BMW CCA - New Jersey Chapter announces Summit Point Driver School Saturday, Jul 25 — Sunday, Jul 26, 2015 attendees at Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit, Summit Point, WV 25446 (6790) > Attendees |

Attendee List

Summit Point Driver School

BMW CCA - New Jersey Chapter

Saturday, Jul 25 — Sunday, Jul 26, 2015

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit, Summit Point, WV

Driver's School  120 entries
  Name Status Class  YrMakeSponsor
Placeholder Avatar Abeyaratne, Dayan Confirmed Intermediate Student BMW 328xi
Avatar Image Agnew, Ryan Confirmed Beginner Student 2003BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Altomare, Phil Confirmed Advanced Student 2004Porsche 911 40th Anniv.
Avatar Image Alzayat, Mhyar Confirmed Instructor 2000Honda Hondanone
Placeholder Avatar Ashenbrenner, Bob Confirmed Advanced Student 2011BMW M3 Coupe
Placeholder Avatar Bartlett, Bart Confirmed Instructor 1989BMW 325i
Avatar Image Bauman, Alan Confirmed Intermediate Student 2005BMW M3
Avatar Image Bauza, Anthony Confirmed Instructor 2008Ford Mustang GT
Placeholder Avatar Bercovici, Gabriel Confirmed Intermediate Student 2009Subaru STI
Avatar Image Blow, Colin Confirmed Intermediate Student 2015Subaru WRXPrismaThree
Placeholder Avatar Bocanegra Jr., Richard Confirmed Advanced Student 2002BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Bocanegra Sr., Richard Confirmed Advanced Student 2004BMW M3
Avatar Image Brominski, Ed Confirmed Intermediate Student 1999BMW E36 M3EM Autobody & Graphics
Placeholder Avatar Brown, Elaine Confirmed Intermediate Student 1991BMW 318is
Placeholder Avatar Brown, Warren Confirmed Instructor 1991BMW 318is
Placeholder Avatar Bruce, Jeffrey Confirmed Instructor 2004Porsche 911 GT3
Avatar Image Cahn, Matthew Confirmed Intermediate Student 2005Lotus Elise
Avatar Image Caldwell, Jeff Confirmed Instructor 1993BMW 325isJeffapalooza, Bimmerworld, RedLine Oil
Placeholder Avatar Chan, Gerald W. Confirmed Instructor 1990BMW E30 M3
Placeholder Avatar Chan, Kahlil Confirmed Intermediate Student 2001BMW 325CI
Placeholder Avatar Chan, Kemal Confirmed Beginner Student 2001BMW 325ci
Placeholder Avatar Colyer, Ryan Confirmed Beginner Student 2002Ford Mustang GT
Placeholder Avatar Cooper, Calvin Confirmed Beginner Student 2015Subaru STI
Placeholder Avatar DeHaven, Chuck Confirmed Instructor 1988BMW E30 M3
Placeholder Avatar DeLaVergne, Marc Confirmed Instructor 2001BMW Z3 Coupe 3.0
Placeholder Avatar DiBianca, Molly Confirmed Intermediate Student 2014Porsche Cayman
Avatar Image Dion, Michael Confirmed Instructor 1996Porsche 993
Placeholder Avatar Domingo, Ramon Confirmed Advanced Student 2005BMW M3 ZCP
Placeholder Avatar Dong, Steven Waitlisted Intermediate Student 2011BMW 335i
Placeholder Avatar Duell, Emery Confirmed Advanced Student 1992BMW 325is
Avatar Image Ellman, David Confirmed Intermediate Student 1995BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Evans, Chris Confirmed Beginner Student 2008BMW 328i sedan
Placeholder Avatar Evans, Shea Confirmed Beginner Student 2007BMW Z4
Avatar Image Feigel, Douglas Confirmed Intermediate Student 2008BMW 128i
Avatar Image Field, Gregory Confirmed Instructor 1997BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Gambony, Neil Confirmed Advanced Student 1987BMW 325 IS
Placeholder Avatar Geier, Richard Confirmed Instructor 1997BMW M3
