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Summit Point Driver School

BMW CCA - New Jersey Chapter

Saturday, Jul 25 — Sunday, Jul 26, 2015
Summit Point Raceway - Main, Summit Point, WV

Registration closed July 17, 2015 11:59 PM at 2015-07-17T20:59:00-0700 Registration ends July 17, 2015 11:59 PM at 2015-07-17T20:59:00-0700 Registration opens February 8, 2015 12:00 AM at 2015-02-07T21:00:00-0800 Registration runs from February 8, 2015 12:00 AM to July 17, 2015 11:59 PM


This page is for DRIVER SCHOOL registration ONLY. If you are a Club Racer, please go here to register and pay.

Geoff Atkinson Memorial Driver School and Club Race: Please come join us for the Second Annual Geoff Atkinson Memorial Driver School and Club Race. We are planning a special celebration of our friend Geoff Atkinson - please come out and make this an event to remember. Our annual combined Driver School and Club race at Summit Point Raceway has become the NJ Chapter’s second tradition (behind our June race/school). Summit Point Raceway is in the rolling hills of the northeast corner of West Virginia near Harper’s Ferry. While West Virginia sounds like a long drive, for many NJ members it is, in fact, not any further driving time than to Lime Rock or Watkins Glen. The School and the Club Race divide track time between student run groups in the School and Race run groups. So, when you’re not on the track or in the classroom, you can take time to watch the racing.  Our Saturday night barbeque at the track features great food and the chance to relax, compare what you learned on the track and swap stories.

Depending on the number of student and instructor registrations, we will have  two or three student run groups for this school. If we have two student groups, it is likely that one of the groups will be for Advanced students with the second group being Beginner/ Intermediate. The final determination of how to allocate students between groups will be made by mid-July based upon both registrations and payments received. To accommodate the maximum number of students possible, there may be a greater range of driving skills than usual in each group. If you send a payment and we cannot accommodate you, you will receive a full refund (i.e., a cancellation fee will not be assessed). As always, acceptance preference is based upon the date your payment is received by the registrar.

Please note also that we will allow open face helmets (Snell2005 or newer) for this event.

$450 Registration Fee