Sun, Nov 14, 2021

2021 Atlanta Region SCCA Champion of Champions

Atlanta Motor Speedway

About this event

Our apologies, but as you may be aware, we have had some scheduling conflicts with larger business rentals at AMS this year.  Unfortunately, it has happened again - our friends from the Holiday Lights display we dealt with at our last event went even further, and the lot that is left is both too small for an event and unsafe for an event. Accordingly, we are forced to cancel both Points 9 and our Champion of Champions events. 

We are extremely frustrated with the problems we have had this year, and are working with AMS to try to avoid this next year. Unfortunately, the simple fact of the matter is that during COVID, they found a lot more people willing to pay money for large outdoor spaces. And those people pay more than we do. When AMS looks at our 15-20 days that we rent, and then compares that to a two-month rental, they have to make an economic choice - especially over the past year or two, where they saw spectator attendance go down.

While we are still working to figure out if the 2020 Season is officially "over" (we may reschedule these events for early 2021), we do know that AMS is unavailable through the end of the year.  So we will not be holding any other events this calendar year.

We will be issuing refunds to everyone who paid in advance.  And again, our sincere apologies.     


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Kahn Howard
Ben Credle
Grant Alpern
Ken Alpern
Wayne Walter
Co Bappe
Jesse Naughton
Mike Morey

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Hampton, GA


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SCCA - Atlanta Region - Solo

Event Cancelled!