Avatar Image Gemeinhardt, Ronald Confirmed Advanced Student 2003BMW 330Ci
Placeholder Avatar Golann, Robert Confirmed Advanced Student 2008Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Grandy, Timothy Q Confirmed Beginner Student 1991Toyota mr2
Placeholder Avatar Greene, Courtney Confirmed Instructor 2002BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Grzech, Breanna Confirmed Beginner Student 1993Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Grzech, John Confirmed Instructor 1994Mazda miataTeam G
Placeholder Avatar Hahn, Rod Confirmed Instructor 1997BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Hanson, John Confirmed Intermediate Student 2013Ford Shelby GT500
Avatar Image Hartman, Greg Confirmed Intermediate Student 2001BMW 330iRubyMax Racing
Placeholder Avatar Herchenrider, Sr., Steve Confirmed Instructor 1989BMW 325 is
Placeholder Avatar Hodgen, Edward Confirmed Instructor 2012Ferrari 458
Placeholder Avatar Hodgen, Lisa Confirmed Intermediate Student 2012Ferrari 458
Avatar Image Hulbrock, Mark Confirmed Instructor 2003Nissan
Placeholder Avatar Jenkins, Adam Confirmed Beginner Student 2011BMW 335i
Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Art Confirmed Intermediate Student 1970BMW 2002
Placeholder Avatar Johnson, Dave Confirmed Instructor 1999BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Kachadoorian, Charlie Confirmed Instructor 1998BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Kachadoorian, Melissa Mason Confirmed Intermediate Student 1998BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Kaminski, John Confirmed Beginner Student 2011BMW 128i
Placeholder Avatar Karsh, Bill Confirmed Beginner Student 1998BMW E36 M3
Avatar Image Kavalieros, James Confirmed Instructor 1991BMW 318is
Placeholder Avatar Keeler, David Confirmed Instructor 2009Chevrolet CORVETTE Z06
Avatar Image Keller, Sam Confirmed Advanced Student 1989BMW 332i
Placeholder Avatar Kelly, Michael Confirmed Intermediate Student 2003Nissan 350z
Placeholder Avatar Kiceniuk, Rick Confirmed Instructor BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Komorowski, Jamie Confirmed Instructor 1995BMW m3
Avatar Image Korinis, Andy Confirmed Instructor 2011Porsche GT3RS
Placeholder Avatar Kostolni, Chris Confirmed Beginner Student 2007Subaru WRX STi
Placeholder Avatar kress, martin Confirmed Beginner Student 1997BMW 528i
Avatar Image Kuna, Kiran Confirmed Beginner Student 2010BMW M5
Avatar Image Lockman, Greg Confirmed Instructor 1986BMW 325 iSandcrawler Motorsports, SJF Performance
Avatar Image Lockman, Jason Confirmed Advanced Student 2006Ford Mustang GTSandcrawler Motorsports, SJF Performance
Placeholder Avatar Lytle, Marshall Confirmed Instructor 1975BMW 2002ML2 Motorsports
Placeholder Avatar Mackie, Bruce Confirmed Instructor 2006BMW Z4 M Coupe
Placeholder Avatar Magee, Jeff Confirmed Advanced Student 2011BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Mahmood, Naeem Confirmed Beginner Student 2001Porsche 911
Placeholder Avatar Mallory, Mark Confirmed Advanced Student 1995BMW E36 325is
Avatar Image Martin, Dan Confirmed Instructor 2004BMW 330i
Placeholder Avatar Mayer, Stanley Confirmed Instructor 2003Chevrolet Z06 Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Mccloskey, David Confirmed Beginner Student 2012Dodge SRT8 Challenger
Avatar Image Mehmood, Zafer Confirmed Instructor 1997BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Miller, Scotty Confirmed Beginner Student 2011BMW 135
