videos to Blayze for analysis prior to the event.  The coaching session requires you to provide onboard video to Blayze for analysis.

Registering for a Team 
Service teams are created as drivers register.  Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis with priority to veterans and active-duty personnel. 

If, for example, all 10 Army team slots get filled, subsequent Army drivers will be placed on a waitlist for cancellations.  Any unfilled Service slots will be allocated to the other Services on a rotating basis beginning with the oldest Service (official date of formation). 

Top Dog Trophy and Class Awards!
Track Cross: By driver placings in Jon Felton's Get Fast Trackcross car classes -

The overall “Top Dog” Team will be determined by a combination of points scored across all classes. The winning team will have their Service engraved into the trophy and will be able to present it to their Service Chief! [We are working on this!] In addition, each Top Dog team member will receive a Top Dog t-shirt and decal for their car.

We will be awarding medals three deep in each class.

Prizes for Individual Category Winners

We will also be giving out special awards in some very unique categories!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Event requirements


  • Drivers must possess a valid, full driver's license and be at least 18 years of age
  • Any kind of car is acceptable as long as it passes technical inspection: Safety/Tech [Please note:  all convertibles must meet Summit Point safety requirements. Be sure and review them on our website at our FAQ page -
  • Helmets certified as meeting the most current or the two most recent applicable Snell, FIA, or SFI standards are acceptable.  Snell ratings: SA2015, SAH2015, SA2010, SAH2010, SA2005, M2015, M2010, M2005
  • You do not need to be a veteran or active duty to compete, but veterans/active duty have first priority.  Do you have a relative who served?  Then race on their Service team.
  • During competition/performance driving events, all drivers must wear close-toed shoes. 
  • Drivers must comply with Summit Point Raceway and Get Fast Events Safety Rules - Click here for Safety Rules 
  • Everyone must sign a release and waiver form. 
  • The use of action cameras is allowed as long as the camera is solid-mounted.  If using a suction-cup type of mount, you must have a secondary tether securing the camera in case the mount becomes loose.  

Entries (24)

Andrew Cooper
Carter Terysen
Al Pacheco
Arlo Sumer
Dave Jones
Sager Kenneth
Julio Guardado-Rubio
Taneshia Brunson

Summit Point - Shenandoah Circuit

Summit Point, WV
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2022 Rally4Vets Top Dog TrackCross / Track Sprint

Sat, Oct 22, 2022