Mon, Sep 6 - Fri, Sep 10, 2021

2021 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals

Lincoln Airpark

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The SCCA® Solo® National Championship - known as "Solo Nationals" – is where more than 1,300 autocrossers come from across the country to meet and compete in one of the largest motorsports gatherings on the planet and the premier SCCA autocross competition and social event of the year.

To crown a national champion in each class, drivers make three runs each on two different courses, with the fastest times from each course combined for the official results. This magnitude of drivers and runs takes four days to complete with half of the drivers running on Tuesday/Wednesday and the other half running Thursday/Friday. Along the way, drivers, friends and crew enjoy a legendary welcome party, tailgating late into the night, a practice course and awards celebrations.

Whether you’re seeking a National Champion’s jacket, ready for the social event of the year or a mixture of both, the SCCA Solo Nationals is the ultimate destination.


Event requirements


Entry Cap for this event is 1300 
The 48th annual Tire Rack Solo National Championships returns to Lincoln Air Park to host over 1300 competitors and crown the best of the best in Solo competition!
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Site Location

Use the intersection function on your GPS

Lincoln Air Park

W Mathis St & NW 36th St

Lincoln, NE 68524

Enter site at Gate 41

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Registration Schedule

  • Wednesday, June 23 @ 3pm central – Registration opens for Tier 1 – 2019 Champions, 2021 Chiefs, 100%er’s. Regular Entry Fee $195 (cancel with refund minus $50 admin fee)
  • Wednesday, June 23 @ 5 pm central – Registration for Test n Tune opens to everyone ($50 fee)
  • Wednesday, June 30 @ 3 pm central – Registration opens for Tier 2 – 2019 podium winners (Top 3), 2019 Winners (Supplemental and Undersubscribed classes), Silver Circle members (25+ Nationals attendance). Regular Entry Fee $195 (cancel with refund minus $50 admin fee)
  • Wednesday, July 7 @ 3 pm central – Registration opens to everyone else. Regular Entry Fee $195 (cancel with refund minus $50 admin fee)
  • TBD – Individual Paddock selection opens
  • Tuesday, August 10 @ Midnight – Entry fee moves to $325 (cancel fee moves to refund minus $100). Those that register with the higher entry fee do not receive a refund.
  • Monday, August 24 @ 3 pm central - Run/Work order will be posted no later than this date.
  • Monday, August 30 – Last day to register online
  • Friday, September 3 – Last day to cancel and receive a refund, less cancellation fee of $100 (for those who registered prior to August 11).



Event Schedule and Supps

The schedule of activities can be found here: Coming soon
The supplemental regulations can be found here: Coming soon


Staff Hotel

Staybridge Suites I-80
2701 Fletcher Ave
Lincoln, NE 68504
Staybridge Suites Hotel Deal



Contingency registration for SCCA’s gold and silver level administered contingency programs are on a separate MSR registration found here:

National Tour registration DOES NOT include Solo Nationals, you must register separately every year. Competitors must be registered prior to competing, it is the competitor's responsibility to comply with contingency requirements. Please check the programs on for detailed program requirements, including decal placements. Please check regularly for additional programs being added.

The following companies are posting bronze level contingency programs for which you must register directly with the sponsoring companies:

  • Hoosier Racing Tire
  • Mazda North American Operations
  • Toyota Racing Development


Car Number Policy


Car number selection will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  Only one- or two-digit numbers will be allowed (i.e., 1 through 99). Exception: Where there are two drivers in one car, in one class, then the second driver MUST be 100 plus the first driver's number (99 and 199). The system does not allow drivers to reserve their co-driver's number. With that, if there is a conflict where someone signs up for a number and someone else who is not the co-driver signs up for the corresponding number, the person that signed up first for either the two or three-digit number is the owner of that combination. If you notice a discrepancy in numbers, please contact Nikki Edwards ( provides the date/time of registrations to determine who registered first and is the rightful owner of the number combination. If desired, drivers of the same car but in different classes (open and ladies) may use the same car number. Drivers of the same car in the same class must submit separate entries. Car numbers above 199 are not allowed at National Solo events.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing.
Please contact Nikki Edwards ( with questions or to cancel.
Please review important information regarding refunds below. 

Partial refunds (SCCA retains $50) for cancellations IF:

  • Entrant registered prior to Tuesday, August 11
  • Entrant canceled prior to Friday, September 3

Partial refunds (SCCA retains $100) for cancellations IF:

  • Entrant registered prior to Tuesday, August 11
  • Entrant canceled between Wednesday, August 11 and Friday, September 3

NO REFUNDS for cancellations IF: 

  • Entrant registered on or after Wednesday, August 11
  • Entrant canceled on or after Friday, September 3


Waitlist Policy

  • When the event hits the entry cap, the remaining competitors will be put on a waitlist.
  • For those entrants on the waitlist, there is no guarantee the entrant will get into the event.
  • As entrants on the entry list cancel, the next person in line on the waitlist will be notified via email that there has been a cancellation and they have now been moved into the event. If the entrant has a credit card on file with MSR it will be charged. If there is no card on file when that entrant is moved over, they will be required to log into MSR and pay for the event. The entrant will have 24 hours to pay for the event before that entrant's entry will be canceled and the next entrant is put into the event.
  • We will continue to move entrants off the waitlist as we receive cancellations up until the time online registration closes.
  • After online registration closes, no entrants will be moved off the waitlist onto the registration list for the event. The waitlist will be officially closed, and even if there is a cancellation, no one will be taken off the waitlist to fill that spot.
  • On-site registration -  if the event is full, on-site registration will not be open to anyone on the waitlist or new registrations.

Entries (1291)

Kyle Hemp
Armando Castillo
Mark Stevens
Josh Dockstader
Paul Vinas
Robert Orth
Matt Wolfe
Kyle Bohling

Lincoln Airpark

Lincoln, NE


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - National - National Solo

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