Avatar Image Morriss, Jeff Confirmed Advanced Student 2004BMW 330i ZHP (sedan
Placeholder Avatar Muzylowski, Chris Confirmed Instructor 1990BMW 325i
Placeholder Avatar Muzylowski, Zygmunt Confirmed Advanced Student 1984BMW 323I
Placeholder Avatar Niewola, Joseph Confirmed Beginner Student 2007BMW
Placeholder Avatar Noble, Denise Confirmed Instructor 2013BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Nouel, Jacob Confirmed Advanced Student 2004BMW m3
Placeholder Avatar Ody, Derek Confirmed Beginner Student 2015Subaru WRX STI
Placeholder Avatar Ody, Elizabeth Confirmed Beginner Student 2012BMW 135i
Avatar Image Pizzullo, George Confirmed Instructor 1999BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Richter, Suzanna Confirmed Beginner Student 1995BMW M5
Placeholder Avatar Rodriguez, Christopher Confirmed Beginner Student 2010BMW 135i
Placeholder Avatar Rooke, Ben Confirmed Beginner Student 1989BMW 325 is
Avatar Image Rubin, Eric Confirmed Beginner Student 2011BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Ryan, Tom Confirmed Instructor 1997BMW M3VISA/AMEX
Placeholder Avatar Schottland, Miriam Confirmed Instructor 1982Porsche 911SC
Avatar Image Seebeck, Fred Confirmed Instructor 1979Porsche 930 turboHerr Prof. Yufgott Eisenballs
Avatar Image Shopper, Glenn Confirmed Advanced Student 1999BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Slocum, Chris Confirmed Advanced Student 2011BMW M3 Sedan
Avatar Image Smith, Bruce A Confirmed Instructor 2003BMW M3Powershift 20/24
Avatar Image Soisson, Paul Confirmed Intermediate Student 2011BMW 328i x-drive
Avatar Image Solomon, Hal Confirmed Intermediate Student 2009Chevrolet Corvette coupe
Placeholder Avatar Somma, David Confirmed Intermediate Student 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Staiano, Andrew Confirmed Instructor 1990BMW 325i
Placeholder Avatar Steffensen, Ingrid Confirmed Instructor 2005Lotus Elise
Placeholder Avatar Stevens, Barry Confirmed Instructor 1988BMW M3
Avatar Image Stoken, Don Confirmed Beginner Student 1990Porsche 911 Carrera 2
Placeholder Avatar Tutko, Joseph Confirmed 2011BMW 328i xDriveNA
Placeholder Avatar VanOcker, Bill Confirmed Instructor 1995BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Wardell, Douglas Confirmed Advanced Student 1988BMW 325Kaufman Racing / Angry Bean Motorsports
Avatar Image Weaver, David Confirmed Instructor 1993BMW 325isEconoMotorsports harry packer mansion, Pattroit Towers
Placeholder Avatar Wharton, Alexa Confirmed Beginner Student 1997BMW 540i
Placeholder Avatar Wharton, Chris Confirmed Intermediate Student 1997BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Wharton, Connor Confirmed Intermediate Student 1990BMW 325iS
Placeholder Avatar Wharton, Spencer Confirmed Advanced Student 1995BMW M3 Sedan
Placeholder Avatar White, Jeff Confirmed Instructor 2005Mini Cooper S
Avatar Image Wiles, Brian Confirmed Instructor 1985BMW 325eBimmer Technik
Avatar Image Wiles, Nicole Confirmed Instructor 1999BMW M3
Placeholder Avatar Wolf, Owen D Confirmed Beginner Student BMW M3
Avatar Image Yelenik, Stephan Confirmed Instructor 2000Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Zalutskiy, Nick Confirmed Beginner Student 2013Subaru BRZ
Placeholder Avatar Zimmerman, Alan Confirmed Instructor 2006BMW M3

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